Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why Doesn't Mine Look Like That???

This is a new segment I hope to post occasionally: "Why Doesn't Mine Look Like That???"

The inspiration: This microwave 'meal' that VC cooked up yesterday. It was supposed to be a special treat. (This will give you an idea of what constitutes a "treat" at our place!) Yet, I'm not sure how much of a treat it really was, after seeing what it looked like on the box vs. what it looked like in its fully cooked glory.

No rainbow of crisp colored veggies as "advertised". No sireeeee. Check out these soggy veggies and meat and gravy the color of sludge. Ever been the victim of a similar "bait and switch"??

Congratulations to Janelle, winner of my Victorian Playhouse print! [anyone who commented on something they saw in either video was included in the drawing since what we had was a "failure to communicate" on my part :D ]

There is still time to enter the drawing for the $50 giftcard to 1-800-FLOWERS-COM!

Unrelated topic, a huge vein has popped out in my thumb area so I may be a little slower responding to comments as I give my hand a break! *currently icing it as I type*

P.S. Guess where we are all headed tonight? Hint: Possible disco ball and glow in the dark planet decor.


Kathie @ my net finds said...

holy crap, that meal looks like the one on the box died. lol! I don't know how those photographers do it, but those pics on the boxes make them look amazing.

Housewife Savant said...

Will "Why Doesn't Mine Look Like That???" ever include nudity?
I pretty much stick with a No Nudity notion in my blog reading.

Here are some tips for tonight's Face Off with your Mr.'s bromance;

Be sure to hang ALL OVER your Mr. Drape yourself on him.
Giggle. A lot.
If possible wear spandex. Stuff if necessary.
Apply TONS of makeup. Tease your hair real big.

Would it be possible to give your husband several hickeys before you go out?

You've got to work it.

Rebecca Jo said...

No hiding it from me... you're going SKATING!!!! Get your groove on lady!!!

your picture compared to the box is hilarious.. I never really thought of that before.... my next frozen meal, I will life a fork in your honor because I'll be thinking of you when I look at the picture now!

~Kristen~ said...

Eww eww eww!!! those things have some nerve calling themselves "meals!"

Girl, you are totally going to the roller rink tonight!!! That is so bitchin'! I'm like jealous to the max! I know you are gonna have such a gnarly time spinning around with your totally cute guy. Bring on the Aqua Net and Maybelline Blue eyeshadow...matching blue mascara is a bonus!!! :-)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

It definitely takes skill to photograph food. My WW meals never look like the box. I think you are either skating or bowling.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Gross. The box-trickery was another good reason to give up our microwave. Thanks for a lovely reminder. :)

Laura said...

Never, that crap never looks like the box! It's all such a lie and we fall for it everytime. I saw on tv once how they make that food and let me tell you, there's NO actual food involved!

Lisa Paul said...

That is absolutely disgusting. But I thought no one ate anything but beans around your place.

Aleta said...

First thing I thought of was - it looks grayish. Like it was frozen 3 years ago or something. Yuck.

Shawn said...

Well----we have survived on these for awhile, whenever I am doing a show and I don't get home until 8ish!
Heh, heh.

Hope your finger feels better! Check out my blog for a little something for you!!

Christina said...

They never look like the box. Never... Never... Never! I guess we could just close our eyes and use or imagination.

Louise | UPrinting said...

I think we have all experienced this. I remember ordering a Big Mac because it looked so big on the poster, but ended up with a flat sandwich. Oh, it was so frustrating. I feel like I was totally cheated upon!

But I think your version still looks good even if it doesn't look anything like what's on the box. :)

Debbie said...

That is a great idea! And no, your poor little meal doesn't look like the photo.

Jen said...

Oh my gosh! It so does not look as good as the picture on the box! Did it at least taste good?!

Yaya said...

I like this segment!

angelcel said...

This looks just like the blob I just lobbed out for my cats' dinner! Seriously!

What a great idea for an occasional series...I look forward to seeing more! :D

Joy said...

Great idea for a series. I have had the same experience as this as I'm sure we all have from time to time. And a lot of "why doesn't mine taste like that looks like it should taste?"!

p.s. roller skating?

Amanda said...

what the...

I am gone a day and I feel like I am reading post after post of yours i missed. Its like I'm in some crazy time warp.

You might see me starting up into the disco ball tonight. ;)


Yankee Girl said...

I have plenty of ideas for Why Doesn't Mine Look Like That if your interested!

And never ever believe that what is on the box is what you are getting inside.

FYI, we just got back from camping and I have 4 chigger bites. Leland came back full of chigger bites on his ankles and feet. We stopped counting at 30.

Janna Bee said...

Never buy any frozen meals with meat and gravy- they always look yuck.

Also never buy frozen seafood meals. They are always terrible!

I'm thinking you should do a comparison on 3 brands of frozen foods- similar items (like cheesy potatoes or something). I would be interested to see who had the best product.

My money's on Stouffers.

bigmamacass said...

ewwww! this is why i dont eat frozen meals *shudder*

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