Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hold On a Minute While I Scratch My Head

No, I am not in need of Selsun Blue. I should probably say "pull my head out of the sand." It just occurred to me this morning that today is a special day in many people's lives. So special that 1,000 of them got up early to form a line at the local mall.

MB and I are both not very gadgety -- so we had no clue that today is the day the new iPhone is to be released!!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="This Thing Will Change Lives ;-)"][/caption]

MB's facebook friend (aka The Bromance) has been counting down to a life changing event for days and we've been puzzled as to what he was talking about. (The Bromance is very geeky techie) And this morning listening to the local news, I solved the mystery. Why, he must be getting a new phone today! (the exclamation mark is me expressing my 'excitement')

There are very very few things in life that I would get up early for, let alone wait in line outside a mall for. In fact, I've been trying to think of some and can't come up with one. Maybe to meet one of my "idols" - I don't really have any, or for the Black Friday sales - never been to one - call me crazy - but getting trampled at the local Walmart is not my idea of something worth getting up early for-- now, an afternoon trampling on the other hand..... To see some type of "space phenomenon" - like when MB stayed up all night camped out with his telescope - nah, I'm not very 'celestial'....

Which leaves pretty much nothing.

Are you all geeked about the new iPhone or blissfully unaware like me???

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