Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Project Cheeseball

Gosh! I did not realize Kathie Lee would draw such ire *smackdown alert in yesterday's comments*...Yet, I'm still gonna watch her and Hoda...nah, nah, nah, nah, nah :P

It will surely increase my blogging cred :D riiiiiiiight.

What better way to lighten the mood, than with a Project Cheeseball!

Not one, but TWO bloggers sent me cheeseball pictures this week. I think that is a first...

My blog buddy Kristen sent me a few pictures of her husband Kevin posing with some Utz at her local BJ's.

Here's what she said, "The hubs and I were at BJs today and I turned a corner and lo and behold what do I see??? A big display of Utz Cheeseballs!!!!! Well, of course I couldn't let the moment pass me by. Out came the camera...much to the hubs dismay!!! HA! Little did he know he would be the subject of Project Cheeseball!!!! He fussed a bit but then got in to it. Here are the pics!!!

I present to you....Kevin and the Cheeseballs!!!!!!!

Kristen is an incredibly upbeat blogger who enjoys scrapbooking (you need to take a look at the Autumn journal she made last week to get an example of her wonderful creativity), gardening, photography and being what I would consider one of the world's best aunts! She blogs at Scrappin' my Bliss. Please pay her a visit!

Thanks Kristen!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two Words

Kathie Lee

Cody and Cassidy and Carma

One of my guilty pleasures is catching up with Hoda and Kathie Lee on the fourth hour of the Today show on my days off when I work out later.

Sure Kathie Lee can be annoying, especially when she gets into "Hoda Woman" mode, and sure she prattles on about Cody and Cassidy (yesterday, it was about Cassidy's new acting gig) - but the show is oddly entertaining!

The ladies were discussing Women and Happiness. I finished my workout and hustled to the shower before the Happiness segment aired. Because who can't use some more happiness?? I asked VC (who home since it was a teacher workday) to give a shout when the segment began.

VC was following along with the show. Big Mistake!

When the part came on about moms thinking the one thing their kids want is for them to spend more time with them, when in fact over 45% wanted their moms to feel less stressed (only 10% wanted to spend more time with mom :-O - VC chimes in --

Yeah, mom, you are always so grumpy.

It's enough to make me put on my grumpy face...Alright, here's my real grumpy face:
(in my defense, VC tends to be overly dramatic and likes laying on the guilt-trip - or is that just my excuse? and this was taken after my class; hence the shiny face. Oh, and I do have a chin, although it blends in with my neck from this angle -- why do I feel the need to explain all this????)

Way to make me feel like total crap. Dang Kathie Lee and Hoda Woman!


On a brighter note, the winner of the UPrinting 18 x 24 poster print giveaway is Honey Mommy, who said: "I would put the poster print on my sons wall. There is NOTHING there right now, so anything would be an improvement!" Congratulations!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


A few weeks ago, as we were sitting in dance class getting our tribal makeup lesson, my instructor blurts out: "Every time I look at you, you remind me of Barbie."

I turn my head around - she can't possibly be speaking about me. Then she says, "Not you (another student); Carma. Carma reminds me of Barbie."

I have never been compared to anything as hot as Barbie ever in my life *brushes hair over each shoulder and tilts head*

My momentary elation was quickly overcome, though, when I got a vision in my head of 1950's Barbie. Yeah, that's more my speed.

The instructor goes on to say that there is a Barbie in her "moma's" house that sits on a shelf and every time she walks by it, it reminds her of me, probably due to the shape of my head. As I apply the dark eyeliner she says, "now you are going to look even more like the Barbie" and tells me she will email a photo.

I head home and decide to google 1950's Barbie. Yep, as I figured, not some hot bombshell, but rather this:

Shortly thereafter I receive an email from my instructor: subject line: "Barbie...You!"

I contains the exact same picture: Oval face, bangs, wavy dark hair, light green eyes, pouty lips and dark eyeliner on upper lids. Yep, that's me, save for the petite nose.

Why, oh why, couldn't it have been THIS Barbie:


Friday, September 25, 2009

Don't Get Pushy With Me, Pal!

One of the hazards of working in a retail-type establishment is the walk-in traffic. It is truly never possible to know if some whack job will happen to come in that day.

Although as I mentioned, our traffic is very limited, yet about once a week one of those smiley, over-friendly slick sales types breezes in singing the praises of our business and how nice everything looks and talking all loudly and animated. It is clear they have never been in before.

