Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Da Boyz Bringin' It Home!

It's been a hectic 4th of July weekend. My plan to get in lots of naps backfired. One thing I did not want to miss was the yearly party at the local swimming hole. MB and VC have had the pool competitions on their mind since the season started.

Last year, MB won the "Biggest Splash - 13 and over category" and I'm happy to report that he is still the reigning champ, having won again this year. VC won in the category of "Smallest Splash - 13 and over" as well as placing second in "Coolest Trick" category. As you can see, they won some awesome prizes, in the form of Nerds Rope!

While neither placed in the "Best Bellyflop" category, VC had fun with this one:

MB declined to participate, despite my encouragement, because I just KNEW he would be a shoe-in considering this video we filmed a few weeks ago. You can see his bellyflop at the end- "aussiediabolo" is VC's youtube name. You can see his "540 flip" in this video - which is what he won with in the Coolest Trick category.

Oh, my bathing suit was the same as the girl with the orange and white strip suit - only mine was green and white. I'll leave it to your imagination so the photo does not make the rounds on the internets ;-) I did not enter any of the swim competitions. As I've said earlier, my skill level is around the "Guppy level" -- I did do some "Extreme Floating Around With Noodle" though :D

But enough about us, how was your Fourth???

P.S. If you want to know MB's secret to winning the Biggest Splash - it's called "8 hotdogs and a boatload of brownies" beforehand :D

P.P.S. Yes, there is still time to enter the giveaway

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