Saturday, February 28, 2009

Awards Aplenty!!!

The delightful BIBI has generously awarded me not one but TWO sparkly new awards!!!!

The first award is the charming and colorful "friends award":

“These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

I would like to share this award with some of the new friends I have made through blogging:

Janna Bee, Blue State Cowgirl, Jodifur, Amy, Karen, Punky Bean, Eva, Suburbia Steph

The second award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his/her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary and personal values every day.

The rules to follow are:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person that has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to another 15 blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment. Remember to contact each of them to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I would like to pass on this award to:

Amy, Janna Bee, Kidlets Mum, Eva, Liz, Blue State, Carolyn G, Punky Bean, Crazy Raincloud, Karen, Havi Brooks, Merry Mishaps, Suburbia Steph, Jodifur, Woman of No Importance

I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs. I've been enlightened and entertained, met so many inspirational women and shared lots of laughs.



And the Winner Is!!!

On this final day of NaBloPoMo (BTW we plan to be shouting "NaBlo" "PoMo" at the pool this summer in lieu of the dull "Marco" "Polo"), I am delighted to announce the winner of the UTZtacular Cheeseball giveaway! To find out which lucky blog reader is the winner, please watch this video (then fave me on Technorati, do a blog posting, name a star after somebody you love and Tweet about the video, kidding!!!!)

Thanks to all who participated! I am looking forward to posting the winner's cheeseball photo. I sense that it's gonna be GOOD...

And remember, as our kids are taught at school: Even if you didn't win, everybody's still a winner! That rocks.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Husband DEFLATES further

Since you've all been clamoring for an update on MB's weight loss (again, not) in the Biggest Loser competition at his workplace, here goes:

As of today's date (week 7) he has lost 46.5 pounds.

Instead of the usual "facial shot", I've taken the liberty of giving him some new "clothes" so you can see his transformation in this big "reveal."

One of the competitors has already thrown in the towel and MB will collect $100 from him next week. Dude made the big mistake of challenging MB in the first place. If there is one thing people around here know, it's: Never take on MB in a challenge unless you are eager to part with your money. Nuff said.

Today is the LAST DAY to leave a comment to enter my UTZtacular giveaway!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sardinia- Here I Come!!!!!!

Sardinia, Land of My Dreams...

Ever since my dad suggested a couple of years ago that we might consider Sardinia as a possible retirement location, MB and I have been toying with the idea. Not that either one of us is close to retirement age, just plannin' ahead. (Advance advanced planning: another one of my hangups)

We both love Italy (well, the Italy we remember from 20 years ago) and although MB isn't the most how shall I put it "flexible," I am encouraged that he is considering this "crazy idea." In case you are not familiar with Sardinia, you can find it on this map, just off the coast of Italy (click for larger image).

To my amazement, I recently discovered that Sardinia is in one of the The Blue Zones!!! Dan Beuttner's book on the subject highlights places in the world where people live longest and healthiest (dubbed The Blue Zones). Sardinia is among the 4 Blue Zones.

Beuttner was featured on the Today show last week where he discussed the keys to longevity that are found in these locations, including such things as a strong social network, exercising by doing things throughout your day, (not using a treadmill or going to gym like us in the U.S.), and good health care, among others. In The Blue Zones, people are 4 times more likely to make it to age 90 that those living in America.

It is a lifestyle that I would love to emulate some day: simple healthy living combined with lots of laughter (at least that's what the octogenarians were doing in the short video clip I watched). As long as I can get internet service in Sardinia, I know that you bodacious (when was the last time you heard that word?) blog readers will provide me with lots of laughter from abroad, as you do now :D Being that I am half Italian, I will blend in easily with the locals, provided they also wear olive colored quilted jackets.

BTW, I would have completed this post a lot faster had I not blown 20 minutes perusing through Ambush Makeovers on the Today Show website. Some of these transformations are *stunning*
I (insert whiny voice here) want an Ambush Makeover!!!

Ciao Bella!

P.S. I am not going to promote my giveaway in this blog post.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mardi Gras Madness

Looking at the picture above of Val Kilmer from the Mardi Gras parade, I can't help but wonder if this won't be far off:

The Iceman has "goneth."

P.S. There's still time to enter my giveaway. I'll use the UTZmost care in picking the winner!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rice Works Brown Rice Crisps

VC and I have been trying to branch out into trying some healthier snacks. When we were at the supermarket a while back, I suggested we pick out something appetizing.