So. I wait. For the inevitable sales pitch.

Yesterday my tweeting was rudely interrupted by an individual who burst through the door and exclaimed how good it felt inside with the A/C. He goes on to say that he thought it was supposed to be cold and rainy so he picked up a jacket, but now it is sweltering (yet he is still wearing his jacket.) He said that he was part of a national program for people interested in starting new businesses, where they were encouraged to visit 30 people a day to improve their social skills which was what he was doing. Odd, but whatever. I figured I'd be friendly and hope he wasn't selling anything.

[Periodically we have students come into our place when they are working on a project and I always enjoy helping them out and providing them with whatever limited knowledge I can impart.]

He said that I wouldn't believe the strange people he meets, but that he could tell I was different and that I looked nice or pretty or something like that. Fine. Go ahead. Butter me up even if you say that to everybody.

I asked what type of business he was planning on opening and he said that people in our area rarely express an interest and that I was only one of 3 people who ever asked that question. (red flag goes up because he doesn't answer my question) BTW, the organization is called the NCA. Only I can't recall what the "C" stands for, if you are familiar with these scheme, please let me know.

I continue to be pleasant, because after all, I am paid to be pleasant. And then he drops the bomb that I was waiting for as he slides his "sponsorship info" over to me across the counter.

He mumbles about how terrible it is that their self-worth is based on how much they can sell. I blurt out that I "hate selling things" (meant to be sympathetic) - never mind that I am in a business where I have to sell things - LOL

I pretend to flip through the pamphlet and then hand it back to him saying I'm not interested, at which point he gets all uppity: If I hate selling things why can't I see how hard it is for him to and help him out. I blurt out that I am already helping my son with his fundraising (having spent $20 on this hamburger hat) --

[isn't it neat??? $20 well spent this year!]

He thinks I'm lying and says that the school year just started and how can they be fundraising already. Quickly recalling my blog post, I mention that 8 days in we already had the fundraiser packet. (and then kick myself for even even engaging the idiot in conversation)

Then he says that if I can support my son why can't I support him? Uh, maybe because I don't know you from Adam and I am not about to give you money when it is doubtful I will ever see my magazines???? And that I don't buy magazines anyway, I read them at the library (kidding, I didn't say that)

And he goes on and on about why am I not helping him....WTH? I turn around and go back to my "work." He closes with a "God Bless" (oh yeah, that excuses his rudeness) and leaves.

I went out to check the mail close to an hour later and bumped into him again. He gives me a cheerful greeting. Awkward and creepy. Apparently he was still soliciting around the center. I turn around to watch where he is going and he turns around and sees me keeping an eagle eye on him.

Does anyone ever seriously buy from these clowns? Like getting pushy was going to make me want to support him? My money is better spent on the cookie dough fundraiser coming next month, whereby I can eat raw dough and get botulism.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Read These 10 Things and Pick Up Your Award!

The incomparable JennyMac of Let's Have a Cocktail and the mysterious C. Andres Alderete (The Tired One) , an "amazingly handsome" Texas man, recently awarded me 2 awards that were accompanied by the Ten Things Meme. Do you seriously want to know any more about me? Seriously?? Well, then, I'm happy to oblige --

Ten Things:

(1) I don't believe in telling children over and over that they can be anything they want to be. Anything? There are always limitations. I'm all for providing encouragement, but not going all "gaga." This will just lead to depression. Feel free to debate me on this one.

(2) Years ago, at my first job (that was embarrassing and crappy) a co-worker said to me, "My, aren't you a Chatty Cathy." That was over 23 years ago and it still pisses me off :D

(3) I tend to remember little things from many years ago, especially those that piss me off.

(4) I live a life filled with many regrets.

(5) I like spinach with cream cheese - especially mixed with mashed potatoes.

(6) I have always enjoyed psychology. I often read Psychology Today when I am at the library since I am too cheap to subscribe.

(7) I am able to get a good "read" on people rather quickly. In fact, at Back to School Night, I came home and told VC who I thought his most "difficult" (in personality) teacher would be. He scoffed. Three weeks later, he agrees...

(8) I like taking naps - especially when there are things I don't feel like doing.

(9) I am not a big fan of organized religion. I was reminded why again this weekend.

(10) I like being honest in memes even if my responses are not what you want to hear.

