Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Don't Suffer Old Fools Gladly (the story of Christmas 2010)

The scene: dimly lit, smokefilled house from cheap cigarettes (the brown kind). It is so dark in most rooms that turning a light on is barely noticeable.

All doors must be closed at all times - this includes every interior door - and there are sometimes multiple doors to one room. Don't forget or he will follow closely behind you to shut them.

The hosts: two eighty year olds

The food: old style German - lots of lard

The decor: family trees adorn a multitude of items; knick knacks everywhere

The mood - walking on eggshells

The conversation - like being interrogated

The Technology - none; no cell phones, no computer no wi-fi signal <---- GAH!!!!

Amount of days I lasted: one and a half - after giving it a good try.

The grumpy old fool was apparently annoyed that I came home five minutes late after a walk that I had never taken (it was a big loop 3-1/2 miles) - VC and I set off and his legs got tired so he sat down for a few minutes. We arrived 5 minutes late for dinner.

The old fool who had been getting annoyed over just about everything up to that point, despite there being nothing to do but sit in smoke and listen to old stories - and songs sung in the language of his mother land -

said to me as I began eating: "you should have walked earlier. Me, it was fine (thinking he meant that earlier it would have been a more pleasant temperature) - Him, visibly pissed, "It was NOT FINE. YOU WERE LATE." Me, we got back at two. Him - it was 2:10 (it was not that late) -

I get up from the table saying "I'm done" -

I hang out in my room reading magazines and then MB decides maybe it might be a good idea to leave early and it would be a good excuse to get the hell out of there - since a winter storm is predicted- so we start packing up.

Old Codger follows me out the car to berate me some more: "You didn't realize what time you would be home." Me, "it was impossible to calculate how long A WALK I HAVE NEVER TAKEN WOULD TAKE." Him,"You couldn't call - you couldn't check the time? " Me, "no, I did not have a watch or a phone on me as I was walking" Him, "Well then you should have ASKED before you left." Then he goes on to say how much work they put into having us for dinner (they would have had their friggin turkey whether or not we were there.)

He is so regimented. We are instructed on exactly what time breakfast would be, etc. etc. etc. Believe me, he would have still put up the same damn decorations, sung the same damn songs and eaten the same damn thing.

Then he says he doesn't want me to leave with "that look on [my] face. " WTH I tell him it was also a lot of effort for us to come in visit.

It was a grueling 12 hour drive and we had to make the trip with a 145 pound statue in the car that my husband had restored as a surprise to them.

Really, so who put in more effort if he wants to split hairs.

Not to mention he is an insufferable bore.

So we packed up and drove 12 hours back in stormy conditions in the middle of the night and arrived here at 2:00 AM (I was so adrenalized I drove for 8 hours straight).

Back in my own cozy home.

Where I can SEE BECAUSE THERE ARE LIGHTS AND WINDOWS WHERE THE BLINDS ARE OPENED and there is no smell of cheap cigarettes from the Dollar Tree.

All of our clothes and luggage sit in the garage to be de-fumigated.

Hey, how was your Christmas??

P.S. Sorry this is so choppy. Just wanted to get it all out there so I can move on with my day/life....

P.P.S. part of my gift from them was a cheap bead necklace - the kind that costs .05 cents - like you would see people wearing at a christmas parade and old codger made a point of saying it was from some fancy area - I had to control myself not to break out laughing. The other part of the gift may very well have been regifted.

P.P.P.S. I almost forgot this part - we sat down and his mom turns on the TV and starts flipping channels. Old Codger hates everything that comes on - so she keeps flipping channels even if someone else had expressed an interest in watching a show. He RULES THE HOUSE. She JUMPS AT HIS COMMAND. Finally we see that The Christmas Story with Ralphie is on- one of my husband's favorite shows. MB is so excited he jumps up to find his glasses but by then Old Codger has decided in his words it is "A STUPID SHOW" (said with accent- stupid = "stupit") - and he insists we must just sit there and watch the channel that has on the ever burning fire place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mystery Blogging Visitor Revealed

Congrats to all of you who guessed Mocha Dad!!!! ;-) Fred said that he was going to be in my state, which he frequents on business trips. He ended up having LOTS of time to kill since his work finished up sooner than expected (2 days early) and to change flights would have cost $1,100. So, he met me at the gallery and we hung out and had plenty of laughs!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="369" caption="Note to Self - Only Lighting from Below from Now On"]Photobucket[/caption]

One intelligent thing I remember Joan Rivers saying when she was on The Apprentice, is that the key to looking good is lighting from below and that she always insists on that in her photos. Why did I not think of this when Fred and I posed for this picture with lighting coming from overhead?? My conehead hairdo that day didn't help either :-( OK, so maybe I'm getting a little a lot more vain about looking halfway decent in photos.

There I go making it all about me!!!

Anyway, Fred and I had a great visit and if you are ever in the area, give me a shout via email and we'll meet up (assuming you are not a knife wielding axe murderer), the advantage to me, of course, being that I have some company at work :D

Fred did bring some good luck since someone actually came in while he was there (someone who knew me and had been meaning to stop in) and then no sooner than 5 minutes after he left, a customer came in and purchased something!!!!!!!

It was a hectic day you see ;-)

Merry Christmas to you and your's. I consider you all to be my extended family but without the dysfunction *MUAH* xxoo

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Today is a Big Day!!

I'm always reading about bloggers getting together with their bloggy friends for blogger picnics, conventions, brunches, drum circles, etc, but in the 2 -1/2 years I've been blogging, I have yet to meet in person a fellow blogger.

Until today that is!! Who will it be? Who is stopping by for a visit?? dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnn.....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let's Play a Game

It's called: What Celebrity Couple Does Your Relationship Most Resemble?

Hmmmm....give it some thought. Right now, I'd have to say Courteney Cox and David Arquette, but when they were still together, and without the sleeping around, funky outfits, botox, lip injections and TMI interviews on The Howard Stern Show.

[caption id="attachment_4117" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="That\'s \"Me\" on the Left"][/caption]

I'm more like Courteney in personality than I'd care to admit. And MB, well, it's Saturday night and he's skating, most likely in his Michael Jackson T, uh, yeah, shades of David Arquette.

And you were expecting something cheerful and holiday-like?? Remember my other alter-ego is Scrooge :D

C'mon, fess up - what celebrity couple are you and your partner most like?

P.S. I apologize for the improper grammar in the title of my previous post.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

In Case You are Not One of the 69,493 People Who Have Already Seen This Video

You know I'm always on the cusp of the next big video discovery ;-)

The original title of this post was "I'm in Serious Danger" -- but I didn't want to alarm anyone especially since the title continued "of ending up like this woman." Anyway, the video is worth a look. It's pretty funny and is based on those old "don't do drugs" videos we had to watch in High School.

To avoid ending up like her, I've decided to take some classes for personal enrichment....more to come on that. Remember the last time I had this crisis I took up the belly dancing. This next class is a lot more mundane, but still, gets me away from the computer a bit and out spending time with a friend.

In other news, I had my first Jimmy John's sub tonight and let me tell you, it was good. VC has been singing Jimmy John's praises for some time and now I know why *sound of the heavens parting*

How is your week going?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If You are Feeling Overly Upbeat and Want to Bring Down Your Mood

I'm sitting at work today (aka The Morgue) and came across this article about a mom and the birth of her newborn son and her subsequent death played out via Facebook messages. Very sad and touching at the same time.

I'm not even going to get into the whole debate about publishing the FB messages.....These are the times we live in and maybe that is how stories are the most relatable - in bursts of short messages...

Monday, December 13, 2010

I'll Have a Salad on Bread, Please

We all know that nobody is reading blogs over the holidays. I like making blanket statements like that so they can be refuted in the comments section. But, it's true, especially blogs that are NOT promising TONS of cool giveaways. You won't find any of those here - sorry folks; so if that's what you were looking for - in the words of David Spade in the stewardess skit on SNL "buh bye." ---Instead, I figured I'd dig from my "drafts" folder.

And not a super awesome post (I'll need to save those for after the holiday - if they exist BWAAAHAAAAHAAAA).

Once a week we go to $3.99 sub day at the local grocery store. The guys at the counter know us the minute we step up to the counter, due in part to my sunny personality (riiiiggghhhht) - the other part is that I like to order a "salad on bread."

Take a look at this photo:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="432" caption="My, Look at the Size of that Juicy Sandwich at Left"]Photobucket[/caption]

That's VC's puny sandwich on the right. And on the left, why it's my salad on bread. Fully loaded baby!!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="466" caption="Sandwich Perfection Revealed (at left)"]Photobucket[/caption]

I should clarify that this was on 6" sub special day; the $3.99 special is for the foot longs - any kind - unlike Subway <------ BAH!

