Monday, May 25, 2009

Fanny Flashback

Before there was writing on his hand with a Sharpie to remind himself what needs to be completed for a school project (This is what VC's hand looked like on Friday!)

he had to learn to spell

before learning to spell, he had to learn the alphabet

before learning the alphabet, he had to learn to

go on the potty!! That's's been a while, but we still recall the time spent potty training VC. Lucky for us, it was relatively quick and painless.

We still like to tell the story of when we were attending a huge indoor Christmas fair; it was wall-to-wall people attending, mostly older ladies...MB had VC on his shoulders above the crowd. VC announced loudly, "I gotta go potty!" to the delight of all the smiling grandmas nearby.

And just when I thought I was all done with potty training, I signed up to teach his 2 year old preschool class. Half the kids were still in diapers, so I had the "opportunity" to do some more potty training! woo-hoo!

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