Now - The awards! JennyMac bestowed upon me this award:

The rules:
"Make a cocktail, pick out some of your favorite bloggers. Send this award to 4 of them. Tell them why you think they give good blog."

I'm going to have to go with more than 4 - these bloggers always provide lots of laughs & inspiration:

Kristin Jones
Rebecca Jo
Ryan Ashley

The next award is the Honest Scrap award. Graciously bestowed upon me by C. Andres Alderete. BTW, ever the rebel, he clipped the Ten things meme to 9 things, but I decided to exhaust myself and go for the full ten!

The Rules:

1. “The Honest Scrap” award is not one to hold all to your self but it must be shared!
2. The recipient has to tell 10 true things about themselves in their blog that no one else knows.
3. The recipient has to pass along this prestigious award to 10 more bloggers.
4. Those 10 bloggers all have to be notified they have been given this award.
5. Those 10 bloggers should link back to the blog that awarded them.

I know that many of you already have this award, so I'm not going to list any names; if you are a regular reader of my blog and do not have it, please grab it!

Thanks again Jenny and handsome Texas man! I hope to continue to live up to these honors...

Remember, if you are interested in checking out scantily clad clicks, please visit the previous post, and enter to win a custom poster here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Jerkins, Doublets & BOOBS!!!

As I've blogged about, VC is going to be a street performer at the local Renaissance Fest. Yesterday, there was a picnic for performers at a local park. It was one of those covered dish dinners and VC was interested in going, so MB and I tagged along. *The way to get MB to go anywhere is to lure him with the promise of unlimited food. And I say this in all seriousness*

The park is very scenic, as it is surrounded by a lake. Well, yesterday it was VERY SCENIC, as we discovered when we arrived and saw 5 girls in bikinis and 5 inch heels, having their photos taken. Evidently the picnic area was "double booked" with a photo shoot of scantily clad model types.

So there we were with the Renaissance folks, most of whom did not look like models undertatement (and I include us in this bunch) and then the likes of this:

and this
and this Oh, and MB....

let's just say he was cool, calm and collected...

and wearing his floppy hat.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Poster Print Giveaway (18" x 24")

We are in the process of trying to make VC's room a little snazzier now that he is a teenager (although we are still keeping up the wooden peg clothes rack with his name in primary colors that was purchased when he was 4-- he still loves it and it is very useful!!).

I just ordered an awesome wall graphic that was made from an image of a diabolo and funky letters he dyed into a t-shirt-- and, to complete the juggling theme, we plan on framing a poster of this photo that I took of him juggling 7 balls. (I dolled it up with PhotoShop.)

If you are trying to give your kid's room a new updated look or have a clever image that you think would make a perfect poster, this is the giveaway for you!UPrinting is sponsoring this giveaway of one (1) 18x24” rolled poster print. Check out their poster printing services and online printing. Unlike with previous giveaways -- winner does NOT have to pay shipping or handling :-)

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Please note: this offer is open to US residents only. FREE UPS Ground Shipping for US residents.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Don't Believe It!!

I've been waiting for 2 days to get a dermatologist recommendation from my doctor. A recommendation, not a referral-- and I still haven't heard back.

And then I checked out the news today and saw that pillar of society Phillip Garrido (*alleged* pedophile, kidnapper, rapist of Jaycee Lee Dugard) has already had the cancerous moles removed from the side of his nose:

I wonder if he met his deductible?

In case you can't recall what he looked like before his makeover:

Friday, September 18, 2009

Must NOT See TV

My dorky self was all excited to sit down and watch the Thursday night lineup on NBC last night. Man, what a disappointment!!!

First up, the SNL Weekend Update segment was OK, save for the lame James Carville skit. "Whitney said her drug was Bobby Brown. Oh, and her other drug was drugs." :D

Then came Parks and Recreation. As much as I love Amy Poehler, and had seen the promo for last night's show and thought it seemed a littler funnier than past shows, I just had to skip it, so I got out the vacuum instead. (props to me ;-)

The Office - finally some decent TV. Michael making awkward phone calls and spreading rumors is Michael at his best, and I love how Jim stepped in to confirm the pregnancy rumor in order to save Stanley embarrassment. Jim is always so gentlemanly that it makes me want to date him...
I had high hopes for Community. What a colossal letdown. The Breakfast Club theme worked well in the 80's - but this "remake" didn't quite do it for me. The characters seemed forced and the script contrived.

