Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cheeseball Tuesday!

How's this for some cheesy cuteness?

Heather sent me this cute photo of her daughter in all her cheesy glory at Sam's club. Here's what she said, "we were in Sam's Club and I immediately thought of you in the snack aisle! I'm attaching a picture for your viewing enjoyment!"

Thanks Heather!

I know I sound like a broken record (or scratched CD), but it bears repeating, EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to participate in Cheeseball Tuesday! It's simple: Just send me a photo of you and the cheeseballs in a distinct location near you! I'll feature your photos and link to your blog. They are sold at your local Sam's Club, BJ's or Staples or are available for purchase online directly from UTZ or through Amazon.com.

Monday, June 29, 2009

How Does She Do It?

A little less controversial post today!

Those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning, probably quickly noticed that I Ain't No Martha Stewart! In fact, the title of this post is what MB proclaims after I throw together a "meal" from whatever I find in the fridge that day.

There are a plethora of foodie blogs with glorious photos of well put together meals served with impeccable "presentation." I truly have no desire to go there, although I'm sure certain family members would not mind...especially on days like yesterday, when I was able to make almost a complete meal out of a Gift Basket I ordered from a wine website.

The backstory: Almost a year ago, I won a gift certificate and it has been sitting on my counter because, well, frankly, because we mostly buy cheap wine and figured it would be a waste to use the card on some pricey bottles of wine. Again. Not Martha Stewart. (should I be admitting all of this on my blog? Classy readers, hang with me please!)

Last week I finally decided to go ahead and order something. The gift baskets looked so spectacular, I thought it might be best to send someone a gift. But MB insisted that we should enjoy it ourselves (ok, twist my arm!). I felt a little guilty (but not for long after I saw all the amazing gift baskets to choose from!) Once I saw there was a special on a gift basket that included smoked salmon and cheese straws, I knew that it was "The One." Smoked salmon for MB and cheese straws for VC. Oh, and Strawberry Truffles for moi!

Here's a picture of the basket, minus our dinner goodies:

Last night VC had a party to go to with a friend, so I knew he would only need a "light" dinner. I had already been snacking so I wouldn't need much either. Which only left one choice: It was time to open the gift basket that had been sitting for 4 days because it was so lovely I didn't want to break the seal.

Salsa Picante chips, Black Bean and Corn Salsa, Cheese Straws and Smoked Salmon- even Martha would be impressed!

Added bonus: Learn about the planets and presidents while fine dining!

Have you ever made dinner from a gift basket or put off opening it so as not to ruin the perfect presentation? Ever got food poisoning from a gift basket? (kidding!)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson - Part II

After reading my bloggy friend Blue State Cowgirl's comment on my post from yesterday and in light of a discussion MB and I had last night, I felt it appropriate to make a follow up post.

MB is still saddened over the loss, so I will need to tread lightly, although he rarely ever reads my blog. He was such a big fan that he has been receiving calls from friends and co-workers all morning. Everyone knew about his fascination with all things Michael Jackson related. Which makes me feel like crap because he just pointed out how awesome it is that everyone is calling vs. my "lack of consolation" or what I prefer to call "spirited debate."

My question is whether the mainstream press is now over-glorifying the life of Michael Jackson? Do we need to look at both sides of the "man" or, now that he is gone, focus only on the positive? There is no denying he was a musical genius whose songs played a pivotal soundtrack to those of us who came of age in the 80's. But anytime someone goes this far off track in their personal life, one can hardly ignore it all together.

Listening to the morning news programs today, there were many "reflections" read on the air from other stars. The one that struck me the most was from Dick Clark, saying that Michael Jackson was the "most outstanding" person that he ever met. Really? As I said to MB last night, the guy was no Mother Theresa. I find it hard to ignore the whole molestation issue when he paid what was rumored to be around $20 million to one of his "victims." I am very suspicious by nature and find it hard to believe someone who is innocent would pay that much money to make the "problem" go away....

My question to you this morning is: Do you find that the news coverage in the wake of this tragedy has been too slanted to the point of glorifying the star while minimizing the unpleasantries that were so much a part of his life? Is it disrespectful to look at both sides of the issue now that he is gone?

One thing's for sure, Gov. Mark "I wasn't on the Appalachian Trial, I was chasing Argentinian Tail" Sanford is probably breathing a sigh of relief as he gets pushed from the front pages - and Kate Gosselin can pack away her tiny blue bikini and go back to wearing more comfortable duds around the yard for a few weeks at the very least...

