Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Like I Should Be Dissing The Bachelor

after I spent an hour watching the award winning thought provoking TV show Wipeout!

(how about me with the top quality photo taken off my TV!)

It's another one of my guilty pleasures. I especially like that it is co-hosted by one of my all-time faves - John Henson (formerly known as Skunk Boy in his Talk Soup days because of the gray patch on the side of his head). That's him on the right:

Jon and I share a similar sense of humor, i.e. giving people nicknames and telling jokes that fall flat :D

For example, Jon nicknamed the guy I've circled in this photo:

"Barely Legal Lawyer" because although the guy is 30 -- yes, 30!!! He looks to be about 15. People have said that I look younger than my age, but when they say that they mean by maybe 5 years or so....I must find out Barely Legal's secrets. Something tells me he is a swingin' single...

What TV shows do you watch that have absolutely no redeeming value, except maybe that you like the host???

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