And talk about playing up the stereotypes: a divorced single mom, the token old guy played by Chevy Chase (who was not used to his potential IMHO) the dim witted jock, the pretty girl, the smart girl, the Middle Easterner with accent and the wise guy played by Jack McHale, who I normally like.

The script was predictable. Do you mean the Dean didn't really give Jack the answers to all the tests - that's surprising!! The cute chick hates him but then comes to like him. Everyone is all one happy cohesive group by the end.

And I don't know if anyone caught the reference to Asperger's and the chuckles about it being "ass burgers" said several times. As you know, I'm all against the PC, but this seemed a little in poor taste.

I'm not gonna give up on this one - YET, but they better come up with something less lame for next week. After my exciting workdays, lord knows I need a diversion!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

As My Time in Solitary Comes to an End

I don't write much about my job on this blog, for obvious reasons, but after a particularly grueling week, where I have been working extra days, I am compelled to compare my job to being in solitary confinement.

I work in a retail-type establishment where on some days I do not see a soul. The phone barely rings except for the occasional sales call from India.

I cannot place outgoing calls, since we do not have call waiting and I don't want to run up my cell phone bill. I must listen to classical music, no entertaining talk programs.

For all intents and purposes, I am in "solitary" for 7 hours a day. And I am going stir crazy...

According to a study of women in solitary confinement, here are some common effects:

perceptual changes
affective disturbances
difficulty with thinking, concentration and memory
disturbances of thought content, and problems with impulse control
severe depression
blunting of affect and apathy
appetite loss
weight loss
disturbances and heart palpitations
talking to oneself
irrational anger
headaches and problems sleeping

I've been in a "funk" all week. Although I am an introvert and loathe crowded places, I have discovered that I miss people contact!

I have not yet started talking to myself, but I have experienced difficulty concentrating, which is why I visit a couple of blogs and then I'm off to something else. Given all the "free time" I have you would think I would be productive, but it has in fact been the opposite! Nervousness is essentially a constant state of mind for me so it is hard to tell how much that has been affected.

As far as delusions, I often think my blog will be a big success. Irrational anger, hmmmm....maybe when I blew the "bully" situation completely out of proportion. Headaches -- yes, yes, yes!! I rarely get headaches but I was telling MB on Tuesday that I had a horrible headache when I got home from work. Restless sleep - affirmative. Rage (I plead the fifth ;-)

Appetite and weight loss - negative. Disturbances - I am often disturbed.

Here's how I've been spending my 7 hours a day in solitary:

(1) reading a book
(2) until I doze off
(3) wake up and read for a few more minutes
(4) write useless stuff on Twitter and become obsessed with entering contests with ridiculous odds; yet I think I will win so I keep at it (delusional?)
(5) working on blog for maybe 3-5 minutes - a day (disturbances of thought content - yeah, I'll blame it on that!)
(6) ruminating about everything that I could be doing instead of sitting here
(7) obsessing about minutiae (everything seems worse when you have so much time to think it over)
(8) going to check the mail - my only time outside!! This is a biggy! I stroll to the mailbox at a snail's pace
(9) reading the local free paper that comes in the mail; what's this, the son of someone we know got into a little trouble with the law, oh my! 67 speeding tickets issued at the local speed trap- the bastards; a performance at the local theatre (please tell me it won't be "over-acted"....)
(10) applying makeup (I've decided to do this at work since it cuts another 5 minutes off the day - except for the day I FORGOT TO PACK THE MAKEUP BAG!!! I looked ghastly- but, luckily, no one came in - no surprise there!
(11) checking out the local community college schedules for a new degree (phlebotomy - a possibility except for the blood, cosmetology? but then I need to style hair, Speech therapist? Don't you need to hear well to do that?)
(12) getting in a little "shut eye" out of sight of the door; (taking advantage of the loud door buzzer)

Thank God tomorrow will be my last day of this marathon of solitary confinement and then it's back to my normal schedule.

If this all sounds dreamy to you, I challenge you to try being on your own for 7 hours a day with little human contact and see what kind of a mood it puts you in.

On a brighter note, I got a little surprise in the mail from Joy, who blogs at Joy to the Blog. It was an Artists Trading Card, handmade by Joy! And she made it with me in mind *smiles*

(ATC cards are original artwork created in a small scale that are collected and traded.)