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today is a sad day at our house. Ever since I've known MB - he has been a HUGE Michael Jackson fan. He attended many concerts and we both roller skated to MJ tunes for years. MB can even do the moonwalk :D

I'll admit I wasn't as gaga myself, and as I heard one news reporter say this evening, I believe that although he was mega-talented, he exhibited "stunningly bad judgment."

As a tribute, I've decided to post some of the concert photos of Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five that are in MB's collection:

What a shocking day today for those of us who grew up in the 70's/80's....Michael and Farrah both gone in the same day. There's a big lesson here. Time to switch focus from blogging about things to DOING things...(and then blogging about THOSE things)..and to be PRESENT in the moment, because in the grand scheme of things and continuum of time, there really aren't all that many moments...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Miscellaneous Claptrap

It would be nice if I didn't always have to preface everything I say with the words "And Don't Freak Out." I find myself saying that a lot lately. I'm not the most patient person, but living with someone who has absolutely zero patience makes me look like the Dalai Lama. No kidding.

This morning I was swishing mouthwash around while getting packed for the pool. VC asked me a question at which point I realized I had just swallowed the mouthwash. Focus. Danielson. Focus.

I've been slowly piecing together my bellydance costume from different ebay sites. Some hits. Some misses. Another class member spent $150 on the bra top alone...Hoping that I won't look like some rag tag outcast bellydancer dragged in off the street. I may.

Magic Shell has 16 grams of fat per two tablespoon serving. That's a lot. Someone tweeted about a new study that concluded that people who are a little overweight at age 40 live 6 to 7 years longer than very thin people, who lived the shortest. I'll have some more Magic Shell. Thanks. Imagine all the brilliant blog posts I could concoct if I was to live an extra 7 years?

Speaking of living extra years, have you read this article about the baby who has barely aged in 16 years. Simply amazing. It could hold the key to the Fountain of Youth....In the meantime, focus on becoming a little overweight- at least it'll buy you 7 years.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Times are Getting Desperate

photo credit lovely petal

...when someone steals content from Carma Sez blog!! You heard me right, not Dooce or Perez Hilton or Huffington Post, but Carma Sez blog!

I consider myself lucky to have people who even want to READ my blog, let alone steal content from my blog. So, it was with great surprise when I checked my Google Alerts the other day and discovered someone had done just that. (BTW, if you have not yet set up a Google Alert for your blog name, I recommend doing so. You will find all sorts of useful info.)

The post that sparked the stealing was none other than this post about the Keurig brewer. My content appears on a coffee lovers site, but the interesting thing is that it has been re-worded with the help of a computer program, so that it comes out sounding like a freakishly haughty professor is speaking- oh, and he is evidently on drugs and incoherent.

For example, here are my original opening paragraphs:

"Is anyone else feeling that blog contests have "jumped the shark?" Or does "Jump the Shark" only apply to TV shows? Well, I'm going to use it anyway just to illustrate my point.

A while back, I came across one for a Keurig coffee maker giveaway that had over 2,000 entries. Two thousand entries for a coffee maker!! I didn't even bother to leave a comment."

and now, here's the re-worded paragraph:
Is anyone else passion that blog contests bring into the fantastic “jumped the shark?” Or does “Jump the Shark” solely notice over to TV shows? Well, I’m current to put it anyway justifiable to illuminate my promontory. A while behindhand, I came across joined seeing that a Keurig coffee maker giveaway that had one more occasion 2,000 entries. Two thousand entries seeing that a coffee maker!!

...and the blog post goes on to get even more bizarre..

At least my name appeared in the title, so I got credit for the poorly re-worded post, making me look like a complete imbecile! More of an imbecile than I normally appear to be!

I'm going to do a little test and use the words Keurig coffee maker, coffee, and coffee brewer to see if this new post will now appear on the blog in re-worded form. bwwwaaaahhhhaaa *evil grin* Don't Mess with Carma Sez!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Six Word Saturday

It's World Juggling Day Today Hooray!

Friday, June 19, 2009

You Fell Asleep During What??

Get your minds out of the gutter! Have you heard the story of the girl who "allegedly" fell asleep while getting tattooed and awoke with 56 stars tattooed to her face instead of the 3 stars she requested?

Here's a photo:

The story leaves many unanswered questions, but the only question I have is: Would you let this guy touch your face?

