Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bring Out Your Inner Yogi!

I mentioned last week that I've been doing some exercising so I can become a force to be reckoned with on the belly dance floor ;-) Another physical activity that I have tried over the years is Yoga. Yet, it's been a while since I've done the tree pose or downward dog. (I left my last class when the yoga instructor - who eschewed deodorant, said the next class would involve doing a head stand. None of us were anywhere near that advanced!!!!)

Even though I am currently not practicing yoga, I am still in need of a quality workout mat for when I do the floor exercises while working out to my exercise DVD. (more on the DVD in a separate post - let's just say that it is kicking my butt!!!!)

So I was thrilled when Aurorae Yoga contacted me to do a review of their Yoga Mats. Let me first say that this company gives me great vibes. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with. It is not surprising that Aurorae Yoga was awarded an Amazon Top Seller Certificate in 2009.

The owner is a cancer survivor who used yoga to help build his body as well as develop inner peace for his mind.

A few interesting features about the mats:

*Colors that Define Your Inner Self (they shipped me an Ocean Blue mat - which corresponds to: Relaxation, Sedate, Caring, Cooling, Spirit, Trustworthy & Attentive) If you are interested in learning more about the colors and their meanings, please visit Aurorae.)

*Focal Point Icon to Help Concentration

*Thicker for Impact Absorption (6mm/1/4”) (you can really feel the difference vs. the flimsy mat I used years ago.)

*Durable & Long Lasting

*Firmness for Stability

*Extra Long 72”

Did you know that you can wash a yoga mat in the washing machine? How did I not realize this?

Here I am working out on an Aurorae mat (how 'bout that big screen TV!).

Aurorae also sells cotton sweat towels and Slip Free Rosin bags to make your workout even more comfortable.

Why is my new workout buddy (who is determined to sculpt some abs) looking so dejected? Because he does not have his own Aurorae mat and knows he'll be slipping and sliding on the carpet. (BTW, he normally wears sneakers while holding weights, so don't call CPS.)
For some additional Yogi Tips, visit Aurorae's website.

Full Disclosure: I received a yoga mat, towel and rosin bag for the purpose of this review.


Debbie said...

I need to add some yoga to my routine. I am about as flexible as a brick.

mac said...

I taught TaeKwonDo for a few years in Florida. The owner/head instructor of the school also taught Yoga. He was always trying to get me started, but I resisted.

Tow reasons, I suppose.
1. It was too darned hard. I much prefer hitting and getting kicked ;-)

2. I just couldn't watch all those ladies in those positions without my mind wandering & wondering ;-)

Rachel Cotterill said...

I was trying to learn yoga from my Wii... I really must get back to that!

Kimberly said...

Really cool!

Mommy, I'm Home said...

I could never get into yoga, which may explain why I can't bend over to put socks on anymore...

buffalodick said...

I tried a little of that when much younger- more for mind relaxation than exercise....

Lucy said...

I need to get a workout routine going maybe if I get a cool mat it will put me in the mood (lol)

Stop by my blog and grad an award!!

Kaylen said...

I started an on-demand (free) yoga workout last month - I have a pinched nerve and yoga should be really good for that...About 10 minutes in, I was doing this stretch for like 2 minutes wondering why yoga was soooooo sloooooooooow and boring and then I realize the background music had stopped, and hey-why is the lady not talking anymore? hmmm...wait....she's not breathing!!!
The on-demand show I was watching got hung up and was stuck at that stretch.
I took that as a sign I shouldn't do yoga anymore.

I didn't have a mat though--if I did, maybe I would be more inspired. :)

strokeofliving said...

It's okay to have a full disclosure. Now we know that someone trusts your opinion. A good thing. Besides pictures of you and VC in front of the TV working out is priceless.

Post stroke yoga made me too emotional to continue the practice. Not being able to do certain poses due to my perpetual left sided weakness makes me too sad. But I have invested in the Brazilian Butt Lift DVD's - uh much more chalenging but I refuse to not be cute in a bikini. LOL.

strokeofliving said...

Oops I meant to type 'challenging.'

Big Mama Cass said...

I don't know if you read my yoga post but I think yoga is EVIL. but I am glad you like it :) lol

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