We came home with Riceworks- Salsa Fresca. The first sign of this quality product is in the packaging. No flimsy potato chip bags here! The thicker bags protect the crisps from breakage. They were firm and crisp.

The crisps are made with brown rice, but don't let that be a deterrent! They taste so much like Doritos, your kids will be pleasantly surprised.

Riceworks are gluten free and do not contain any trans fats. While more expensive than standard potato chips, they are exponentially healthier. According to the Riceworks website, each serving of riceworks® has no cholesterol, 1/3 less fat than potato chips and offers 8 grams of whole grains.

This is an excellent way to help your kids (and yourself) to reach their daily dietary requirement of whole grains.

I will certainly be purchasing Riceworks again, perhaps trying another flavor next time, although the Salsa Fresca crisps were so good, I'll have to try them once more!

It's Book Time!

Just a quick commentary before getting to the book review. This week we had an abundance of taco meat in the fridge, since VC puts so little on his tacos. Not wanting to waste it, I was trying to get him to finish it up. Three days later we STILL had taco meat. So I started singing: "It's taco time. It's taco time!," as I prepared tacos for him, trying to make the meal sound all the more enticing. Although how much more appetizing can you get than 3 day old taco meat?

Well, one of the signs that you now have a full blown teenager on your hands is when said teenager deadpans, "Stop saying 'it's Taco Time' and maybe I'll like them more." Ouch.

Now, on to Book Time!
This month I read a mysterious book called The Other Side of Darkness by Melody Carlson. The story is basically about a woman with OCD who gets involved with an extremist religious cult. Fun huh? I'll summarize the book in Abbreviated Synopsis as follows:

Person with OCD + Extremist Religious Cult = Disaster

The book was well written and not a disaster in itself, but I realize it may not appeal to everyone. And those of you who are familiar with this post, fear not, as I do not know of any Cults in the immediate vicinity :-)

If you have some time, please mosey on over to Five Minutes for Books to see what others have read or are in the process of reading this month.

P.S. It's UTZciting* that there are only 4 days to go until I announce the giveaway winner! Don't miss out!
*UTZ pun courtesy of dedicated blog reader Mark


Monday, February 23, 2009

Put Me in, Coach ♪ ♫

I'm ready to play ♫ ♪ .... I can be Centerfield ♫ ♪

For a brief nanosecond yesterday, my life flashed before my eyes (and I'm afraid to say it wasn't all that intriguing). I almost thought I was going to be typing this blog post from a hospital bed - because there is no way I would give up on NaBloPoMo, it being so close to the end of the month and all!

Here's what transpired: While VC was juggling with his club (and clubs incidentally), MB and I went for a long walk, despite the forty degree temps and blustery winds. As we were finishing up the three mile walk that meandered through local neighborhoods, we crossed at a cross walk. We were about 10 feet away from the opposing curb, when we realized that the car that had just stopped at a stop sign and was turning right into our path did not appear to be slowing down. Surely he was going to stop at any second. Maybe??? No dice. Instead of slowing down, he accelerated. MB made it safely to the curb and was screaming for me to get out of the way.

Realizing that the car was speeding up and was just inches away with no signs of stopping, I pulled the best Ricky Henderson I could muster and dove for the curb.

Luckily, I was wearing this ridiculous get-up, which also included my quilted olive green coat (lots of padding).

I fell flat on the sidewalk with calves still in the street but out of the way of the car, skinning my knee as I hit the curb. Aside from a sore wrist from slamming down on the sidewalk, a bruised hip and some stiffness, I'm still kickin.'

By the way, I have to give props to Levis, because the impact, which caused the cut to my knee failed to rip a hole in the jeans!!! (A similar falling incident happened years back when I was wearing Tommy Hilfiger jeans- and those suckers were torn clear across the knee!!)

[Notice anything wrong with this picture? Well, I'm not gonna fix it since I don't feel like going back into Photoshop.]

BTW, it's still not too late to enter the giveaway!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Behind the Scenes at Carma Sez

photo credit Gabu-Chan

Not that kind of behind the scenes!! Here things are not quite as salacious, but with the "big" giveaway drawing in less than a week, I've decided to post a few of my own cheese ball photos to set the stage.

Remember that the winner will be featured in the photo along with the cheese balls. The photo will be posted to my blog. I've received entries from many interesting geographical locations; I'm excited to find out where the cheesy goodness is headed!

Who will the winner be?????

Friday, February 20, 2009


Do people seriously purchase and use "As Seen On TV" products?

You Betcha!