If you would like to order this tasty concoction for yourself, here's the ingredients:

(1) Cheese bread
(2) A ton of friggin' lettuce
(3) Extra tomatoes
(4) Olives
(5) Pickles
(6) Pickled Peppers that Peter Pepper Picks
(7) Red Pepper Basil sauce -- that stuff is amazingly delicious
(8) a little mustard and mayo (just a tad)
(9) oil and lots of vinegar
(10) oregano
(11) GAH - I almost forgot the provolone cheese

And to top it off? Baked Lays chips (purchased separately) - layered throughout the sandwich...DELISH!!!

Who's in?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Giving Up the Hook

About 6 months ago a graduate student contacted me and several other bloggers about doing a research study - the psychological kind - about the nature of bloggers. We had to answer a series of questions, one of which was: do you edit your photos so you look better before you post them to your blog? Of course, I answered "no" - because I honestly don't tweak them at all. But one thing I do is crop off my head - as in this case where I was having a bad hair/makeup day.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="354" caption="A 10 Hour Ruffled Scarf - Skill Level "Easy""]Photobucket[/caption]

I still wanted you to see the scarf I have spent 10 hours working on. I know it does not look like a 10 hour scarf, or even an attractive a scarf for that matter.

Here's the back story (do you have a pillow handy?):

On Tuesday night I was working on my laptop at home. When it was time to pack it up, the battery cord was still plugged in the wall. I glanced over and thought, "I really should pack that now before I forget it - and then said to myself, nah, of course I'll remember it, why make such a Herculean effort now when I can wait and unplug it later."

Well, come Wednesday morning, I arrived at work, set up my laptop and got a sinking feeling when I saw the "low battery, charge now to save your work- hit F1 key" message. I had a loooooooooong day ahead of me. As many of you know, I work at a job where there is very little human contact and I can sit for hours by myself with zero activity. My laptop has been my mental lifesaver at work....

So there I was with two options that I had packed in my bag of tricks:

(1) write Christmas cards or
(2) crochet

The scarf you see was supposed to be a crocheted camisole top to be worn over a tank top. Until I looked at the pattern. Hence, it turned into a scarf.

I started crocheting - realized within the second hour that I was crocheting the scarf incorrectly, but since I was "so far" in - that I'd continue anyway. It was looking similar to the photo even with the incorrect stitching.

I literally crocheted for 7+ hours. Went home to see what VC thought, and then realized the scarf was about 4 feet longer than it was supposed to be. Before you think I'm an ignorant moron (I am) - it is one of those scarfs that is supposed to go down to mid-thigh. Mine practically hit the floor.

There was only one solution, well two really, if you count ripping it out and starting over -- that being to double it up and stitch the scarf together so that it would be twice as thick but 1/2 in length.

Add on another 4 hours doing that - and you arrive at the scarf in the picture.

Which is what led me to this conclusion: I have no business crocheting.

How is your week going?

Monday, December 6, 2010

File This Under "Things That Creep Me Out"

I sure hope it is not a bad omen. In the past two weeks I've come across not one, but two instances of pics of one of these guys:

[caption id="attachment_4028" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="GAHHHHHHH!"][/caption]

photo credit: Ruth Art
Up until 2 weeks ago I had no idea there was such a thing as a Sphynx cat (as I said, I need to get out more). The first instance was when Kat Von D's house burned down with her beloved Sphynx Valentine inside. The picture of her cat was so spooky it could give you nightmares -- and that was before the fire:

[caption id="attachment_4044" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Kat Von D's Cat "Valentine""][/caption]

The second instance was on the FB photo page of one of my high school classmates. She was gushing over how awesome her sphynx cats were (and mentioned that they are very valuable moneywise).

While I'm still in the market for something cute and cuddly, a sphyx cat does not qualify. Not by a long shot....

Sincere apologies to all the sphynx cat lovers out there...

What pets totally creep you out???

HA! I Love That Someone Has Finally Picked Up on the Absurdity of this Video

Speaking of creepy things (see previous post), as soon as I heard that a 'creepy video' about a hand model had gone viral, I knew that my TV viewing had finally come full circle, as I had watched the original clip on CBS Sunday Morning two years ago. Remember, my TV viewing is like that of an 85 year old....

Ahead of my time. That's me. Check it out in all it's creepiness:

If it wasn't for my huge bony knuckles, I'd get a job as a hand model so I could avoid housework and cooking!!! I could caress and coo over my hands all day....Sadly, it is not meant to be.

Would your hands qualify you to be a lazy hand model?

Friday, December 3, 2010


I swear my head is going to explode one of these days. Every time I think of giving up this loser of a blog (no need to boost up my ego in that regard ;-) ) I come to the conclusion that nobody in real life listens to me so I need to keep this going to maintain my sanity.

I may not be a rocket scientist, but I do have some insightful ideas here and there that might benefit those that I know in real life but they DO NOT LISTEN.

Last night was a good example, and while I can't go into details, let's just say that I tried my best over the past few weeks to alter the outcome but my insightfulness fell on deaf ears, and the exact outcome I predicted came true. I am so frustrated!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and here's my crocheted hat and scarf.

My Crocheted Hat and Scarf

Note to self: cut back on excessive moisturizing.

How is your week going????

P.S. I do not have a mustache unlike how it may appear in the photo.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reason No. 201 Why I Need to Get a Life

I was stunned; STUNNED I tell you, yesterday when I heard about the "shakeup" at the CBS Early Show, especially that my beloved weatherman crush, the always affable, if not a bit dorky (in a good way) Dave Price, is being replaced!!!!!

(Darn, I wanted to link to a post I did about him 2 years ago, but I guess it must have been on my previous blog and is now gone forever...)

[caption id="attachment_3980" align="aligncenter" width="240" caption="My Weatherman Crush"][/caption]

In conducting the extensive research that I normally do for all my posts ;-) I noticed that TMZ once compared him to Milhouse from The Simpsons (turds! it is kinda funny though)

[caption id="attachment_3981" align="aligncenter" width="124" caption="Milhouse from The Simpsons"][/caption]

Bottom line is that Dave Price never fails to amuse me in the morning when I am grumpily working out on the elliptical. I love his zaniness and that he is rough around the edges unlike other uber polished weathermen *cough* Sam Champion *cough.*

I was sad when I learned that Dave, like me, did not go to his prom - and was rooting for him to get a girlfriend when you could tell he desperately wanted one - only to have a broken engagement with the dentist - but then happy again when he got married this year.

He reminds me of a little puppy dog that needs love.

Good God - Have I gone mad!!!!! I hope Dave doesn't come across this post and think I am a wacko stalker.

Oh, and Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez are "out" too - replaced by this shiny new bunch-- BOOOOORING - and are they all born the same year??????

[caption id="attachment_3977" align="aligncenter" width="390" caption="How Dare They Replace Dave!!!!"][/caption]

Looks like your generic news broadcast team. I thought Harry Smith was a lot of fun too and added the "wise old man" who has a crush on Jennifer Aniston perspective. While Chris Wragge (the blond) is good at what he does anchoring their weekend show, he reminds me a bit of a "slickmeister." Dave has been replaced by Marysol (on the right).

I like how the ladies have their feet posed Just So.

Do I need to get out more? Or continue to crochet to soothe my nerves?? Notice my crochet "reveal" has been usurped by this Breaking News!!!

And now I'm in need of a recharge. Did you know that Rayovac is having a Mom Rocks the Holidays Sweepstakes?

Well, they are. In a few words you can tell Rayovoc how you (or your mom) Rock the Holidays and be entered to win $1000 Cash!
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The sweepstakes runs through Monday, December 5th.
[Disclaimer: Followers who promote the Rayovac Mom Rocks the Holidays Sweepstakes may receive gifts from Rayovac]


P.S. I know many of you probably zone out (admit it!) when I do these TV posts especially if you have no idea who/what I am talking about. I'll try to space 'em out in the future because you guys are fab.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another Holiday is in the Can

Hello Friends,
I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday. I'll admit to being a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to the holidays, eagerly checking them off my "list" as they come and go. What can I say.....

We were just happy to have some downtime, and avoid the debacle that was last year's Thanksgiving (click to see my illustrated story).

The Secret: Not inviting any family members to come and visit :D

Most of the weekend was deliberately spent away from the computer (which accounts for my not having visited your blogs *sheepish look*) I like to try this every now and then to remind myself to soak in the little moments and the simple non-technical aspects of life. The car remained in the garage and we walked to town on Friday and Saturday. I visited the local yarn shop on Friday and Small Business Saturday.

I ended up crocheting not one, but two hats and attended a fan veil workshop in preparation for our next belly dance recital in January. It was a very crafty weekend.

