Thursday, June 18, 2009

Those Are Not Good Odds

Is anyone else feeling that blog contests have "jumped the shark?" Or does "Jump the Shark" only apply to TV shows? Well, I'm going to use it anyway just to illustrate my point.

A while back, I came across one for a Keurig coffee maker giveaway that had over 2,000 entries. Two thousand entries for a coffee maker!! I didn't even bother to leave a comment.

I am entering fewer and fewer giveaways lately, due in part to the ridiculous odds. Is it really worth the time to enter a contest with that many entries? I prefer the giveaways on smaller, lesser known blogs. Have you found yourself doing the same?

But going back to Keurig brewer, this is a coffee maker that guarantees Keurig an endless stream of revenue because once you get one you will need to buy "portion packs" for as long as you own the machine. I'll admit that a while back I was on a begging contest on Twitter to win one. I lost. Or did I really win??

While shopping yesterday, I noticed the lady in front of me in line bought 2 boxes of the portion packs for a total of $20 -- I was trying to do a quick calculation in my head (and I'm not very good at that) - but I think it came to $20 for 36 packs - and that was on "special." sheeesh!
Of course, I say this and you know the next time I come across a Keurig giveaway, I'll be commenting and tweeting and following, etc. etc. etc. I'm weak that way! Somebody stop the madness!

Was this one of my lamest posts ever? I'll admit that I have been struggling with coming up with interesting topics lately.

Question: Do the blogs that you enjoy reading the most (a) post about an isolated topic meant to entertain (b) offer a slice of life of what the blogger is doing that day, even if it is mundane. I've been trying to avoid posting my everyday activities since to be honest, they are not the most exciting (understatement) but that then "forces" me to then come up with a specific topic to blog about, which then quickly turns the post into a school assignment. Oh, the hardships of a blogger! (I once read that blogging is one of the toughest "jobs" - it ranks right up there with logging - due to the potential for carpal tunnel injuries; while carpal tunnel is no laughing matter, to rank blogging to be as dangerous as logging or construction or deep sea fishing??? c'mon!)

As always, I'd love to hear your input!


Linda said...

Popping in to say...Hello
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
My Greatest joy from the internet is making new Friends!
Have a Good Day.

Aileigh said...

I am with you... I don't enter as many as I used to! The odds really aren't good on some blogs and not worth all the "extra" steps you have to go through. :) However, being a recent recipient of a wonderful bottle of hair product, I will continue to enter! ;)

As for the blogging thing... I am just kind of sticking to the day to day life stuff. My life really isn't that interesting either. However, you get the "gems" like my boobie squish fiasco! :)

Aileigh said...

Oh, and P.S. My kiddos got their grubby paws on some UTZ thanks to the sitter! Expect photos coming soon! :)

Kathie @ my net finds said...

I find myself addicted to entering giveaways...I've never won any of the "big" ones that had hundreds or thousands of entries and sometimes I wonder what's the point! :-) It's all in good fun though I suppose?
As for blogging, I say do what's best for you. Sometimes I think what I've posted for the day is boring and I won't get very many comments, but I figure people don't have to read that day! I think it's up to everyone what they want to do with their blog postings and if others want to read that's great!

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm the same way... if there are TONS of entries in a contest... why bother... have had GREAT luck with small ones from people I visit regularly anyways!

I just love blogs from people that have a sense of humor - whether it be about their life, about a topic of current events, a thought - to me, the way they write or put things is what attracts me... like yours - you have a humor that no matter what you talk about, I'm smiling... that's my favorite!

Then, what I love, you feel like you "KNOW" these people & you are just interested in how they are doing... the best part of blogging! :)

Mommy24cs said...

I think posting about your day to day things are great. I started my blog to do just that because it's really for my kids. To document their lives so that they can see the funny things they did, especially Carson lol. I like to read other blogs that share their daily lives just to see how similar it is to my own experiences. I love visiting your blog for your humorous look at life :o)

Yankee Girl said...

I always love your posts, no matter the topic! They always make me smile!

Beth said...

My favorite blogs are the day to day but written to entertain ones. That is my goal when I write although I have a lot of characters in my head and heart that are begging to come to life. I've been thinking of practicing some fiction.