*this photo of MB was taken Pre-Diet in case you are wondering; He is wearing the Ove Glove in lieu of his flammable pom poms.

P.S. Don't be a putz. Sign up to win some UTZ!!! Janna Bee is also hosting a cool giveaway!

L'Oreal Double Extend Mascara

Welcome to my brand spankin' new review blog. I hope to post numerous Sponsored product reviews here *fingers crossed; fingers crossed* as they roll in.

In the meantime, I will be posting some products that I especially enjoy. You know that I love makeup, so for my first review I'm going to do a product that I am especially fond of. It's new to the market and I encourage you to give it a try!

The product is L'Oreal Double Extend mascara. The beauty of this mascara is that it does just that, extends the lashes-- and then some!! My lashes look longer than ever. Even my husband has commented :-)

This mascara is more than just your basic mascara. It uses "Beauty Tubes Technology." You may have heard about the new tubing mascaras on some of the morning talk shows. I have no idea how the makers of L'Oreal were able to achieve this, but as you put on the mascara, "tubes" form around your lashes. Instead of just coating the lashes, they are completely surrounded by the mascara. One of the advantages of "tubing" is that there is no "raccoon eye" with this product. I am an excessive "blinker" and even with all my blinking, the mascara stays put. Another remarkable advantage is that there is absolutely NO makeup remover required to remove the product. It washes away with water!!

I've tried other mascaras in the past that promised lashes that rivaled fake lashes and none have come as close as this product. A definite winner!

Feeling Parched

I'm tickled that I have the opportunity to use the word "parched" in a blog post. MB and I like to draw out the word and enunciate it wildly Chris Farley-style. But, enough about us.

After reading the recent flurry of news articles detailing how bottled water is pretty much the equivalent of tap water, confirming what I had been suspecting for years, and in an effort to cut down on our plastic usage (still saving the planet *sigh*), I purchased a couple Klean Kanteens.

That's mine at left.

The Klean Kanteen website touts the many advantages of its Kanteens:

"....the bottle is made of 100% recyclable, high-quality, food-grade, stainless steel so it doesn't need a special lining like some other metal bottles. It's completely BPA-free and won't leach toxins or funky flavors into your water, juice, smoothie, or drink of choice. Plus it weighs only 8 oz and is incredibly durable, so you can reuse it for years."

Sounds cool and environmental friendly, right? That is presuming that you are able to OPEN THE KANTEEN once you get to your destination and are parched beyond belief. I've discovered on more than one occasion that it is possible to inadvertently twist the lid (without any Herculean feats of strength) so tightly that it cannot be opened without using some MacGyver (not to be confused with MacGruber) ingenuity.
So last week at work, my shiny Klean Kanteen sat beside my computer (tightly sealed) while I strode to the fridge to get a plastic water bottle. Kinda defeated the purpose...

***In Klean Kanteen's defense, when I contacted customer service to see if they had any suggestions, the rep asked if I was traveling between different altitudes with the Kanteen, which can cause this to happen. I assured her I was not as I do not live on Mt. Kilimanjaro (kidding). She is going to send me a few new lids that will hopefully be easier to remove.

[Now don't get carried away thinking I am a "whiny" consumer. I just figured having spent $38 total for the canteens, it would be nice to use them :-)]

The alternative: support MacGruber and purchase some Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi

P.S. Boring snackfoods driving you nuts, enter to win some UTZ!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm Hot Cause I'm Fly; You Ain't Cause You Not

Confession: I am not Hot. I am not Fly. However, that didn't stop me from rollerskating to this "hit" song over the weekend. I've blogged about my "heyday" LOL in the eighties rollerskating almost every weekend, so I won't bore you with further details.

Every now and then we go skating at the local roller rink for old times sake and to burn some calories, especially now that MB is on his non-stop endurance diet.

The only thing that has really changed at roller rinks since the *glorious* eighties is the music. Even some of the carpet is still original. Aside from the songs from the 80's that we request, it is basically one long rap song that drones on for hours. Everyone goes into a zombie trance, until the rockin' eighties tunes come on!!! ♫ ♪ Alright stop, collaborate and listen.....

Here is a picture of me and VC that was taken his first time skating. You will notice two things about the picture: (1) that VC was/is a cutie pie and (2) that I have not aged well in 12 years, considering I am a non-smoker who slathers on sunscreen.
Have you entered my giveaway yet? Not only can you win cheese balls but your picture will be featured in a future blog post. Time is of the UTZ-sence!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Peeing "Green"!