I'm a creative type. Have always been, so I guess I was a little ticked at myself for not having taken on regular creative projects in the past year, spending that time instead on the computer and what do I have to show for it except a blog that has been gathering dust ;-)

If you are interested in seeing any of the above-mentioned projects (namely my hat and fan veil, I'll post some pics when I get a chance) Otherwise, carry on!

Oh, and if you have any dysfunctional family stories, I'm all ears!!

P.S. I did eat lots of pumpkin pie (ooops! I just typed "pumpking") - in 1" increments so it wouldn't be obvious I was consuming half the pie. Fact.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Being First for Her Firstness

Did you see this video about the woman who has been waiting in line since Monday (or Tuesday) so she would be first for the Black Friday sale?

It is so moronic it is worth a view. Does she not have anything else do do the entire week???

Waiting in line for over a day - possibly even over an hour (unless I'm at the DMV) is something you will never catch me doing. I take that back. I did wait in line for over 5 hours when I had bronchitis during my "Country Phase" to purchase Garth Brooks tickets :D

But on Friday you can bet I will be at home doing something that starts with an 'S.' As in SLEEPING!!!! Get your heads out of the gutter ;-)

Are you planning on heading out into the craziness for Black Friday shopping?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Well, I Guess I'm in the Minority

I seriously figured more people would regret not having gone to their reunions...Maybe it just 80's nostalgia that is clouding my thinking...I mean - did you see NKOTB on the AMA's on Sunday? Nothing makes me yearn for the 80's like a NKOTB song. And now that they've combined with BSB - and are sharing the last "B" in the acronym, why that makes it even more awesome!!!

A couple of my friends from HS thought I was whacked out for even contemplating going, but I'm gonna say right here and now that if I'm still blogging in 5 years, I shall be "live blogging" the reunion. Because how important does it make an event seem than to say you are "live blogging it???"

Part of what has made me see my HS years in a whole new light was communicating on Facebook with two individuals who I didn't have any contact with in school. We never had even one class together. One is the class vice president, who organized the class facebook page. He has a wit that is unparalleled (at least in my feeble mind) and has gone out of his way to keep in touch with most of our classmates. Keep in mind the class was a little over 400 students. He sings in a cover band that has a large local following, has a family, works yet he manages to always have a sense of humor. Maybe singing in a cover band is the key?

Speaking of bands, it was interesting to discover that many classmates are rockin' out - several are in bands and one even moved to Nashville and is a country singer. Yes, a Jersey girl can sing country!!! Blew my mind what some of my peers are up to. (And also made me feel like I need to accomplish a thing or two in the next five years - blogging and tweeting doesn't count; wanna bet in 5 years I am still saying the same thing ;-) )

Anyway, so the class VP and I exchanged this FB tread after I discovered that he wasn't in any of the reunion pics that were posted:

Me: Were you wearing your invisibility cloak at the reunion?? I have yet to see a pic of you, the commander and chief reunion organizer??

Class VP
: Yes, I spent the night hidden in the ladies stall

Me: That's a good idea - they are always cleaner than the men's stalls - or so I've heard...

Class VP: I have pictures to prove it! A lot has changed since I mastered the art of restroom photography at [our high school]! Time to retire and set the self destruct timer on my laptop:)

Me: nooooooooooooooo must see pics.

Class VP: LMAO ROTFF PIMP*! I made [other student] our new class CEO. I am going to look for a staff intern so I can disgrace the office of VP, write a book and speak at colleges! [Other student] wants the next reunion to be at Chuckie Cheese! Tell your son not to renew his juggling contract so you can come.

Me: Heck, if the reunion is at Chuck E - VC can provide the entertainment. I admire your goal of disgracing the office in order to get some lucrative speaking contracts. I think you should only interview scantily clad women with low morals.

You see, if I had been there we could have had this thought provoking discussion in person!!!!

On a more serious note, this individual has also done a lot to keep alive the memory of our 4 deceased classmates - (2 were suicides :-( )

So I guess the moral of the story is that I went to school with a memorable group of kids, despite my wanting to escape becoming a "town fixture" the first chance I got!

P.S. If I ever think of grocery shopping again two days before Thanksgiving, please smack me upside the head

P.P.S. Did you see this picture that was on Yahoo! the other day. It makes me giggle.

[caption id="attachment_3923" align="aligncenter" width="392" caption="Can A Body Seriously Move Like That?"][/caption]

P.P.P.S. *I love that he unknowingly used the word PIMP as that is kind of an inside blog joke ever since the spammer left me a comment saying PIMP.

P.P.P.P.S. Still time to scroll down and enter my giveaway.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Love you guys!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Reunion Regret

This past weekend was my high school class reunion. It was a big BIG reunion year. I did not go.

VC was still under contract with the RenFest through the weekend which meant I would have been on my own heading back to the lovely Garden State which is about 5 states away (one of these days I need to look at a map and confirm that)....

It was at a bar (a fancy upscale one) - since they wanted to keep the expenses low since so many people have hit on hard times lately.

On Sunday I checked on FB to see if there were some pictures posted. Sure 'nuff. Plenty of pics. Some people aged incredibly well. Others, well, let's just say I had to get out the yearbook to compare the angle of their smiles to see if it was the same person!

Part of me regrets not hauling my underrated a$$ * up there to mingle with the "populars" now that I wouldn't be quite so on the fringe (my punk rock poser days being far behind me). Guess I'll have to wait another 5 more years and hope that I can maintain myself in the interim (GAH, the pressure!!! Jackie, don't fail me!).

Have you gone to a BIG reunion year at your high school? How did everybody hold up over the years???

*I reserve the right to mention that nomination another 75 times, or at least until I get nominated for something else equally as prestigious.

While you are here, please scroll down to yesterday's post and enter my giveaway!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Something to Cheer You Up

I know I've been getting down on a lot of things lately, outside of Joy Behar, so to cheer me up I turn to websites such as Cheese People.

Now don't tell me something along the lines of Justin Brieber doesn't just make you smile!

My second favorite, of course, being Goudachris!

(ok, so maybe I'm just a big dork, but you gotta admit those are fun!)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Joy "Biased" Behar

Did anyone else catch The View yesterday? I rarely watch the show (with good reason) - but a late workout "forced" me into watching.

The show had no sooner started than Joy comes out with one of her politically charged statements.

It is so obvious her political affiliation -- as it comes through in most everything she says. She is becoming so predictable and seems so bitter towards the guests, especially since yesterday's guest happened to be none other than conservative Christian Joel Olsteen. Talk about night and day. And they had to sit side by side LOL.

He held up incredibly well against the Whoopi/Joy tag-team! Is that guy syrupy sweet??? Either he is an exceptional actor or he is a genuinely nice guy. I've never heard him speak before as religious shows are not my cup o' tea-- (so she doesn't want to hear political shows or religious shows?? gosh!)...

I rarely talk about politics or religion on the blog - so I won't say what "side" of either I come down on -- Although I can appreciate Joy's humor at times -- I've been around people who feel they need to work their political views into most every statement they make and it is quite frankly nauseating. I could probably sit in with the ladies and say what I would expect her to say after only watching a few episodes.

As soon as Whoopi started in on Joel about his church's view on homosexuality (which I don't agree with personally), saying that of course his church would not discriminate against those who are this, that and the other thing, Joy needed to stick in "and Muslim" - as if we don't already know never to make any derogatory remarks against Muslims!!!

She did actually manage to find one complimentary thing to say about the guest. I have no problem with political talk shows making their political views the focal point of the show (obviously) - but this show is supposed to be a couple of ladies talking about "hot topics" -- I don't see the need for the constant political spin....

Agree or disagree?

Have I dug myself into a hole with this post? I don't agree fully with the views of either Joy or the guest but I think it is possible to have a non-politically charged conversation, especially when he was on there to promote his happy book ....

Monday, November 15, 2010

Imma Let You in on Another Secret

Thank you to a sweet, sweet bloggy friend for asking how I've been doing since I haven't been posting as often :-) I've just been caught up in end of year nonsense, like trying to be clairvoyant and anticipate health care spending for next year. That is something that always frustrates the carp outta me -- Like how will I know how many sinus infections I might get next year - or if I'll crack a tooth??? Between that, work and being VC's unofficial, unpaid manager <----------- gotta do something about that part (without turning into Orange Oprah), heading to RenFest (again this past weekend) - and going back to bed whenever I can to avoid doing stuff, I haven't had much time for blogging/commenting.

When it gets to the point that I receive more spam comments in a day than for reals comments, I begin to question time spent on the blog. Sad, but true.