As for the contests, I've entered contests for BABY CLOTHES even though I DON'T have a baby! I guess if I won it could be a gift for someone. But I NEVER win! Waaa! As you said, you probably won when you didn't win the coffee maker.

Janna Bee said...

I'm a horrible person to ask- I have the same question myself! I have been leaning towards doing something a little more fictitious, as I did back in December... but I don't know if people would think that was weird.

Thanks for pointing out that I don't want a kerig brewer! I'm relieved I didn't win before!

Alicia said...

i love the blogs that just find the gems out of every day life...whether its humor, saddness, or what not...I just like when people are real

Two Pretty Little Skirts said...

omg we totally should have taken our UTZ to the beach yesterday! *sigh* next time.
I love your blog girly.
I look for humor, and some seriously wicked cute fabrics, when I'm visiting blogs. I love it when people post about life stuff. Some posts reassure me my life isnt all that different with the craziness in it.

Tammy Howard said...

I definitely prefer giveaways on smaller blogs where I have more of a chance. But in general (always exceptions) I prefer reading smaller blogs.

I also prefer day to day blogs. Feels all homey-like.

Janelle said...

I don't enter many giveaways anymore, either. On a recent carnival, I spent about 6 hours perusing blogs to enter giveaways, only to win absolutely nothing. That kind of did it for me. I do enter them, but pretty much just on the blogs I read anyway. It's more fun that way. :)

And I have a Keurig....just bought my first K-cups. But I got selected for a House Party and they gave me the brewer and the cups. I end up paying about .50 per cup, which is an expense, but it's cheaper than going out, I guess! We don't use it every day!

Amanda said...

Im sorry, but do you mean to say that me telling you about my child being potty trained or my goign grocery shopping or me combing my hair or me watching television is NOT STIMULATING TO YOU??


I have GOT to re-think my whole blogging grand plan!

Goodness gracious.

I have never heard of this crazy coffee machine youa re talking about but just now realized I MUST have it!

And I dont even drink coffee!

Must Turn Off Computer.


Shawn said...

I like reading about various things.

A little bit of things that happen every day, a little bit of travel, a little bit of venting, a bit of life.
And just reading about noticing the beauty around us.

All of these things are what I like to read about....

BrnEyedGal said...

You are an AWESOME blogger my have that natural humor about you, and it WORKS!!! Don't change anything.... :)

As for the giveaways...I started entering them in about Nov. and I was hooked...doing everything to get all the entries...and I have to say, I won about 8 in a few months, nothing huge but nice things. Now, your right...if there are tons of entries, you are not likely to win!!! What to do?
I did my first giveaway last week....and your odds of winning are much better since I only have about 35 entries.... LOL
Have a wonderful weekend Carma!

Kristin said...

The hubs and I were just drooling over this very machine last weekend. It must be mine!! I have one a couple of really cool giveaways lately so I will probably continue to enter them because I like to find more than bills in my mail. : )

Christina said...

I like to enter giveaways and swaps that are hosted by my friends or recommended by my friends. I also like hosting them for my readers. I don't go trolling the Internet looking for free stuff all day though. I sometimes feel weird entering contest at blogs I've never been to before. It's kinda like showing up for a party you weren't invited to. Just sayin'!

Jen said...

That's so funny, I just entered 3 contests...even knowing that I won't win.

GEMMERZZ said...

y'know, while i'd love, love, LOVE to win things, the thing i don't like about a lot of those blogs and contests is that there's rarely a connection between the author and all the hundreds of people commenting on their post. i prefer not winning anything, but making friends... like you. ;)

do i win anything for such a great comment?? hahaha.

j/k. in all seriousness, i have a hard time as it is trying to keep up with my friends' blogs, so i just gave up on contests altogether.

CoffeePHD said...

Here's one Giveaway for all of you :). Try to Win Keurig B40 Single Serving Coffee Brewer at (ends June 30, 2009). Good luck.

Lucy said...

Honestly, I was never into the giveaways. Too many steps for 'a chance winning' for something that if I really want it, I will just wait til it goes on sale and buy it.

I come to your blog everyday just see what is on your mind and you always seem to add a little humor, even when you get deep.

I go to different blogs for different reasons and I write my blog for my own personal reason, as a journal. I think a person's blog reflects them and it won't remain the same, it will change just like a person changes!

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