Just doin' my part to save the planet. In my continuing quest to bring you photos of remarkable toilets, here's my latest find: The Mysterious Green Handled Toilet. I recently came across this oddity and wanted to share it with you. The first unusual thing you will notice is the conspicuous green handle.

What you may not know is that this handle is specially coated to protect against germs.

But, that's not all!! If you look closely at this placard posted on the wall behind the toilet, you will see that you are requested to push the handle up for #1 (liquid waste) -- and down for #2 (solid waste). How cool is that? #1 and #2!!! Even a child can follow these instructions.

Rest assured, I'll continue to bring you more remarkable toilets that I encounter in the future. It's not easy being "green."

By the way, there's still time to enter my giveaway. Hurry UTZ!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is the Free Stuff Universe Trying to Tell Me Something?

Last week it happened AGAIN. I was on my way to pick up my free birthday gift from Sephora. (For those of you keeping track - this is the second girlie quality I possess. Makeup. I like makeup- only 18 more to go to complete the list!)

Running late as usual, I was headed to meet my high school friend at the mall. Brief summary: This is the same high school friend who I bumped into after not seeing her in over 20 years - at a Monster Truck Show. Coincidentally we both relocated to the same state and had our children 3 days apart.

Anyway, we try to meet at the mall once or twice a month, since we live about 50 mins. from each other.

On the way, I was startled to hear a loud *snap* -- and then noticed a small rock had ricocheted off my windshield - the same windshield that was completely shattered a year ago. [When I called the insurance company at that time they asked if the crack was bigger than an inch. Well, yeah! Like pretty much half the windshield!!] Fortunately, this incident only resulted in a few credit Andrew McConnochie

Here's the interesting part. (if I'm to be honest, I'll have to rephrase "mildly interesting" part). Several weeks ago this same thing happened. Some ice and debris was flicked off of a passing 18-wheeler onto my windshield resulting in a few chips. This is on top of the chips that occurred 3 weeks after the windshield was originally replaced when the car was barely a year old.

Where was I headed a couple weeks back when this occurred? On my way to pick up free makeup that was part of the class action settlement against Dillards, Macy's et al. Since class action settlements usually result in a fraction of a cent reimbursement to the plaintiffs and the rest going to the attorneys, I was excited to be getting something of value, namely mascara!!!

So here's the thing: Both times when I was headed to pick up some free loot, specifically makeup, my windshield was chipped. Coincidental? Or is some odd cosmic force trying to prevent me from getting free makeup? Your thoughts....

P.S. There is still plenty of time to enter to win the giveaway. All it takes is a comment!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My First Giveaway!!

The time has come to host my first giveaway! (something about that phrase makes me want to say: "Baby's First Giveaway") As I've blogged about before, I am a serial giveaway "enterer," so I am all too familiar with the ins and outs and lengths that people will go through to enter said giveaways.

Lately I've entered contests to win an I-Pod, some jewelry, designer clothes, a Slanket, paper towels, etc. etc. etc. (everything just short of a ShamWow!) but who needs any of those cool things when you can win your very own economy sized container of UTZ Cheese balls** dimensions: (9" x 13" x 7-1/2") pictured here (purchased yesterday so it is guaranteed fresh) And I'm going to make it very easy to enter, simply:

Leave a comment on this blog post.

But, just to make it more fun and for me to feel like a bigtime giveway blogger, for extra entries, you may:

1. Tweet about the giveaway
2. Click on the little green button in the right margin to fave my blog on Technorati
3. Subscribe to my blog
4. StumbleUpon, Kirtsy or Digg any blog post that you've particularly enjoyed (assuming you can find one)
5. "Follow" my blog on Blogger
6. Blog about the giveaway

*Please leave a separate comment for each of the above to let me know that you have completed the step*

**This giveaway comes with one small teeny, tiny caveat: That if you are the winner, you agree to send me a photo of you and the UTZ Cheese balls preferably in a distinct location so that I may post it to my blog :-)

If I do not get any entries, I will sit down with my UTZ Cheese balls in the comfort of my living room (with juggling props whizzing in front of the tv screen) and proceed to gorge on them in all of my orange fingered glory! All will not be lost ;-)

Please be sure to leave me a way to contact you. The winner will be announced on February 28th, so hurry!! You'll be UTZ-erly glad you did :D

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh No He Di'int!

I was contently watching my favorite weekly news magazine show this morning while working out, when suddenly I had to cringe...