Please check out Joy's blog. There is a link to her Etsy store that features more of her inspirational artwork. She is very clever and creative, as you can see!

Just looking at this quirky card (as I type this from "solitary") - my spirits are lifted :-)

P.S. if any of you have installed my sparkly new blog button on your site, I'd like to reciprocate! If you have a button, just let me know. I just put up one of those scrolly gadgets :D

photo credit ~my aim is true~

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Been A While

....since I posted on the topic of plastic surgery*

How does Meg look so young?? And it sure ain't Resveratrol despite what the tiny Dr. Oz would have you to believe!

*I am not anti-plastic surgery. (BTW, "anti" is one of VC's root words for this week - meaning: against) I just get a kick out of when stars like to pretend they are naturally good looking.

Project Cheeseball

I recently discovered the ever charming Big Mama Cass who blogs at The World Through My Eyes...

She tweeted me the other day that she had a cheeseball photo ready to go - and when I got up this morning I was excited to see it featured on her blog. :D

This is a photo of her "Monkey" with the Utz Cheese Balls. The way he is studying those cheeseballs, I'd swear we have another Cheese Ball connoisseur in the making!! (or maybe he is checking out the sodium content?)

If you get a chance, please visit Cass. Her blog features her stunning photography, as well as lots of tongue in cheek humor, as when she talks to herself and addresses her laundry and messy house (her words, not mine- I've never seen her house)!

Thanks Cass! All of the pressure paid off ;-)

Update: at 1:51 PM EST I saw this tweet @BigMamaCass Totally just ate a whole bowl of cheese balls lol

Further confirmation that the Utz Cheeseballs are, in fact, eaten after they are photographed.


Congratulations to Rebecca Jo and Kaylen, winners of the wall decals! Thanks to all who participated....

Friday, September 11, 2009

'Til Death (or soap shards) Do Us Part

What's wrong with this picture (besides the rust stains indicating a trip to Target is long in the offing)?

I'll tell you what:

The soap shards that are on the left side of the soap holder (also known as MY side) were previously on MB's side (where a big new handsome bar of soap now sits).

Is he trying to tell me that I am the only one adequately trained in the handling of hazardous soap shards?

P.S. I debated whether to post a frivolous post as this on such a solemn day, but I figured I'd go for it, as the rest of my posts are also frivolous, you know, to keep the consistency.

P.P.S. There is still time to win a custom wall decal here.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

An Addendum

I felt I had better write a quick addendum to the previous posting before everyone feels compelled to take pity on VC.

I have been doing my own form of assertiveness training with him and it appears to be keeping the bullies at bay - for now. But last thing he wants is to give the morons (aka "little angels) something to pick on him about, i.e., his scholarly video.

My concern is more with the school not acknowledging that there is a problem. You can't fix what you don't acknowledge.

And now that the bullies appear to be scattering from VC and his group of friends, I'm sure they have settled on some new targets. Sometimes I feel the need to step up and make a difference. And then when I am met with a response such as the non-response I received, I think, "what the heck was I thinking?", grumble, blog about it and move on.

As long as VC is standing up for himself, I'm done.

**There is still time to enter to win a wall decal (two winners) click here **

I Give UP!!!

[Keep in mind that this post was written on the heels of shelliing out $20 for a hamburger hat.]

So we've already tackled the fundraising, which means we are now on Day 9 of the school year.

Over the summer, kids were asked to read 30 hours and to prepare a Book Talk (which could take several written forms or video format).

Since VC's video skills are excellent, he decided to prepare a video about his book - it came out to be about 8 minutes long. When he turned it in on Tuesday, he realized that his was the only video.

It is a bit of a tough crowd at his school, especially on the playground, and if you do things that are a bit different, well then, be prepared to be harassed.

He was stressed about his class seeing the video. (since it is not cool to appear scholarly). Why he did not think of this ahead of time, I do not know.

Anyhoo, so I suggested maybe he could just present the points that were on the video to the class and that the teacher could watch and evaluate the video without having to show it to the entire class.

I didn't think this would be a big deal, so I shot off a quick email, asking the teacher if this would be possible, as he "already has plenty of issues dealing with the playground bullies without adding fuel to the fire."

In the 9 years he has been in school, I can count on one hand the times I have contacted teachers outside routine communications (and they have usually been a lesson in futility). I guess I figured this to be a good opportunity to subtly get in about the playground bullying that has not been addressed by the school.

