Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kickin' It Old School (Redux)

I hate to say it, but I was compelled to break out the skates yet again last night for the Adult Skate Night MB has been organizing. It is "adult" in the sense of no kids to trample over - not "adult" in the other sense (get your minds out of the gutter ;-) )...

Here we are clowning around:

[caption id="attachment_1773" align="aligncenter" width="363" caption="Dahling, Let's Shuffle Skate Like It's 1983"][/caption]

MB has got quite a "family" at the rink...and I've enjoyed getting to know everybody. The DJ (aka Chops) plays our favorite 80's & 90's tunes. He covered all my requests: It Takes Two, Ice Ice Baby (heck yea!) - not to mention White Lines - a song that lasts approximately 7 minutes and guess who jammed through the entire 7 minutes??

There was an air conditioning leak which meant a pile of towels was surrounded by cones right in the middle of the skating lane. And guess which "pro" forgot it was there not once, but twice...tee hee :D :D

Does this post make me sound like a huge dork!! *contemplates hitting 'delete' key and starting over with more innocuous post about recycling*

Oh, the real reason for posting skating pics is to show off my latest "score" --
check out this outfit from The GAP that I purchased over the weekend:

[caption id="attachment_1774" align="aligncenter" width="323" caption="Wow, That's Quite a Deal, Carma!"][/caption]

Total $35.00 !!!!

The pant legs were a little "formfitting" which meant I couldn't bend my legs, but who needs to bend legs when skating??? :D

I often wonder if the "gap" in GAP stands for "huge gap in waist above buttocks" because whenever I try on their pants that's pretty much what it looks like - hence the belt.

If you enter my giveaway, I will send you a virtual kiss and hug because giveaway enterers rock!!

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