The veteran news journalist who hosts the show was speaking about an interview that someone gave in the year 2005. But instead of pronouncing it as "Two Thousand Five" he repeatedly went on to call the year "Twenty Oh Five." To my ears, this makes it sound like it is sometime in the distant future, not 4 years ago. Plus, it just sounds wacky and like he is putting on "airs."

What do you think? Any other similar turns of phrase that make you cringe?

Friday, February 13, 2009

What Do You Want?

photo credit Anders B.

Dedicated blog reader and member of my Austrialian blog reader contingent, Crazy Raincloud, has suggested I do an "Ask the Reader" segment.

Since this month's NaBloPoMo theme is WANT, today I'm asking: What is it that you want?

I'll go first. Here's what I want: From this point on, I want to accumulate Experiences rather than Things.

This week, I decided not to to forego making a sizable purchase (FYI- it was not a pallet of cheese balls or economy sized thrice whipped mayo) that would have cost big bucks, but that wasn't the only factor. The other reason was that I am sick of maintaining stuff. Life has quickly become a maintenance nightmare and it shows no signs of letting up. First the computer, then the network, then the scanner, now the printer.....the list goes on. I fix one thing and then another one craps out. Every time I buy something new, it's one more thing to dust. Not to mention the space factor. If I am ever to achieve my dream of living in a Tarleton, I will eventually need to shed all superfluous objects (d'objets superfluous).

Experiences are dust-free, don't take up space and don't require maintenance.

Now it's your turn: What do you want???? (besides a Happy Valentine's Day)**heart courtesy of Saz


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Presenting: "Competition Petition"

Since no one reads my blog Fri - Sunday, (as opposed to the throngs that read it Mon-Thurs LOL) I'm going to have a little fun and post my latest YouTube video. Warning: Turn down the volume if you don't want to hear my shrill voice at the beginning. It can be a bit unnerving, or so I've been told my certain family members *cough* MB *cough.* Of course, I've chosen to take this with a grain of salt being he said it just prior to putting on his red lipstick and getting out his pom poms ;-)

Interested in seeing more "fine" video productions, consider becoming a subscriber to my YouTube account and perhaps to the blog as well if you are not already. I don't bite ;-)

P.S. Philippean Update: I've had a visit, but no comment. That's ok. I'm patient.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One for the Duh! File

We passed this sign several times on our trip to and from the juggling venue. Odd that a Dog Park would be pet friendly, eh?

Justice Has Been (almost) Served

I know that I promised fun and frivolity today, but instead of delivering on that promise, I've chosen to write about an important turn of events in the story of a dad seeking to be reunited with his son.

Yesterday I heard on the Today Show that David Goldman has finally been permitted to see his son after an over 4 year separation. Woo-hoo!!!

If you've been following this international story over the years, you will remember that Mr. Goldman has been trying to reach his son who was abducted by his mom (David's ex-wife) to Brazil when the boy was 4 years old. David has been "working" the Brazilian court system all these years and been sent away in frustration until this week. He tried to visit the boy in Brazil many times, staying for days, but was refused access to his own son.

His ex-wife took a trip to Brazil with her family while she and David were still married. Once she was in Brazil, she called and told David she and their son Sean would not be returning to the U.S. She was granted a divorce from David, that was recognized as legal in Brazil (not in the U.S.). She then went on to remarry a lawyer from a prominent Brazilian family and he was given custody of the boy after David's ex-wife died during childbirth last month. David Goldman was "wiped" from the birth certificate and he has been battling to regain custody of his son. His goal to return the boy to live with him in the United States is finally getting nearer.

At a time where there are so many absentee dads, David has been nobly working to gain custody of his son who he so clearly loves. This is a heartwarming story that will soon (hopefully) have a happy ending. For more on this story visit

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Further Clarification


You guys are killin' me. Does MB seriously resemble the guy with the pom poms????? and if someone can tell me how to do captions in Blogger, I'll use them in the future to avoid further further clarification :-)

A Wee Bit of Clarification

For the record, that was not MB in yesterday's photo (the one with the red eyelashes and hairy armpits). He is horrified that anyone would have confused that gentleman for him, especially given MB's new svelte physique. The guy in the photo was part of the Feed and Seed Marching Abominable band. This chick is also a member. The band performs every year at the Groundhog Day Juggling Festival prior to the juggling competition. It was a rousing performance!!

VC performed in this year's juggling competition. Here he is doing a diabolo toss during his performance.

With all of this excitement, you can bet that everyone stayed alert and fully awake throughout.

