Friday, July 16, 2010

Here's My Get Rich Quick Plan Plus A Quick Distraction

....I'm gonna write a book about food/eating and go on Oprah so she can say it is the best diet breakthrough ever and that it will change the way you think about food!!! Because you know this has never been done before.

Oh, but before I launch into that topic, did anyone see Enrique Iglesis on the Today Show this morning? I missed the first songs but saw him singing Hero to that chick he pulled from the crowd. I swear he is so smoldering that I had a big grin on my face while working out. How does one get to be so hot!!! It was one of those hot, yet creepy scenes especially when he gave her a full on kiss at the end. Fine. I'm just jealous it wasn't me ;-)

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*Heads off to Travelocity to book ticket to watch him waterski naked in Biscayne Bay*

Anyoprah, on Monday I meant to watch her show featuring Geneen Roth, the author of Women, Food and God, only I forgot. (I think this program aired originally sometime in the spring. But that's good ole Carma for ya, way behind the news).....Since we live in the dark ages with no Ti-Vo or DVR (long story) -- if I don't watch it at the exact time, I'm pretty much SOL.

Later that evening I realized I had missed it so I went to Oprah's website to view the slideshow. Because you know I had to learn this monumental lesson that would change the way I think about food.

*I am not making light of the topic, just can't seem to see what the fuss was all about* In short:

1. Listen to your body. Stop eating when you are full. What, say that again: stop eating when you are full!!

2. It's not the food you are craving, ask yourself:

- Do I want somebody to listen to me. Heck, yeah!!
- Do I want somebody to pay attention to me. I like attention.
- Do I want to be validated. What is this, a parking garage? <------------- bad, bad humor

3. Kids mimic what their parents do - in terms of eating to escape things they don't want to do. Do you mean the reason VC heads to the fridge whenever its "vacuum your room time" - it's because he doesn't want to do it? This is revolutionary stuff here. I hope you are taking notes.

4. You need to "bring yourself back" - fill yourself up first so you will be able to give that to your children; blah blah blah -- the overused cliche of putting on your own oxygen mask first. *Yawns*

5. Many people don't know how to recognize hunger. Wha???????????? One would think the stomach growl would be a good tip-off.

6. People eat to avoid other feelings entirely. Oh, and then there was this priceless quote as an example: "...But overeating does not lead to rapture: It leads to burping and farting and being so sick that you can't think of anything but how full you are. That's not love; that's suffering."

7. The book isn't about losing weight, it's about finding who you are. OK.

8. Women eat for different reasons: They are frustrated, bored, tired; Now, this could explain why I am ravenous when I get home from my job of doing nothingness for 7 hours....

Did anybody read this book and find it was a breakthrough that changed their way of eating?-- am I being too shortsighted, 'cuz I surely think I could have come up with these tidbits on my own. Is it because she used the word 'God' in the title that sets it apart from other books that say basically the same thing?

Enlighten me.

P.S. My new button is up if you would like to replace the old one with this spankin' new shiny one

P.P.S. There is a scientific reason my face is on it--- I am not thinking "I'm so fab" *snaps fingers bobs head* or anything of the sort...

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