As busy as things are lately, one thing that I do not skimp on is a short workout most every day..Unlike what some of you may think about me being a healthy eater, such as this recent reply to a comment I left on a blog, "You are as big around as my thigh. So I will spend most of my time thinking that you deprive yourself of all things that taste good and instead spend all your time eating spinach LOL" (that is an actual comment) -- I do like to consume unhealthy starchy foods on a regular basis.

To keep things in check I workout...and what's kickin' my butt these days is this workout DVD:

[caption id="attachment_3783" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Look at Those ABS!!!!!"][/caption]

About a year ago, a blog reader asked how I keep my arms in shape, and I replied that I do some weights...Mind you, I do not do the entire DVD workout. I did that a time or two and quickly figured out I did not have the mental fortitude to stick with it, i.e. it was too much work.

****This is not a paid review or anything of the sort. Just divulging another one of my secrets, in this case my secret to avoiding arm waddle :D

I May Soon Regret Saying "Yes"

It may seem like deja vu, but have I mentioned recently how much I enjoy the purchases I've made from one of my super favorite places to shop- CSN Stores? At their 200+ online stores, you can find everything from briefcases to bring to your place of work to exercise ball chairs (got my eye on one of those :D) for your home office!

It is likely they even have one of these (I just checked and, of course they do!):

[caption id="attachment_3813" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Am I Nuts for Even Considering One of These?"][/caption]

Why do I bring this up? Because VC is gunning for a 15 ft. trampoline for his Thanksgiving present. (He keeps moving up the occasion since he is so eager to get it).

Do you have an outdoor trampoline?

(a) best thing ever for the kids


(b) biggest unused eyesore in the yard

Please weigh in....

VC has been taking an acrobatics class - but it is only once a week so he wants to be able to practice at home. All I can think about is the episode of the Simpsons where they got the trampoline and then the scene looked like this:

followed in the next scene by kids lying beside the trampoline with all sorts of broken bones (great, now I need to factor an extra $3,000 into the healthcare flex spending account budget for broken bones next year just in case...)

HA! in my search for that pic I came across a warning from the American Academy of Pediatrics: Parents should never purchase a home trampoline or allow children to use home trampolines.

Should I heed this warning???

Friday, November 12, 2010

Scrapping the Bottom of the Barrel for Blog Topics (Part I)

As I sit here eating my Greek yogurt and pondering the existence of new planets and avoiding the vacuum at all costs, I realized that I'm at a loss for blog posts, although I do have a list of proposed blog topics written on a little pad that I rarely glance at until the topic is no longer relevant. Funny how that happens.

BTW, if you have never tried Greek yogurt, I highly recommend it. The texture is much thicker/smoother than your typical yogurt, plus it is naturally low in fat. Dannon now makes their own version so you can get it relatively reasonably priced, which means not cheap, yet not as high as the original "authentic" Fage Greek Yogurt.

Where was I.... Oh, what I have decided to do is to dig into my selection of blog drafts and pull out one, which happens to be about the neighborhood dog pooping fight:

A neighbor who has dogs but allegedly does not curb them properly put up this sign in their yard. You can appreciate the irony....

which was followed shortly by the neighbor across the street putting up this sign:

Thus began the bitter feud down the end of our cul de sac. We stay out of things. But neighbor A who put up the first sign wanted to try to rope me into speaking on her behalf when neighbor B contacted The Police Chief to complain about Leash Law violations, adding in the email that was circulated to all neighbors as well as the police chief, that "You [Neighbor A] obsess over your manicured lawn but have no regards for others and their lawns when you allow your dogs to defecate on other people's properties" at which time he documented the size of the dog poop he found at various times and the estimated age of said poop. I do not get involved in this sort of thing. I do not own a dog.

*I forgot to mention that Neighbor B has already left dog poop on Neighbor A's doorstep.

Ahhhhhhh....the pettiness that is suburbia. Makes me want to self-medicate with more Reese's cups, except I have finally reached the bottom of the trick or treat stash....

Have a great weekend. Still time to enter my fruit giveaway. Much healthier than Reese's and on par with Greek yogurt.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bloggers: Will You Be Un-Married?

I was shocked to read that a fairly well known blogger is getting *gasp* separated from her husband, who has been frequently featured in photos on her blog in the past.

In the post where she revealed she had been separated, she wrote that they are joining the ranks of the "unmarried," couples who remain married but live in different places.

Since I started blogging 2 and a half years ago, I have seen several relationships bite the dust and couldn't help wondering if there is something about blogging that makes bloggers more likely to divorce. As I scanned the comments section of her post, someone else was thinking along the same lines as me.

There is also a young couple married not much longer than a year who I recently read are living separately by choice, what she refers to as Living Apart Together- (abbreviation: LAT) according to Wiki, a term for couples who, while committed to each other, decide to have separate homes rather than one shared residence.

Is it merely a reflection of society in general - or inherent to blogging? What do you think of the "unmarried" trend in general?

I’m sure it has some advantages, who doesn’t want a little lot of peace and quiet every now and then. Until something breaks. I did not say that. I can fix stuff ;-)

Still time to enter my giveaway - $25 in fresh fruit up for grabs.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Non-Hairy Situation

I couldn't think of a smooth seque from discussing Kendra to debating hairless chimp photos. Some topics you just have to close your eyes and jump in....Have you seen the AOL article about the hairless chimp at a zoo in India?

The author claimed that the hairless chimp was akin to "a bronze statue of a human come to life."

If you click on the link above you will probably be puzzled because it looks a LOT like a chimp! Not much like a person. I was all set to write off the hairless chimp hysteria, but then I googled and came up with another photo of the chimp:

[caption id="attachment_3720" align="alignleft" width="395" caption="I Probably Should Have Edited Out the "Equipment""][/caption]

Now there's a human-looking chimp, assuming the human has a monkey face and a bad slouch. What are your thoughts? A lot of fuss over nothing or totally awesome???

The more I look at it the more I see Madonna's "cut" veiny arms (in a nice way ;-) )...

P.S. If you haven't had a chance to check out my latest video, please click here. Unfortunately it got buried between a couple other posts. Who did that??? ;-)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kendra is a Single Mom?????

A few days ago I had a long wait to check out my groceries. I used to be one of those people who scoffed at how tacky it was to read magazines in line without purchasing them -- until I gave it a try that is. I am a very quick reader so I can breeze through the magazine before it is even necessary to put the grocery divider on the belt. Not to brag ;-)

I had seen headlines on the internets about Kendra Wilkinson's "split" and thought to myself, how could she have split from Hank when they have a relatively new reality show together?? I doubt they've really split. But then I came across a magazine with a headline to the effect, "Why I left Hank" and "I'm a single mom."

I don't watch her show, but was surprised that my high school buddy watches it. She was taking about how wild Kendra is. I know many of you also watch reality shows, so you can fill me in on the deets. I do know that Kendra was one of Hugh Heffner's babes along with Holly Madison and the other chick on The Girls Next Door and that she married Hank Baskett who is a football player. But do I really know that since I originally typed it as "Hank Bassett?" LOL.

Yet, as I started reading her definition of being a "Single Mom," it was puzzling as according to her definition, it just meant that she moved back to LA while he continues to play football on the east coast. They are still a couple. It's just that she wanted to be close to her family and preferred the LA lifestyle. Was this so earth shattering that it merited a cover story???

And according to Kendra, it so hard for her to be a single mom.

Wah, Wah, Wah.....I find it hard to be sympathetic -- after all she made millions from her "oscar worthy performance," probably pocketed an additional million from being the featured cover story, and the fact that SHE IS STILL MARRIED....

How is that being a "single mom?"

Oh, but she did add that she sends Hank "naughty pictures" so that things are really hot when they do meet up. That is good to know.

[caption id="attachment_3693" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Kendra - The Single Mom"][/caption]

P.S. Have you heard that Karina Smirnoff from DWTS is engaged again. This blog is a mecca of useless info today!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Latest Video

This video was just uploaded to YouTube last night; it will likely have at least 20 hits by tomorrow if we are lucky! Posting personal videos on blogs is a risky proposition- supposing the reader imagines you are a totally happening blogger and then they watch your geeky video - BACKFIRE!!!!!

In the video me and VC (my teenage son for those who are new to my blog) are up to our usual tricks...

Some things to keep in mind:

(1) While it may look like I am 4-1/2 months pregnant in the clips with my short shorts - be aware there is a bulky band and string tie at the waist which accounts for the extra volume (at least that's my theory :D ) Somebody needs some Spanx...

(2) There is some really bad dancing - on purpose - maybe

(3) Which may give one pause when you realize this is the Bollywood Bhangra Fusion song that I will be dancing to at the next recital - cue gasps and shakes of head

(4) The kitchen featured in the video is in our basement, not our functional kitchen that we use every day, so don't be horrified by the mismatched cabinets.