That night we stayed out until 2:45 a.m. watching a lackluster cabaret show (during which time we made a mental note not to make the same mistake next year).

On Sunday, all was rectified, as we attended our first Cirque du Soleil performance (which reminds me that everything sounds better in French même un gars avec les aisselles poilues). The main reason we went to see the Kooza show was to get a glimpse of Anthony Gatto, simply the best juggler in the world! This was a memory of a lifetime for VC to be able to see his juggling hero.

Here we are outside the tents after the Cirque show.

Well, that about does it for the Weekend-Palooza wrap up. More regularly scheduled fun and frivolity returns tomorrow....

Monday, February 9, 2009


Back from an action-packed weekend that included staying out until 2:45 am (yes, way!), eating unhealthily, nursing a lingering virus that had me hacking up a lung each night, all the while keeping up with my NaBloPoMo postings. Phew!

Today I'm resting up and catching up on an overwhelming number of loose ends. In the meantime, I figured I'd give you a glimpse at some of the zaniness by posting this picture from the trip.
By the way, I have not yet reached my new goal of getting a visitor from the Philippines to comment on my blog. Here's hoping this picture does not deter any potential commenters :-) because in checking my stats today it appears I am down a country from last week. Did not know that it was possible to retract a visit! With quality blog posts such as this one, why would any country want to pretend that its citizens had not visited my site???

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sticky Love

Those of you who have read my post Why I am Like Marrying a Man, may be wondering if there is a "softer" side of me. While I plan to detail my more girlie side (with a list of 20 things- hopefully 20), I figured in the meantime, I'd show you something that I do to show family members that I love them, namely Stick Figures. Because nothing says "I love you" quite like stick figures :-)

I draw stick figures of family members doing things like helping take out the trash (well, ok, that one's a well-weathered reminder depicting MB taking out the trash), or wishing my son luck in an upcoming juggling performance or to have a happy day at school. They usually put a smile on his face. MB is a an even better stick figure artist, so his figures often show much more "expression" than my figures, and those that contain "mild adult humor" are always good for a big belly laugh no matter how grumpy I am.
Call it Sticky Love.

Please visit and
to see how others are showing their love these days.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

2 Words to Describe My Birthday Gift


[laser hair treatment :-)]

Friday, February 6, 2009

Turbotax: You Rock My World!

On Saturday, I received the last of the W-2's and you know what that means: Turbotax Time!!! So, on Saturday night while MB and VC were out having fun, (bitter much?), I got Turbotax up and running. Deluxe, that is.

As I went along methodically entering personal info., income, deductions, etc., I pondered my love affair with Turbotax. A couple of observations:

1. Turbotax always gently corrects me

2. It asks if I meant to enter unusual entries

3. It asks if I am ready to continue or prefer to go back

4. It covers my back when I close out without logging out

5. It says that my return is error free! (exclamation point included)

6. Turbotax keeps me on the straight and narrow. No jail time for me!

7. Turbotax breaks it to me that we will not be getting a big fat refund. Dang Turbotax!!

On the other hand, if I was to use Daschle Tax....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We Don't Get No Respect!

I'm joining a movement. One that does not involve burning bras, spray painting furs or forming a human chain. No Bras or Fur???? What kind of fun movement would that be?

It all has to do with this blog post by Don Mills Diva detailing how a "venerable" online newspaper quoted from the Diva's blog without giving her credit or providing the courtesy of a hyperlink to her blog.

I didn't realize that there was a brouhaha brewing between "professional journalists" and bloggers. Now that I've been enlightened, it is time to get fired up! Don Mills Diva brings up something I was not aware of, namely the 3,900,000 hits on Google that reference "Blogs Ruin Journalism."

While I do not consider myself a "respected journalist," I do believe that there is value in blogging and that it should not be discounted or brushed aside by a few highfalutin journalist types who feel that blogs do not merit "credit." I'm a big proponent of "Giving Credit Where Credit is Due."

Bloggers deserve respect. As it says in my shiny new badge: "Write On: Respect the Blog." Check out Don Mills Diva's blog to get your own badge and to join the movement. And, ladies, please keep the bras on :-)

photo credit aNantaB

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Husband Deflates

Since so many of you have requested updates on MB's weight loss- not really. [Gosh! I would have thought some of you would be just a teeny bit interested in hearing an update.] I'm going to forgive the oversight and post an update anyway. If you are not interested in hearing it. Stop reading. Now.

Weightloss Update (entering week 6 of the competition): Pounds lost = 35

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