That is a photo of the actual tattoo artist who tattooed her face! WTH was she thinking? I wouldn't trust the dude to tattoo my butt let alone my face!! Am I wrong for judging a book by it's cover? I have no problem with tattoos and you know that I lurve my new piercing but something just seems a teeny tiny bit "off" about this dude!

Thanks again to everyone who weighed in on yesterday's post. Your opinions were very insightful. I am going to try to weave more of my everyday life into the blog when possible. (A little difficult to do on this post.)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Those Are Not Good Odds

Is anyone else feeling that blog contests have "jumped the shark?" Or does "Jump the Shark" only apply to TV shows? Well, I'm going to use it anyway just to illustrate my point.

A while back, I came across one for a Keurig coffee maker giveaway that had over 2,000 entries. Two thousand entries for a coffee maker!! I didn't even bother to leave a comment.

I am entering fewer and fewer giveaways lately, due in part to the ridiculous odds. Is it really worth the time to enter a contest with that many entries? I prefer the giveaways on smaller, lesser known blogs. Have you found yourself doing the same?

But going back to Keurig brewer, this is a coffee maker that guarantees Keurig an endless stream of revenue because once you get one you will need to buy "portion packs" for as long as you own the machine. I'll admit that a while back I was on a begging contest on Twitter to win one. I lost. Or did I really win??

While shopping yesterday, I noticed the lady in front of me in line bought 2 boxes of the portion packs for a total of $20 -- I was trying to do a quick calculation in my head (and I'm not very good at that) - but I think it came to $20 for 36 packs - and that was on "special." sheeesh!
Of course, I say this and you know the next time I come across a Keurig giveaway, I'll be commenting and tweeting and following, etc. etc. etc. I'm weak that way! Somebody stop the madness!

Was this one of my lamest posts ever? I'll admit that I have been struggling with coming up with interesting topics lately.

Question: Do the blogs that you enjoy reading the most (a) post about an isolated topic meant to entertain (b) offer a slice of life of what the blogger is doing that day, even if it is mundane. I've been trying to avoid posting my everyday activities since to be honest, they are not the most exciting (understatement) but that then "forces" me to then come up with a specific topic to blog about, which then quickly turns the post into a school assignment. Oh, the hardships of a blogger! (I once read that blogging is one of the toughest "jobs" - it ranks right up there with logging - due to the potential for carpal tunnel injuries; while carpal tunnel is no laughing matter, to rank blogging to be as dangerous as logging or construction or deep sea fishing??? c'mon!)

As always, I'd love to hear your input!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cheeseball Tuesday

Blue State Cowgirl, aka Lisa Paul, has been spending some more time traveling with the cheeseballs. Yay Lisa! She has provided me with an UTZ-erly excellent selection of pictures for this week from the San Francisco area. Please visit Lisa at her Leftcoast Cowboys blog.

I am going to include verbatim Lisa's wonderfully animated description of the photos:

"I've included some pictures of Cheese Balls with famous San Francisco public art. The giant spider sculpture is by famous sculptor Louise Bourgeois and was just on loan to the City. It just sold to a Texas collector for SIX MILLION DOLLARS. Louise gets that money, not the City, but at least it was on display for free.

Also included is art that my tax dollars DID pay for and that's the giant bow and arrow. Which has always mystified me because, I can get an arrow buried in the ground as if it's been shot there, but why is the bow also buried? And who can pull the bow and release the arrow when both are buried in the ground? It all makes more sense coming out of a jar of UTZ Cheese Balls.

However, I've given you another view of the Bow and Arrow and the Bay Bridge and a palm tree, just for variety."

Thank you Lisa for helping make possible another Cheeseball Tuesday!

editor's note:

I read a blog the other day where the blogger was motivating his minions to take action by referring to them as "pussies." Really, didn't realize that was an effective motivational tool! I must add it to my arsenal. LOL Perhaps then I could get some more Cheeseball Tuesday entries. The promise of appearing on my blog has not exactly been working miracles. Maybe I need to promise that you can appear on someone else's blog!

You do realize that you get to eat the cheeseballs after taking the photos? I'd consider that a win in my book!

Remember, if you would like to participate in Cheeseball Tuesday, it's simple: Just send me a photo of you and the cheeseballs in a distinct location near you! I'll feature your photos and link to your blog. They are sold at your local Sam's Club, BJ's or Staples or are available for purchase online directly from UTZ or through Amazon.com.