(5) I am not wearing makeup in many of these clips -- While it is fun to chuckle at the celebs without makeup on the trashtastic celeb blogs, it is not as funny when it is you without the makeup or without having applied brush to hair...

I think that just about covers it. Have a look see...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Boy, Do I Feel Like a Sucker!

Who spent the last hour and a half trying to win free prizes in Dr. Oz's Watch and Win promo and came home completely empty-handed, partially because she didn't realize some of the prizes did not have big banner spots that you needed to click on to enter. *sheepishly raises hand* (The other part of the "partially" being that at least 3 million other people were trying to do the same??? )

I finally just one minute ago was able to fill out the form to win some free Krill Oil -----> yes, I said Krill Oil. By this point all of the other cool prizes such as a free pair of Sketchers, a Night's Stay at the Holiday Inn and a $50 Target giftcard had already been claimed.

Well, there's an hour and a half of my life that I could have spent answering blog comments. DOH!!!

How did you spend the last hour and a half???? Someone has GOT to be bold enough to admit they were doing the same. MAN UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Too Old to Trick-or-Treat??? Somebody Needs to Get a Life and Worry About the Bigger Things!

I would be remiss if I did not post a copy of VC in his costume, especially after seeing all the cute photos of your kids on your blogs...

I wasn't going to post one, after reading the Yahoo article debating how old is too old in which the author felt that "under 12" should be the cut-off age. Several interviewed in the article said they refuse to give out candy to older kids or shut off the light. HARSH!!!! While I can see this as a safety measure if you are old and frail and living alone, I think for the most part it is perfectly acceptable to hand out candy to older trick-or-treaters. I've never had a problem with it myself and found that it saved me from binging on pounds of leftover candy...

While VC did not officially trick-or-treat door to door other than to five houses in our neighborhood -- (He hopped out of the car after returning home still wearing his Renaissance Costume from a "day's work" and rang some bells), he did go out late last week for one last trick or treat at the local college. We have gone with a friend and her kids and their friends every year. It is one of the fun traditions we enjoy - trick or treating in the dorms.

Here is a photo of VC and friends before heading to the dorms to get their loot.

[caption id="attachment_3627" align="aligncenter" width="415" caption="VC is the Big Kid at Right"][/caption]

VC is only a year older than the girls, although it probably doesn't look that way....I told him that if they were not too old to trick or treat I doubted anyone would find fault with him joining in, and the college kids were incredibly gracious as always. He had fun. It is sad that this will be his last year. But by next year I assume he will definitely look like an adult trick or treater, at age 15.

Although we may re-think that next year after seeing this guy at the RenFest:

[caption id="attachment_3630" align="aligncenter" width="288" caption="This Guy Totally Rocked His Costume!!!"][/caption]

Now that's the spirit!!!

Were your kids teenagers before they gave up trick or treating?? Did they experience any backlash from bitter fuddy duddys who refused to give them candy?

P.S. We only got 8 kids at our house, which means Reese's PB cups for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am not complaining :D

Friday, October 29, 2010

Imma Let You in on a Little Secret

Several months ago, I created an email folder titled "Inspirational" - in which I have been saving some of the sweet comments/emails I have received from you guys...

There is no better way to lift your mood than to look back on the kind words of invisible friends.

I put another one into the folder yesterday.

Is it your's??? I'll never tell. MWHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fine. Here's the Post: One and a Half Normal and One Very Troubled Man

If you are a gossip monger like me ;-) you have probably already read the report of Charlie Sheen's latest skirmish - being hospitalized after running around naked and intoxicated (now I understand his rep is saying it was a "drug reaction" - color me skeptical) in his NYC hotel.

I've been reading some of the comments under articles about the episode (you know I like to do that), and some have been very cruel and judgmental.

Waging an ongoing battle with my own issues (anxiety, not alcohol) there is nothing more frustrating than those who suggest I just need to get over it since I know what needs to be done or that I need to do this this this as they have been telling me for years and that if I had done this this this I would have been "cured" years ago and suggest that I am just not trying hard enough.

My response: Do you think I really like to live like this?? Do you think I would choose to live like this? Often plagued by guilt, fear, sadness, afraid to ever let my guard down? It is very easy for others to play "armchair quarterback."

Although I hide it very very well, and have built a relatively successful life, it is a truly sucky way to live.

To those who mock Charlie and say that he needs to "grow up," I say, "Do you think he really wants to live like that - having the world know that he was running around a swanky hotel naked and acting out of control with his two young children in a room nearby?" I doubt he wants to live that way. He needs help, not condemnation.

If it is so easy (from an outsider's point of view) to be normal, we'd all be normal!! And calm and relaxed. Sometimes it is easier said than done. she slowly hits the "publish" button....

P.S. I finally watched Glee for the first time after hearing all the hype for months. Maybe it wasn't one of the better episodes, because besides the cameos by Meatloaf and Barry Bostwick, it was as eminem says, "eh" - and didn't hold my attention...was it an "off" night?

Disclaimer: I am not neurotic despite what you may have inferred from this post. oooops! strike that. I have just read the definition of neurotic: "A person prone to excessive anxiety and emotional upset." Did not need to read that. Believe it or not, most days I appear extremely calm, almost comatose :D it's the other days....

Not Feeling Quite So Sympathetic Today

Another reason not to publish blog posts so precipitously- because soon after the post is published you will see photos of Charlie Sheen's high priced "escort" and feel not quite as sympathetic...

And then you will re-read the part of the post that applies to you and think it is overly dramatic and not an accurate portrayal of you on a daily basis...

But by then it will be too late. Your handful of blog readers will have already passed judgment.

And then you will have to try to persuade them that you are happy go lucky and incredibly fun to be around :D Are you buying any of this???

But you will be glad you stuck on the part about Glee because several readers may have been distracted by the word "Glee" an skipped over your neuroses as they headed to read the part about Glee.

You can't plan this stuff.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh Crap!

One of the advantages of my feed not working last week was that I could post and then quickly delete posts. This is very helpful in cases where I make a post that potentially makes me sound incredibly neurotic :D such as the post that may now be showing up in your reader. It published within minutes of me hitting the publish button. Oh, how I am now wishing feedburner would go back to it's old cantankerous ways...

Figures, when I was publishing my normally bland posts, the reader would not update - and then I post something personal and the feed updates within seconds????

I swear I do not live right ;-)

P.S. It's nothing regular readers of my blog have not already heard.

Monday, October 25, 2010

$500+ Worth of Makeup? That's Crazy!

I've been wanting to post a photo of my recent "makeover." Since the photo in the last post was not exactly a stellar example, here's a picture that was taken that same day. It was about 2 hours after my spur of the moment Laura Mercier makeover at Nordstrom.

Here's a better photo:


It's times like these when I feel that it would be nice to have one of those fancy cameras that the pro bloggers use that do not distort features when taking close up photos...with my cybershot, anything closer than 6 feet away results in a weird look...something just short of Sarah Jessica Parker's long lost cousin :D

Anyway, we were strolling through Nordstrom a few weeks ago and I noticed rows of chairs set up and that each of their makeup vendors was doing free makeovers. "Free" being the operative word, since we all know that a "free makeover" is never free!!! Since I like Laura Mercier products, I selected that chair and signed up for a makeover.

Here's what the traveling LM expert used:

1. light oil
2. light h2o spritz
3. flawless face cream
4. foundation
5. concealer
6. finishing powder
7. eyeshadow background
8. eyeshadow 1
9. eyeshadow 2
10. black eyeliner
11. turquoise eye pencil
12. mascara
13. cheek colour
14. lip pencil
15. lip colour
16. lip glace
17. special sponge

A very conservative estimate of all the products she used is $500.

It would be hard to imagine even remembering that entire sequence of makeup - and seriously most women barely have 39 seconds to put on makeup in the mornings. I ended up only purchasing two products, which of course made me feel guilty. I know that is silly. Have you ever had one of these "free makeovers" and gotten roped into purchasing even more?

Do I look any different with $500+ worth of product vs. $50 (on a good day)???

I will say that I stopped at the grocery store and bumped into one of my neighbors there who remarked how great my makeup looked. Although now that I think about it, is the goal for people to compliment our makeup - or to think we look great but are left wondering why?

P.S. If you have any suggestions as to how to work with my little 'ole camera to prevent distortion on closeups, I'm all ears....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Out of Proportion

In a startling revelation, MB has pointed out that my lips are much too small in proportion to the rest of my face.  It is good he did so, because it's not like I have any other hangups about my looks or anything ;-) He also joked about his "invisi-lips" so his observations were not solely directed at me...

