Sunday, January 31, 2010

Farewell 2020: You Were a Good Year

In my never ending quest to see the cup as Half Full, I have compiled a list of things I am Thankful for by doing a quick scan through some of the posts in my 2010 archives. . .If you ever want to feel like a dull blogger, I encourage you do do that ;-)

Without further ado, I present Things from 2010 that I am Thankful For:

1. I am thankful that the earthquake during our vacation only minimally interrupted the all you can eat buffet.

2. That I was able to clear out 11,000+ emails while waiting to see if I would be picked for Jury Duty (I wasn't)

3. That on my third attempt I made a perfectly formed Monkey Bread! Woot! (monkey bread #FAIL photo)

4. That I did not get another Really Really Big Pen for my birthday or Christmas - although you may have read about what I did get for Christmas, which reminds me I am also thankful I will not be making a repeat visit to that place again anytime soon.

5. My lifelong goal of having my picture in a local free publication that is featured in stands outside the grocery store came to fruition - even if it was blurry!

6. That VC survived smelling oven fumes after I cleaned the oven.

And I'm only to February at this point...

7. That I was nominated for a prestigious honor. (Yeah baby, you knew I wasn't leaving that one out!!)

8. That this interview was a quick one.

9. That someone took the time to write out my obituary ahead of time!! That will be a big time savings for my loved ones.

10. That this verbal tongue lashing is over and that the person who lashed out called me to wish me a safe drive and was very friendly and acted concerned about me when she called last week. My, that is quite the turn around in events. I wonder why the change of heart - uh, yeah, probably because I am the one around here SELLING STUFF!!! (now there I go getting all bitter in what is meant to be my rosy year end review. Let me quickly channel some happy thoughts....)

11. I discovered that it is only necessary to wash jeans but twice a year!! Wow, now that was another time saver! ;-)

12. That I have a happy little email folder to go to on days I'm feeling old and useless.

13. That every now and then I get a nice comment on one of mine and VC's collaborative videos. That always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :D

14. For salad on bread

15. -----> can't believe I forgot to add this originally: I'm thankful the Belly Dance Smackdown simmered down, although things are awfully dull now!

and lastly

16. For the best darn "invisible friends" a girl could ask for!

Hope you all have a healthy, super-prosperous and extra funky 2011!

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