MiNdLess Monday Musings

Well, my "on the road" luck has finally taken a turn for the better. Yesterday I was driving home from purchasing a black bra at upscale retailer Kohl's (details to follow) when a car ran a red light and practically T-boned my car. Luckily I was able to accelerate in time and avoid the accident outlined above. I was due some good luck in this area!
Would you believe the attorney handling my speeding citation never even bothered to call me after he went to court? He answered absolutely zero phone calls throughout the whole process. And I only placed 3!!! Evidently the money he was earning for basically doing something I could have done on my own (talk to the DA) did not include return phone calls. Turd. It's been over a week and a half, so I will need to get in touch with his receptionist, the only one at the firm who actually talks on the phone.

Ah, where was I- the black bra. I have decided to order and sew the antique coins on the bra myself to save some buckeroos. In case you are worried that I will be dancing around in a bra looking like a skank- au contraire! The bra is commonly worn over a small top called a choli. I will be sure to show ample cleavage, though. Well, "ample for me" cleavage!

Someone who will no longer be striving for cleavage So you've probably all read the news about Chastity Bono beginning to transition to a guy. It really wasn't all that 'shocking.' What I thought was a little odd though, was how the news shows were already referring to her as "him" as they flashed her childhood photos. I thought there was a certain point when the "she" becomes a "he" and that's when she would be referred to as "him." Anyone else a little weirded out by that? Seems a little premature, but what do I know? Him. Her. whatever....

I've come to the conclusion that my son would rather starve than be bothered to take time to make a sandwich. It was one o'clock and he still hadn't eaten anything yesterday. So, who broke down and made the sandwich you ask? That would be me, the pushover.

Oh, and I have a question for you. I recently won some Lancome Magnifique perfume. I normally don't wear perfume, but since I won it, I figured I'd try it out. I spritzed some on and I gotta say, I feel like I may be going around smelling like old lady perfume. Do you know of anyone under age 75 who wears this perfume? If you were to smell the scent while walking around a corner, would you expect to find a senior citizen around the bend?

I did some research and discovered this description: "The fragrance celebrates her vibrant femininity, her joie de vivre. Infused with the spicy impertinence of saffron, the warmth of roses and the smoky embrace of exotic nagarmot wood." Nagarmot wood? Is that one of those pretend woods? But now I see from further research that Anne Hathaway is the "face" of the product. This is encouraging!

And here's another review: "It isn't skanky, exactly, and niche-hound perfumistas might not be impressed, but to my nose it is pretty daring for a mainstream department store cosmetic brand, and considerably more so than some of the other feminine wood scents we've seen lately..."

Well, that's all good and well because I said earlier that I do not look skanky in my black bra...

But now I that I read this comment from "anonymous" I'm rethinking it yet again:

If I've read about the target market, I've forgotten, but I'd be very surprised if they were aiming any younger than that just based on the smell. It doesn't smell “young”.

Posted on 29 July 2008

Take a look at the fancy bottle!

I will need to wait another week before trying it again since my father is coming to visit and with his allergies he will freak if I wear anything even remotely scented. In the meantime, I'd love to hear your input...old lady or Anne Hathaway?

***If you are interested in a follow up to the April Rose story I wrote about on Saturday, check out this link. There is a video that features popular blogger MckMama and feelings about the hoax. Becca has also posted a "sorry" message on her blog.***

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blogging for Bad

Many of you may already be familiar with the story of the Little April Rose blog. I only first heard about it last week and see that it has now made the mainstream press with an article on ABCNews...

Here's the condensed version in case you haven't seen the story. A blogger named "B" made a blog www.littleoneapril.blogspot.com (posts have since been removed) about carrying a terminally ill child to term. It was an elaborate blog with long well written posts that elicited the sympathies of thousands. Last week the baby was due to be born and when readers saw the photo of the newborn, questions were raised, namely, why did the newborn resemble a doll? Ends up, because it WAS a doll. The whole story was a hoax. A P.O. Box was listed on the site where people could donate money and send gifts and some of her dedicated readers did just that, only to find out it was a complete ruse.

At left is the doll and at right is the blogger, whose real name is Becca Beushausen.

If you are interested in learning more about the story, here's the link.

The irony is that she was supposedly an excellent writer and probably could have made some honest money blogging.

Let me see, that now makes it two "Attention Seekers" in a row on my blog! I may need to make this a regular feature...

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Phil Spector Wife Quiz

Have you seen Phil Spector's wife pining for him on ET.? Yesterday they filmed her birthday celebration. I think she turned 29, which makes her 40 years younger than her husband.