Yet, I must give him props because it does appear he is correct.  Take a peek at this recent photo.  I'd better explain the pose first.  This is the look I give the boys when they are messing with me.  It is very intimidating as you can see:

[caption id="attachment_3536" align="aligncenter" width="369" caption="Small Lips Sink Tiny Ships"][/caption]

You know what else is out of proportion?? My last blog post! Reading it over again I'm not sure it accurately conveyed the right tone or meaning. My main concern was that my boss would now be reading my blog (because you know my blog is all that and he has nothing else on his mind ;-) ). I just don't want another person who knows me IRL getting into my bidness.

I am not in danger of being fired - was just concerned that my boss might discover I'd been out job hunting...To my credit, I made a substantial sale this week, meaning one with more than two zeros at the end. He may not realize it, but I am a valuable employee, and I'm good enough and smart enough and doggone it, the customers like me. Fact.

But that still doesn't mean I can get hired for seasonal job in essentially a glorified cashier position :D Me, Bitter? NAH.....

Anyway, please take my blog posts with a grain of salt lately, as I am up and down and all over the place emotionally these days. Thank you for all your supportive comments!!! xxoo

P.S. MB was just napping and I was talking to him - after the third question, he said to me OMG Shut UP!!!  See, even though my mouth is little, I can make big annoying sounds :D

P.P.S. If my Harley riding sister in dance doesn't flake out on me, we are headed somewhere unusual tonight. I'll see if we can take some photos of us in action.   :-O  [update since one person read my post already: this is looking unlikely]

P.P.P.S. A healthy feed = yes, indeed!!!!

Being Bratty (Part Deux)

I don't know about you, but I find this series refreshing. Hey, at least I've moved on from vacation constipation!!

Anyagitation, this morning I had an appointment. It was an appointment that was three weeks in the making. I've made no secret of the fact that I periodically see a "life coach" ;-) to help with my anxiety (so I can avoid medication). The appointments are few and far between, since to be honest, I'm not sure that they are all that helpful, as was probably clear from my vacation post.

I arrived a few minutes early and exchanged some friendly banter with a woman in the elevator. I went to the office, nodded to the receptionist and had a seat. Several minutes later it occurred to me that the "coach's" door was closed. It then occurred to me to ask at the desk. Sure enough, I had been double booked for the appointment (with friendly elevator lady), or as I later found out, my appointment was non-existent since she forget to write it down.

Way to make me feel important!!!

She should be paying me to listen to my clever stories :D

I was given the option of coming back in an hour since she had a cancellation, or rescheduling. In my mind, I'm thinking, "hmmmmmm...make things easier for her, or make her wait another week for her money." I chose the latter.

I figured I may as well not inconvenience myself.

I got on the highway to drive to pick up some groceries and something flew up and hit my windshield. Karma??? Luckily there was no damage, but I was stressing because MB's went out a few weeks back.

Anyway, I have a few concerns in general, namely:

(1) That she resembles a morning show host. And when I mentioned the likeness to her she had no idea who I was talking about; yet anyone with a modicum of awareness knows who this person is - even if they don't watch morning shows; and

(2) That I always feel like I have to go on the defensive about my blogging since I think she believes it is tantamount to "communicating with invisible friends"

Anyone else relate (to any of the above)

P.S. Still time to enter my canvas print giveaway!

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's official!!

I received my official "rejection email" yesterday..."After careful consideration of all candidates, we have made the decision to move forward with other applicants who are a closer match for this specific role."

The rejection comes after a phone interview, 2 hour group interview and recommendation from a friend who works there (um yeah- awwwwkward!).

Part of the reason may have been that I did not fit the mold. The managers who conducted the group interview (3 of whom were women) were not wearing makeup and were much more earthy, rugged and outdoorsy than yours truly. What can I say? I like my makeup :D I did my best to look earthy dressing in khakis and a brown sweater, but it may not have been enough.

Another part of the reason, of course, is that I suck at interviewing.

To be honest, this is a bit of a blow to my ego. To not be able to land a seasonal job!!! Doing something I've been doing for years - OUCH!!

And now to have to sheepishly go back to my job thinking I may be stuck there for several more months - UGH!!

I really want to be my OWN boss. Tired of bosses :-( Coming up with a plan...

Oh, and remember my last post: Here is the quote my instructor has on her wall: "When you learn to distinguish between the container and the contents, you will have attained wisdom" Does that not apply to pretty dancers???? ;-)

Have you ever gotten rejected for a seasonal job???? Please say yes so I don't feel so pitiful :D

I Cannot Believe This and I Made A Big Boo-Boo

I spent several hours last night creating a new blog (it really wasn't several - but that sounds a lot more impressive than saying 'a few seconds') - yet, now it appears my feed is updating! Feedburner, why do you taunt me like this!!!!! Thanks to all of you who alerted me....

It is with mixed feelings that I continue to blog here, as I made a HUGE mistake yesterday. I was at work and the window guy had arrived and was cleaning the outside windows. About 5 minutes after he started, the door opened and I assumed it was him coming in to hand me the receipt to sign. I turned around quickly and neglected to minimize my computer screen.

Wellllllllll, it wasn't the window guy; he was still outside washing the windows. It was my boss!!!!!!! I glanced over at my screen and figured the screensaver would come on at any second, but then my boss walked around the counter and stared right at my computer. My Twitter page was up. I have no idea if he was able to see my screen name!!! Which would of course have led him to my blog. I know he was trying to find it. He took a few seconds to stare right at the screen. Luckily I had changed the colors of the sidebar so it didn't stick out, but if he is familiar with Twitter he would have known right away where to look. (Let's just say if you follow me on twitter you will no longer recognize my account.)

I swear I am DOOMED.

Do I continue to blog here assuming he did not make the connection, or do I continue to attempt to import my former blog to the super secret new one I created - the posts have literally been importing all night 8+ hours - is that normal?? I have no idea if it is really working or not.

I will never know if my boss has uncovered my blog and that right there may be reason enough to make the change.

Maybe I need to leave him a message here so that I will know for certain:

Boss, if you are reading this - go ahead and fire me. I don't care.

How is your week going??

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What to Do Whilst My Feed is Still Broken

a.) continue to fart around with feedburner for another 5 days in a futile attempt to fix it
b.) chuck it all and start a new more anonymous blog where I can be more open
c.) use this as a handy excuse to give up blogging for good and free up some time
d.) take up a new and less frustrating hobby like basket weaving or chess or pole dancing


P.S. Thanks to those who even took the time to comment on my feedburner test post :D

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pretty People to the Front of the Line, Please!

So yesterday I took a short belly dance workshop. Yes, I'm still at it!! Can't say I've improved much, but still at it nonetheless.

I also find I am getting more paranoid writing this kind of post and may need to start an obscure anonymous blog at some point in the future...

The workshop was on Indian style dance. As part of the choreography, we had to all line up one in front of each other- to do snake style arms at different heights. I'm sure you've seen this move before. It is really a cool effect.

There was a girl who is from another dance location of the same place I attend - who has danced in many of the shows. She is very pretty with long hair. The type of girl who adjusts her top just so and looks in the mirror to make sure she is still looking perfect. Well, there we were lining up - which is usually done by height. I was near the back even though I am not that tall - (I seriously don't mind being hidden) - We lined up on our own. Well, the instructor goes to near the front of the line where the pretty dancer is - she was about 4 people back because she is fairly tall -- and plucks her out to put her in front of everyone else!! Chances are that several of the shorter dancers who were now behind her could no longer be seen.

She is a good dancer, but I'm sure many of the others who were in front of her could have handled leading us in the simple, simple move.

I've joked with my friends before about how the same young pretties are usually placed in the front row of every show we do. It is fairly obvious...

Life is so much easier when you are born with good genes :-)

I just like to sit back and observe and have a nice chuckle (in my head). Have you ever attended a class or been out somewhere where the person with the good genes trumps everyone else???

P.S. Please let me know if my feed is now updating for you. I've been having lots of problems with getting new posts to show up - thx!

*****I do believe I have fixed the feed problem - but to confirm that you are subscribed, please click on the RSS button (upper right) and put the blog back in your reader if you would like to continue to receive updates******

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hey, I Talk Like That!

...only I'm not the Chancellor of the DC School System!!

I've mentioned many times that I like to workout on my elliptical machine while watching the morning shows before going to work. I should probably re-phrase that, as I can hardly call it a "workout" since I go approximately 2 mph as I listen to the shows and barely break a sweat. Honestly.

But, getting back to my main point, this morning I flipped the channel and caught the tail end of Matt Lauer's interview with the exiting DC Schools Chancellor, Michelle Rhee. And what a trip that was.