Big Mistake.

Here's what I received back this morning: "It is fine with me, but I think he needs to start overcoming some of this. In high school and in his language arts classes, he will have to be in front of the class...."

NO MENTION ABOUT BULLIES?????? Just keep those blinders on. This is of much more concern to me than whether or not he is comfortable talking in front of the class, and I already said in my email that he would be happy to do a presentation in front of the class. Would that not mean he is OK talking in front of the class????????

And, I could give a flying flip about what will happen when he is in high school language arts. By then he will be in AP classes and no longer surrounded by f*ing morons. [Did I also mention I am hormonally challenged this week ;-)]

Barring any catastrophes, this will be my final non-routine communication with the Middle School this year. I'd rather sit and bang my head against the wall.

**Please also refer to my newer post - also posted today**

photo credit Eddie~S'

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's That Time of Year Again!

We made it through an entire 8 days of school before paperwork was sent home for the first of many fundraisers to come!! Woo-hoo!

It's time for schools to push kids into selling stuff by luring them with the promise of fantastic "prizes." A small selection of possible prizes from this year's fundraiser includes:

A Hamburger Hat (if it is anything like the Chicken Hat from last year's fundraiser, it is made of the cheapest thinnest felt you've ever seen)

A Giant Six Foot Pencil! (ever so useful!)

A Chance to come to the Gym to watch Others (who sell more tickets than you) play in a Dodgeball Game. (Wow! Now that's quite an honor!)

A VIP limo lunch to the local pizza buffet (yes, a limo ride to the cheapest buffet in town!)

A ticket to a Sno-Kone Party (the flavored ice colored with yellow no. 2 suckers them in every time!)

With prizes like these, I'm sure all the kids will be racing to sell the discount cards.

When will schools realize that these endless fundraisers are a drain on the kids as well as the parents and just request a donation at the beginning of the school year. I'd be happy to pay $25 to not be nagged throughout the year.

And many parents will be guilted into buying up the cards themselves so their kids don't feel left out.

This particular fundraiser has several different dates when a certain amount of cards need to be turned in in order to get a prize. So, we will be receiving recorded messages from the school every few days to remind us to sell and when to turn in. It is always enjoyable to be interrupted every evening with a message from the PTA rep in charge of the fundraiser in fake cheerful voice encouraging us to sell, sell, sell. grrrrrrrr.....

VC has an aversion to ever asking anyone for anything, so he will not be selling door-to-door, which means he will be lucky to sell enough to maybe get a Hamburger Hat, if he's lucky.

In case you are wondering, we are not talking a fancy schmancy private school here. This is public school. The same school that easily raises in the 5 digits in fundraiser cash throughout the year, but can't provide the kids with any balls to play with on the playground.

What useless things are your little ones peddling this year? And, what are the prize "incentives"?

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Swan

Remember this guy from my post Of Cheap Gas, Night Vision Goggles, Tattoos and Vasectomies, Oh My! that was a synopsis of our last trip to the Great Sunshine State?

Well, MB was visiting Florida this week, and it appears that Erik has undergone a makeover of sorts- of the billboard/photoshop kind. Are you ready for the Big Reveal???

I hope these signs featuring the new, hotter Erik, bring in some added business, even if he is an ambulance chaser, because he really does look like a nice guy...

Eucalpytus Side Table Review

....and you thought I only got excited about napkins! Lookey here at my new side table. It is from Teak, Wicker & More and is made of sturdy eucalyptus wood.

The table is meant for outdoor patio use, but I'll be honest with ya, it looks so good I plan to use it indoors as a side table in the family room over the winter months .

Our home is furnished in Teak furniture - Scandinavian in styling and simplicity, so it fits right in with the decor. I'll bet VC can even use it if he decides to sit on the rug and do his homework.

And another great feature is that the table folds flat:
Very ingenious design!

I'm tired of shopping and seeing mostly flimsy furniture covered in thin veneers. This table is made of hardwood and is extremely solid.

If you like Teak furniture as much as I do you will appreciate the furniture at Teak Wicker & More.

Their pieces are perfect for end of summer get togethers and are made to withstand the test of time.

Now let me go admire my table :D

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Post I Should Not Be Writing

Do you ever feel like no one really wants to listen?
That you spend so much time planning for others
Not that they notice.
or care.