She was sad that he couldn't be there to celebrate with her but he did send flowers from jail awwwwww...how romantic!

Anyway, why would someone as young and attractive as Rachelle marry a convicted murderer:

A- She likes his devilishly handsome good looks:

B-She appreciates his marksmanship skills. Guy's clearly got a way with guns!

C- She likes his "open and airy" mansion complete with goth decor and knight in armor

D-None of the Above

Oh, I'm sure before she married Mr. Spector, that she was living in her own mansion and TV crews were following her around and filming her birthday parties and seeking her out for interviews... riiiiiggghhhttt.... Last week when she was taking ET on a tour of the mansion she didn't realize it was Dick Clark in a photo with Spector. I don't think she knew who Dick Clark was. Her brilliance shines through in all her interviews...mom and dad must be so proud!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

B.D. Update

I am going to distract my male readers with this picture while I ask the women a question. Kidding! How shallow would that be.....All men are eligible to weigh-in as well. Just didn't want you to be bored out of your minds...

My belly dance instructor has scheduled a performance at the end of August. All classes are eligible to participate, including the beginner class that I am taking.

photo credit Alaskan Dude

I was very excited about performing (even considering my mediocre skillz) until I realized yesterday that we would need to have an "official" custom that will cost upwards of $225. The costumes look similar to these (not the sparkly one pictured above):

photo credit Reggie Bibbs

Knowing my history of hopping from hobby to hobby, I am hesitant to shell out the money for the performance, in that I may never use it again if I end up quitting the class at some point. It is not a requirement to perform. What do you think? Splurge and participate or wait this one out?

I've been scouring ebay for two days looking for inexpensive costumes, but we are not permitted to wear the cheap shiny, sparkly ones, which are in abundance on ebay. Another alternative is to make part of the costume myself. Me and sewing? bwwwwaaaaahhhaaaaa....would make for one lopsided costume!

Have you ever "invested" in a hobby only to quit it a few months later and felt like kicking yourself in the butt?

If you are planning a witty remark for the comment section, please refrain from insulting belly dancers, as I have henceforth added them to the "protected PC list." LOL

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Now Even Cheerleaders are "Off Limits"

I had to chuckle the other day when I saw a couple of posts in a forum, pertaining to cheerleaders. Apparently even cheerleaders are now on the "protected" PC list.

The topic of bloggers and popularity came up. Someone said (and I paraphrase) that she wondered if the popular bloggers are like high school cheerleaders, referring to said cheerleaders as basically full of fluff without substance.

It didn't take long for another member to find offense with her comment, saying that she considered it to be a huge insult to cheerleaders and that as a former school cheerleading coach, she couldn't let the comment slide without being rebuffed.

Well, I'll be!! Everyone is sooooooo sensitive these days that you can barely write a blog post without offending someone. Everyone needs to take a step back and relax!! Or soon they'll be nothing to write about!

Monday, June 8, 2009


When I came across this ad the other day, I hastily tore it out (as you can see)

Do smokers seriously care if their carcinogens are of the "organic" variety? I'm perplexed. Please explain.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Thanks for the Votes! He WON!

Austin has videotaped a Thank You Message:

If you would like to see more of his amazing jugging skills, this is his latest video:

Thanks again!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Washline Not Required

Now that we belong to the community pool, when I enter the laundry room I'm always stepping over damp towels and soggy suits.

I called VC on the phone from work and asked him to drape two of the towels outside to dry so that he would have a dry one for that evening's swim. I've resolved that he can use the towel twice before washing it. Oh yeah!

My words were to "drape the towels over a couple of the chairs that are in the garage and put them outside to dry."

Here's what I saw as I turned into the garage:
Not exactly what I had in mind....

BTW, the voting has closed. Still haven't heard anything. Thanks again for all your efforts. I know it was a bit of a pain, but you guys went above and beyond!! mmwwwwaaaahhhhh!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

6 Unimportant Things

Kathie, from My Net Finds, has tagged me to do the "Six Unimportant Things" meme. I take great delight in many unimportant things, so there were many to choose from:

(1) Opening the dryer to put in a load of laundry and finding it empty (a rarity)

(2) That Honda has finally - after 3 months- diagnosed the problem that was causing the screeching, grinding noise every time I stopped. Now I can listen to the radio and enjoy a peaceful ride....*sigh*

(3) Having a handiwipe handy at just the right moment

(4) watching inane videos on Failblog.org. By the way, that is my next goal: to get a photo on Failblog. So far I've submitted 3 but have yet to see one posted....I will not be easily deterred!!