He mentioned the quote she made in a 2008 interview with Time Magazine:

The thing that kills me about education is that it’s so touchy-feely” .... People say, ‘Well, you know, test scores don’t take into account creativity and the love of learning,’ ... I’m like, ‘You know what? I don’t give a crap. Don’t get me wrong. Creativity is good and whatever. But if the children don’t know how to read, I don’t care how creative you are. You’re not doing your job."

I am guilty of tossing "I don't give a crap" around for all sorts of multitudes of situations, especially when MB suggests I should care about something ;-) But beyond that, one of the reasons I did not explore alternative schools when VC was younger was that I felt he needed to focus on getting down the basics: math and reading. His creative side did not suffer and he is now more creative (and intelligent - yeah, I said it ;-) ) than most kids I know.

Has anyone seen Waiting for Superman? I'm intrigued to check it out, especially now that we are going the Charter School route and loving it!!!!

P.S. A dear blogging friend (whose name I shall protect) pointed out to me that the blogger I wrote about yesterday had public stats on her blog - which I checked out (nosey me) and her uniques for Tues were 7 and for Wed were 7. As in 7 people visiting per day . 'nuff said. And no, I'm not one to overly focus on the numbers, but if you make an outrageous statement, you'd better be able to back it up!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two Things That I Find Hard to Believe

Did anyone else's eyes bug out when reading that the hourly wage of the "illegal" immigrant employed by California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman was $23 an hour!!!! WTH??? Remember the job I applied for over the summer at the "upscale" movie theatre. They told me they were not permitted to go above minimum wage, and that job even included tidying up the bathrooms, which qualifies as a housekeeping duty...Clearly I am doing something wrong. Remind me why I got my degree again?

Secondly, I was on a giveaway forum the other day and there was a giveaway sponsor who would only take on bloggers having more than 5,000 uniques per month. And you know I am ever so close to that stat ;-) I had to decline. But then I see this newbie blogger (6 months) who appears desperate for blog sponsors who claims she got over 1,200 uniques in a DAY!!! riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. I looked at her blog and let's just say it didn't appear to be bustling with activity.

I'm sure I can find some more things that are hard to believe, but that's all for today. What do you find hard to believe lately?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Since My Last Post Cost Me a Follower or Two

I'll continue along in that same vein. Yesterday we visited VC at the RenFest. It is always fun to catch a glimpse of the highbrow folks who come out on half price ticket day to take in the acts.

Look at the fine fellow in the black shirt (this is an actual photo taken of an audience watching VC - who has been cropped out of the picture):

[caption id="attachment_3440" align="aligncenter" width="288" caption="Oh My!"][/caption]

VC is getting quite the education. He'd be hardpressed to learn valuable stuff like this in the local school system.

In defense of the dude, he seemed quite impressed with VC's act. You can tell from his expression. I give him brownie points for that :D

P.S. I glanced at his chick and they did in fact appear reals

P.P.S. Things are not lookin' so good on the job front. References were to be called by this evening, and I do not believe mine were called. *sobs in hands* Not really - actually a bit relieved. It did not strike me as a place I was dying to work at (excuse the dangling participle). I can meet more interesting folks at the local DMV-- or at RenFest!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

He Raises a Good Point

Another little thing that I waste a ton of time on is reading the comments under news articles.  Does anybody else do that??  I will seriously page through comments sometimes.  (Geez, carma barely visits our blogs lately yet she has time to page through comments - the noive!)   And since I'm back on the "I need a career" quest, when I saw this headline on Yahoo! Finance a while ago: Fastest Growing Jobs in America, I had to immediately click on it, even though I've ready about 20 such articles and they always say the same thing, basically, Nursing and Technology and other useful stuff that doesn't interest me.

Then I migrated down to the comments and almost laughed out loud when I saw this one:

"If you want a sure fire job, go into prostitution. While there are some negatives, you have to be physically present, so for the time being, they can't send that one off to India (not yet at least)."

Dude has a point!!!  Do you think they have a program for that at the local community college??  Guessing it would be an A.S.S. Degree (just thought that one up -- *pats self on back*) Fridays are always a good day for sophomoric humor :D

Have a good weekend everybody.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Reason Nos. 202 & 203 Not to Alert People You are Going on an Interview

Reason #202: When you mention possibly leaving your job off-the-cuff when picking your son up from soccer game and bumping into former neighbor, she will try to get your current job by saying she needs a part-time job and telling you flat out she wants your job.

Reason #203: When attending the group interview - you will notice that many of the other interviewees are highly qualified and knowledgeable to the point of knowing the molecular structure of a jacket!!!! (or some such thing that sounded like that). You will come across as personable and creative (in an environment where creativity is not required), yet unknowledgeable and may not get the job!! Current odds: 6/20.

Then you will need to hide from people you told about the interview, including invisible friends, out of embarrassment that they may ask how said interview went.

Monday, October 4, 2010

In Defense of Not Purchasing Popcorn

This weekend VC's juggling partner dropped him off at home after their workday at RenFest.  It was Bale and Bench Day, where the cast spruces up the festival grounds in prep for opening weekend.  I got a kick out of VC giving his partner the run down of the options they could choose, beginning with "killing anthills."  Anyway, so I stepped onto the front porch to talk with them, at which time I spotted a cute cub scout pulling his wagon of popcorn.  His dad was standing in the street as he would go up to the houses.

Since we were knee deep in discussion about their act, the father and son bypassed our house, or so I thought...  About 10 minutes later, I was inside when the bell rang.

I just knew it!!  MB and VC had sicked the cute cub scout on me rather than telling him we already had a boatload of popcorn.

I opened the door and he gave me his cute speech, at which time I blurted out "we already grow our own popcorn plants, but thank you blah blah blah."

As he walks away, VC's juggling partner looks at me aghast:  You didn't buy any popcorn!!!!!

I felt like crap, until I explained to him that we do, in fact, grow popcorn plants and we have more than a year's supply of popcorn in 12" tall jars in the pantry.

I'm sure the dad of the cub scout was thinking, "riiiiiiiiiigggghhhhht" because he heard what I said and looked at me with somewhat of a smirk.  But it was the honest to goodness truth. Although we live on a tiny lot in the middle of the suburbs, we do, in fact, grow popcorn.

Here's VC with the popcorn in the spring.  (He was about 5 foot 10 inches tall at the time so you can estimate how tall the popcorn was.)


and here it is in the pantry - the bottom of the jars are cut off by the stuff in front of it. Trust me, it is a lotta popcorn!!

[caption id="attachment_3411" align="aligncenter" width="440" caption="Need Some Popcorn?"][/caption]

I'm still feeling a little guilty about not making a purchase of overpriced popcorn, but I noticed that several of the neighbors did, so I'll cut myself some slack.

Have you ever declined to purchase from a cute kid selling stuff and then spent the day wracked with guilt???

Friday, October 1, 2010

Woe is me, wah, wah wah....

Enough of me whining about my job, I hear ya want to see some videos!!!!!

It is possible that I posted this a few months ago, but it is totally EPIC! VC's latest:

Remember the Juggling Festival that took place in September? Well VC made two videos. He is featured throughout and I make a cameo in the second video (ok, so maybe I bribed him for some screen time ;-) ). He also juggles 5 Torches (fire, fire) in the second video!

We are working on a new "carmasez" video to be revealed soon. My skill set has not improved much so we need to get lots of filler material....

Have a spectacular weekend!!!! I will be doing some of my best acting tomorrow at a work function. Stay tuned....

Thursday, September 30, 2010


All's still quiet on the work front....In about an hour VC will be doing a short (very short- as in most likely "seconds")  appearance on one of our local TV news stations. It is a promo for the upcoming Renaissance Festival.  [update, he called on the way home and he was actually on for several minutes!!]

I agonized over this since (a) he had to be taken out of school and (b) I knew that if I took a day off I would be pegged as "unreliable."

Luckily MB was able to leave his job for a short time to get him there and back. I would have loved to have seen him live at the studio, but instead I sit here bracing myself for the next potential unfounded "character assassination." It's very ironic that my part-time job is starting to have this much control over my life. Must cut and run soon!!!!

Here's a photo of VC performing at the RenFest last year...

[caption id="attachment_3383" align="aligncenter" width="415" caption="It's RenFest Time!!"][/caption]

I'll have to head on over to our neighbor's house after work so I can see what I missed.

Have you ever had a part-time job that your bosses treated as a "full time job?"

