Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When is A Goody Bag Not a Goody Bag?

...when it is full of Steel Libido and Power Teen

Every few months our local health food store has an Open House. They invite vendors to give out free samples of their products and do seminars, etc. Goody bags are also handed out.

This is the loot we got at the last open house between our 3 bags:

The bags are always filled up to the top and it seems so exciting until you get a closer look:

Would you ingest any of these products? Am I just being a big scaredy cat who will never know what it is like to have a steel libido??? Will VC never know what it is like to be a Power Teen because I'm too weirded out to let him try one? Oh, the perils of living near a health food market....

P.S. I understand that your Blogger Dashboard is updating -- but with the luggage post, again!!!! :-( I have no idea what is up with that....Please let me know if anything else seems wonky. If you also have a reader and can add my new site that would be extra awesome dandy :D :D I've added a big orange Subscribe button (upper right corner)...

Thanks for sticking with me through the bumpy transition! xxoo

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