Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Promise This is My Last Update Today

especially because I have taken a day off work (unpaid I might add) - with plans to get all sorts of stuff done around the house -- so far I am failing miserably....

Did you see the breaking news about Jake and Vienna's split? Like nobody saw that one coming -- exactly the reason I signed off from watching The Bachelor years ago. I can see plenty of failed relationships in real life without having to spend months watching TV.

Is it time they put this show to rest??? With a track record of 1 for 14 it is time to stop wasting the public's time....I seriously think it has become nothing more than a vehicle for nobodies who want to become famous. And to think it was a mere month ago that they were doing their Love Dance on DWTS - bleh! Like they didn't know at that time that they would be breaking up.

If you wanted to see photos of Steel Libido and Power Teen, the photos are now appearing!! Yay!!

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