(5) Coppertone Spray On Sunscreen- brilliant!

(6) Tuesday Nights: $2.99 subs with Baked Lays*
*Now that I've discovered UTZ has their own brand of baked chips, it may be time for "The Switch."

As I've done with the past few memes, if you would like to participate, please do- and remember to let me know so I can read your unimportant things!

And I have an award to give out!

Kathie has awarded me the Exraordinary and Awesome
Blogger award! Thanks Kathie!

I would like to pass it on to the following Extraordinary bloggers:
(names are in random order)

Rebecca Jo
Janna Bee
Brown Eyed Gal
Secret Mom Thoughts
Ryan Ashley
Yankee Girl

I know there are many more extraordinary bloggers that I follow. I'll catch you on the next one! Just spreadin' the bloggy bling around!

Oh, before I forget (like I was going to forget- LOL) there's still time to get in your 5 votes for today! Woo-hoo...You guys Rock!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cheeseball Tuesday! A Winner and Other Interesting Tidbits

First, I'd like to congratulate Aileigh, winner of the Living Proof No Frizz giveaway!! Aileigh will soon be enjoying her new and improved frizz free locks...

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-06-02 01:46:19 UTC

Secondly, I have an interesting Voting Update. Yesterday you may have read the part about me sulking since it appeared that one of the competitors had added 800 votes overnight. Well, as I suspected, there was some shenanigans going on with 2 of the competitors, and their votes are now down to 600 and 400. Justice Prevails!!!

Thanks to dedicated voters from as far away as Australia (shout out to Christine!) and England (Hi Fhina!). Between all of your combined efforts, WE CAN DO THIS!! Thank you for continuing to vote...If you have not yet voted and would like to help out, here's the voting information.

I am happy to report that there was a local UTZ sighting and as luck would have it, MB had his camera handy.

I also thought you might be interested in seeing the source of the UTZ Cheeseballs that are featured in my blog. Ok, maybe not that interested, but we were at BJ's Wholesale Club the other day and took this photo:

I'll say, from this angle it actually looks like I have a chest! I need to reach like this more often...

However, my photo is not quite as cute as the photo of Hanna that was sent to me by her mom, Heather. I will feature it in the next Cheeseball Tuesday post, so stay tuned for Cheesy Cuteness!

If you would like to participate in Cheeseball Tuesday, it's simple, just send me a photo of you and the cheeseballs in a distinct location near you! I'll feature your photos and link to your blog. They are sold at your local Sam's Club, BJ's or Staples or are available for purchase online directly from UTZ or through Amazon.com.

Thank you again for all your help! You guys are the best bloggy friends a girl could ask for...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me! Monday

After a short NMM hiatus, I'm back with a new one.

This week, I did NOT finally hear from the attorney who will be attempting to get my speeding ticket reduced in court on Wednesday. He has NOT been shrouded in silence to the point that I was NOT sure I would have to go to meet with the DA myself. My 24 year driving record was NOT clean save for this "small transgression." (grumble grumble)

The Belly Dance DVD that I ordered did NOT arrive. It did NOT not take me long to realize that my arms are incredibly weak. I did NOT not realize that it would be that difficult to hold my arms out to my side for an extended period of time. I am NOT now thinking that I need to look like this in order to hold the poses:

I did NOT tell MB that when he jumps off the diving board into the pool, that he does NOT resemble an Olympic diver. I did NOT compare his splash to that of the tiny splash left by a pro diver upon hitting the water.

In reality, his splash did NOT clear everybody within 20 feet of the pool...(you do NOT have to imagine what the splash looked like)

I did NOT use No Frizz again yesterday. I blew my hair straight and was NOT amazed yet again by the smooth and silky results. There is NOT still time to enter the giveaway (ends tonight)...

I have NOT begun planning a trip to NYC!

P.S. [This is written in real speak, not NOT Me! Speak]: VOTING UPDATE: Outlook Bleak.
Someone joined at the 11th hour and is now getting over 800 votes a day. Who can compete with that? He is now leading with a wide margin. I'll admit I'm more than a little bummed. Not ready to throw in the towel yet, though. ....*sulks in corner* If you can continue to vote, that would awesome (NMM'ers - I'd be grateful if you could add some votes, too)

Sidenote: I have NOT discovered that contests where there is a running tally are NOT a good idea for someone with occasional obsessive compulsive tendencies. I will NOT be careful to avoid such contests in the future....

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