Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Guess Who's Back??

awwwwwww...sorry to disappoint - but it's just lil' ole me - back after a brief Carma Sez blackout that 90% of you probably never even noticed :-O The bandwith has been upgraded (thanks Pepper) - and I'm ready to blog on about useless carp like I usually do :D

Firstly, I may have a case of "swimmer's ear" which is ironic given my swimming ability. Probably caused when the "cute little angels" at the pool during the fourth of July festivities splashed water on me and the lifeguard several times. The lifeguard then lectured them to move away if they were going to be splashing violently. I politely endured their wrath for several minutes before making it to calmer "seas."

Looks like I may have an interview coming up. I'm skeered. I haven't interviewed in years for anything and I am notorious for my horrible interviewing skills. Doesn't help that it is at a place where most of the employees are my son's age. Matter of fact the person who will be interviewing me has the exact same name as my son (which incidentally is not VC ;-) )

I'd love any suggestions that you may have. I won't rule out that I may break out in hives at some point...

When 18 year old's are allegedly getting botox *cough* Charice Pempengco *cough* how the heck are the rest of us who are a bit "longer in the tooth" going to be able to compete. Ok, so it may have been to treat her TMJ (riiiiiggghhhht) - but still....and Thermage?? I once attended a Thermage seminar 6 year ago; No, I did NOT get it done. I came to my senses. [realized I should have included a better explanation: this is the singer who is 18 who "allegedly" had botox and Thermage before she guest-starred on Glee in order that her face would look more narrow and be more "fresh-faced" - uh, she's 18 - how much more "fresh-faced" can you get -- to look 9??]

VC is my biggest supporter (except when it comes to my granny gear) - and he has been providing lots of encouragement. He thinks I can take on the teens and twentysomethings....we'll see about that ...

After several days of Leapin' Lemurs gluten free cereal my gums are a bit torn up, but it is quite yummy.

Leapin' Lemurs

I need not be so impatient and give the soymilk some time to be absorbed. Still, it appears I may be one of the few people to actually gain weight on a gluten free diet :-( note to self: cut back on Leapin' Lemurs to once a day ;-) and ease up on the cheese Gromit...

How is your week going??

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