Friday, May 15, 2009

You're Never Too Old For Slime

VC asked me the other day if I still had the recipe for slime- the slime that I last made close to 10 years ago. I used to be a big thrower-outer -- but a valuable recipe for slime- why, I had that tucked away where I could easily find it- 10 or even 20 years later !

I may not come across as a "crafty hands-on supermom," but I do have a couple tricks up my sleeve- slime being one of them.

If you are stick inside on a rainy day, this is a fun activity to do with the kids. I'll try to type everything up as accurately as possible, keeping in mind that the last time a friend requested a recipe (for the now infamous chickpea stew) - she wrote back asking why I did not have chickpeas anywhere in the recipe - oops!

Here's what you need to have on hand:
{Borax, Elmer's Glue-All and Food Coloring}

To begin:

1-Make a saturated Borax solution by adding a tablespoon of the Borax to one cup of water. Stir to dissolve the Borax. If the solution is truly saturated, some solid will settle out undissolved. [this is what you want to happen] If all of the solid dissolves, keep adding more until some solid remains on the bottom of the cup.

2- Give the Borax solution a big shake and mix the Elmer's Glue-All* (4 teaspoons) and water (4 teaspoons) together in a disposable cup. Add one or two drops of food coloring.
*school glue will not work

3- Add to the glue mixture one tablespoon of the Borax solution and stir with a disposable spoon

4- Stir until a mass of slime forms on the spoon. Then pull the slime off the spoon and knead it gently until it no longer sticks to your hands

5- It's now ready to play with. You can do all sorts of cool stuff- similar to Silly Putty- you can stretch it, tear it, bounce it- put a straw in it and blow to make body noises, the possibilities are endless!

6- When finished playing with the slime, it is important to put it in a plastic bag to keep it from drying out. It should keep for a few weeks in the refrigerator.

**If you play with the slime with dirty hands, it may grow mold, so try and avoid this; also try to avoid getting the slime on carpets, upholstery, wood furniture, etc.


Mark said...

I thought this was your recipe for Cumin Chickpea suprprise! Oh well I bet the two are interchangeable.

Have a great weekend!

Blue State Cowgirl said...

You know, I was just wondering where I could get a good recipe for Slime. But aren't there supposed to be chickpeas in this?

Lucy said...

I'm the kind of lady that really tries to buy it first! I have enough trouble baking brownies or heck getting dinner on the table, can't imagine whipping up SLIME!
You are a good mom!!!

Yankee Girl said...

That's fansmashingtastic. I'm totally gonna make some!

Yaya said...

Cool! My mom always made us homemade playdough as kids because we would eat the playdough when we played with it!

carma said...

I bet both would have the same gastrointestinal response!
Enjoy your weekend, too!

Blue State-
You've come to the right will not find any remodeling photos on this site, though. Head on over to Dooce for that :D

I am totally spastic when it comes to baking, but I managed not to mess this may want to try it someday should you get a hankering for some slime...

Yankee Girl-
Please let me know if you make some and how it works out :-)

Your mom is a wise woman.

Nicki and Mathis said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday on my SITS day! What a great tutorial. I used to love slime when I was younger! :)

Christine said...

I was allowed to have play-do but never allowed to have slime. this 20 year old might have to make some now shes not at home. thanks Carma :)


Shawn said...

I couldn't get past the Borax and the Elmers glue....what the heck does this smell like? EEEWWWWW!

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

I guess I know what I'm doing with the boys tomorrow! Thanks for the slime-time, darlin'. :)

carma said...

Nicki and Mathis-
You're welcome. Thanks for visiting here too :-)

Make some for yourself now that you are on your own. Leave some in the shower for the room mate to find ;-)

It is amazingly odor-free!

I know your kids will love it!! Let me know how you make out..

A Woman Of No Importance said...

And now you're doing chemistry and crafting - Let me tell you, you've got me all worried, Carma! The slime does look fabulous - Perhaps you could package it for your next giveaway? ;) x

carma said...

Woman of No Importance-
That's a nice idea! For those non-chemists out there ;-) I could whip some up for them!

Bethany said...

I love this stuff. I'll have to whip some up this summer for the kids I'll be nannying. It's fun for all! :)

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