That everything else is more important
than giving you two seconds on the phone
or five minutes to hear your point of view
to really hear what you have to say.

Who really cares about your point of view anyway?
Your views are ridiculous.

That you are number 10 on the priority list
because you always know how to handle everything
and every eventuality
so they don't need to think.

You'll do all the thinking
And all the planning
You're good at that.

You'll tell them where to be
You'll tell them what to do.

They'll have all the fun
They are good at that.

You get upset about "silly" things
You make a "big deal" out of things
Why can't you just "lighten up"
Why do you have to be that way?

but when it comes to others
they'll jump through hoops
and then more hoops.

You are invisible
And yet somehow you are always there.

** This was written spontaneously and I will probably take it all back tomorrow. Right now I'm playing the martyr and throwing my own little pity party ;-) You gotta do that sometimes!**

Friday, September 4, 2009

Du get 'er a New 'Do!

I know the many people are astonished that the Duggars are having their 19th child...18, 19, 20 -- whatever -- I'm more fascinated that Michelle Duggar is still sporting the same faux mullet with large banana clip circa 1981 haircut. Am I right?

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wall Sticker Giveaway!

This is incredibly cool! I will be giving away 24" x 24" Wall Stickers to two lucky winners!!

If you are not sure what a wall sticker is, it is a large sticker that you can peel and stick to any flat surface. It is removable and can be repositioned!!

At Online Poster Printing, the stickers are water resistant and made of fade-resistant inks. They can go on many surfaces. Just peel and stick and reposition. The removable stickers are made using the same high-quality printing used for Online Poster Printing's poster prints, so you can print photos, artworks or patterns in great detail.

I have in mind to design a wall sticker featuring my son's name surrounded by brightly colored juggling props!! His room is in major need of an update and this will provide just the right splash of color...

Interested in winning your very own personalized wall sticker?

To enter:

Just let me know you would use the product if you win (this is mandatory) (e.g. where you might hang the wall sticker or what kind of photo/design)

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The giveaway ends on September 13th at 8:00 pm EST

***Winners must pay shipping. Open to U.S. Residents Only***

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is Ten the New Two???

I've referenced Lenore Skenazy's blog before with regard to her TV appearance on the Dr. Phil show. (Here's my post from December 2008 on the topic of Free-Range Kids. That particular post of mine was so popular it garnered a whole ONE comment!)

Today on my way home from work, I was listening to a talk radio show where the host referenced a March post on Lenore's blog that was written in response to a comment by a reader. (I am probably waaaaaay behind the news on this one, but I felt compelled to write a blog post anyway; because it's my blog and I can do that ;-) If this is yesterday's news to you, feel free to mosey on to one of the more popular blogs in your Google reader.

The reader wrote to Lenore expressing her surprise at almost being charged with child endangerment. Her crime: She let her 10 year old walk a half mile to his soccer game *gasp* BY HIMSELF. She was also headed to the same soccer game, but allowed him to walk ahead, while she left a short while later in her car to meet him at the game.

He was armed with his cell phone in case he ran into any trouble. Here's the interesting part: By the time she arrived, police were there to greet her. They informed her that they had received hundreds of calls to 911 from callers concerned that he was walking alone. She was told that she could be charged with child endangerment.

Today being 1/2 price sub night, I returned home with our subs and mentioned the story to VC, who was aghast. You see, since he was 11, he has been very independent, even riding his bicycle over a mile to visit friends. I also make sure he has my cell phone and that he keeps me posted if his plans change. Of course, he is very responsible, just like his mom :D

I think it really depends on the maturity of the child, as well as the environment. (The boy in this case lives in a small Mississippi town.) We do not live in a large neighborhood so he has to leave our neighborhood and venture out into other neighborhoods before making it to his friend's house. (and yes, there are some dots on the registered sex offender map in our vicinity-- by I challenge you to find a place without any dots, unless you happen to live in the sticks.) He has been able to handle this on his own without incident for a few years now.

If the 10 year old at the center of the controversy (who I understand was very familiar with the route) was a responsible young man, I see no reason why he shouldn't have been allowed to walk. Granted he was walking on his own and not with a group of friends. (I recall walking a mile to school when I was 6 back in the Ice Age, but with friends.)

Do you believe the mom in this story was seriously endangering her child? Would you have called 911?
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