P.S. Thank you for all  your kind words :-)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In Preparation for Tomorrow

I was out grocery shopping while VC attended his fitness class tonight. (He is still determined to do a back flip unassisted.) Subliminally thinking of tomorrow, my first day back at work since the verbal beating I took last week, I was perusing the freezer section when I came across just the thing to cheer me up: Mini Waffles!!!! I've not had a mini waffle in over a year. Depressed as I am about the situation, I figured the only thing that would prep me for tomorrow was a sugar high tonight. Three waffles loaded up with margarine and syrup, and I am seriously in a better mood. Heck, I'm even writing this unplanned blog post!! Stay tuned: Tomorrow I will either:

(A) Get Fired (could I be that f*ing lucky???)
(B) Quit
(C) Fly under the radar and answer blog comments and emails most of the day
(D) Crack under the pressure and be hauled off to a mental institution where I can relax in peace for a few days

At this point, Option D is very appealing.

editor's note: I just realized they may not be actual "mini waffles" as the ones I consumed were about 4" in diameter and the box was simply labeled "buttermilk waffles." I think the mini waffles are the teeny tiny ones...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Well, That Was a Whopper of a Week!!!!

Remember earlier in the week, there was the belly dance drama? and then came the heartbreaking thingy that I learned? Well, by the end of the week, it all culminated in a lashing that took place at work. I need to be vague about it here (obviously) but let's just say that it was totally out of bounds and unprovoked. Oh, how I'd love to spill the beans. I may - once I get the heck outta there!!!!

I have to pat myself on the back for remaining cool, despite this individual practically begging me to say something back. Several people have remarked that they would have quit and gone right out the door. I knew that despite my blood pressure going through the roof and the pounding in my head -- that I needed to stick it out because I already have something in the works. It is a total long shot, but if you can send me some positive vibes, I could use some.

The next week and a half will require some of the best "acting" I have ever done. And I am far from someone who can act!!!!

I have got to get out of there for my sanity. It can't come soon enough...

Remember back when the "life coach" ;-) alluded to y'all as my "invisible friends" -- well, I am more and more thankful for my invisible friends.

This morning I opened my email to find a lengthy email from a blog friend, who I have known for almost two years now. Someone I respect. It was completely out of the blue, yet the message she wrote me was almost as if she had a sixth sense about what had transpired at my workplace, because her advice (although directed at something else) - was incredibly spot-on.

It seriously made my morning. To know that you guys care so much just warms my lil 'ole heart!!!

I've written in the past about how I've allowed myself to be "bullied" pretty much since childhood. That won't be happening any more.

The fact that I completely broke to pieces once I drove away from work (crying while out and about seems to be becoming a pattern - a bad pattern) -- is completely irrelevant because I stood my ground when it counted most. What's a little crumbling apart afterward - when the offending party has no idea???? ;-)

Have you ever stood your ground and completely amazed yourself???

P.S. I'm on "Day 2" of my jean shorts....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Smelly Jeans That Look Nice

So what do you guys think of the dude from Levi Strauss who only washes his jeans every 6 months so that they will look good forever?? (I am assuming he does not work outside in the sun most days like someone I know. Why does crotch rot come to mind when I think of this???)

For everyday care he spot cleans them with Windex or Formula 409. Then he hangs them in his bathroom at night. When he takes a shower the steam "freshens them up."

His six month cleaning (does he mark this on the calendar??) consists of him filling the bathtub with water and adding 2 Tablespoons of Dr. Bronner's Magic Liquid Soap. (I've never heard of this - must find some). He lays his jeans flat in the tub and soaks them for 20 minutes, at which time he removes them and hangs by the beltloops to dry.

On sunny days he puts on the jeans while they are still slightly damp and sits in the sun which helps the jeans to conform to his body shape.

Up until recently, I would wash my jeans after each wear. It took a lot of convincing for me to go to an every other day schedule. I'm paranoid of looking stinky and dirty. But this does save me a bit of laundry. I'm not sure I can do this 6 month method though. And does he go around smelling like Windex??? That can't be too sexy.

I recently bought a pair of jeans at The Gap. The funky kind with rips in them. Inappropriate for my age, I dare ask???? They definitely shrunk up after one wash and now I can barely sit in them. (But they do look super-hot when I remain standing ;-) ) Thinking I may try to go more than every other wash with those to see if I can get them to loosen up some...

How often do you wash your jeans? Would you be tempted to try his method if you knew your jeans would last for years (because you know the styles never change ;-) )

P.S. I have added a new item to my etsy shop. It is a little kitschy but then sometimes kitschy is fun!!! Perfect for the harpist in your life :D

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guess Where I Was Last Night *Hangs Head Sheepishly*

Yep.  I was back at dance class, a  half hour late no less since VC had a soccer game...My friend from class tried to convince me with the whole "don't let them win" thing.  But what I really wanted to do was to give it one more go before letting the heat of my emotions take over.

I have spent most my life fighting my "cut and run instinct" - which any shrink will tell me probably has to do with my childhood.

So to stick it out and give it another shot was a big deal for me.  And you know what, BDD was as bossy as ever.  Correcting the assistant instructor every chance she got and suggesting that any dancers that add on after yesterday should automatically be placed as "skirt dancers," i.e. no props.

And the chick who wrote me the nasty email?  She came to her senses and said, "everything's cool."  Why, now I can sleep at night!!! ;-)  Bottom line was that I did absolutely nothing wrong.  I seriously never act out with malice despite what I might want to do!!  Yet, I so often find myself on the defending end of

Anyway, enough about me.  How is your week going?

I promise to visit everyone by tomorrow.  Things have been very hectic.

My New Policy Regarding Crying at Discount Craft/Hobby Shops

This weekend I learned something that broke my heart a  teeny tiny bit  A LOT.  I was trying to put it out of my mind, but while running errands yesterday, I thought about it and the tears started to flow.

Then, I came to my senses:  There's to be no crying while visiting the discount craft/hobby store (that I was about to enter) -- how would I explain it to the clerk who would be helping point me towards the proper paint pen??? Nope.  I needed to pull myself together quickly.  Which I did.

And then I thought this was the most ridiculous thing to be worried about.

Always trying to keep up "appearances."  That's me!

Have you ever cried in a most inappropriate place where people would have no idea what is wrong with you??

Next time, I'm just gonna let loose and not worry about it.  I'll feign "horrible allergy attack" when picking out my foam alphabet letter stamps.

Yeah, my week is really off to an awesome start....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Final Smackdown (aka I'm done with this crap)

I know I should not make precipitous decisions. Been guilty of doing that before. But I was all set to go to a belly dance sale today, and you know what?? I think I've finally been pushed over the edge and am done with it. For goods.

Last week it was the whole BDD sword nonsense. BTW, I was about to take up FabuLeslie's suggestion and purchase a sword for home, one for my car, one for class and I thought possibly create a retractable one for when I travel.

But then this morning I got a "friendly" email from another member of the group. Apparently she was P.O.'d that I mentioned to the instructor that she and another girl would not be back. This all occurred when the instructor was making a list of students so she would know how many groups we would need for the next dance. I should have stated she would not be back for THAT SESSION so that it could not have been inferred that she would not be back permanently. (even though she likely won't) My bad.

Here's what she had to say, "I heard that you and (other dancer) told (the instructor) that I wasn't coming back to her class. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I think that was my place to tell her whether I should come back or not. I've never said anything when she asked about you because that was your place to tell her."

People come and go. The instructor knows that. I probably should have phrased it better, but you know what, I'm too old for this crap. We've already discovered I'm too old for updating the gap in my lady parts, well, this morning I discovered that I'm also too old to put up with people who happen to take belly dancing a little more seriously than I do.

There have been several times in my life when I counted things as a "sign" that it is time to move on. And I truly believe this is one of those times. The fun is gone. And now so am I.

Have you ever just up and quit something and it was the best decision ever???  or are you still regretting it?

[caption id="attachment_3320" align="aligncenter" width="369" caption="I'm So Over All the Drama"][/caption]

Friday, September 17, 2010

Call Me Old Fashioned

I had to cringe when I glanced over at MB's facebook page, when I noticed the first entry up top in his timeline was an update from a family member on her pregnancy. The update, simply:

1.5cm dilated, 80% effaced, 0 station. Still waiting...

Really people, do we all need to know the exact size of the gap in your lady parts?????

Back when VC was born almost 15 years ago, if you can believe this, we didn't even own a home computer. Really! The only way to notify family members of the pregnancy, was to call everyone on the home phone. Similarly, they learned of his birth also via telephone!!! Those were about the only 2 mass communications we made over the 9 months.

How ever did they survive without receiving weekly photos of sonograms and my growing belly???

Family members saw photos of VC after we got double prints made at the local pharmacy and mailed them via the postal service!!!!

It was all so much less "in your face I'm having a baby and here's how big my opening is" -- and I kinda liked it that way....

Your thoughts? (I realize I'll probably catch some heat for this post- but have at it!!)

P.S. If you get a chance to comment on my photo in the photo contest, I'd love it! All it takes a is a quick comment :-) thanks guys!
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