Friday, May 29, 2009

Visions of BlogHer Dance in My Head

I've been reading many blogs where bloggers are gushing about their plans for BlogHer- Getting all giggly like a bunch of school girls about rooming together and placing their fancy "BlogHer '09 I'm Going" buttons in their sidebars....

Unfortunately, I have neither a ticket nor a room. (boo-hoo-hoo - I know). What does someone do when they are in this unfortunate predicament- they enter a sweepstakes in hopes of winning a trip!

I came across this sweepstakes sponsored by JVC to send a blogger to BlogHer and provide them with a JVC Everio camera of their very own. I'm lovin' the HD camera - so I'll be able to record all my blunders and gaffes in high def. (cue groveling: me, me, please pick me).

Some of the advantages of the Everio HD are:

  • KONICA MINOLTA HD LENS (F1.9, Filter diameter: 30.5mm)
  • 60GB Internal Hard Disk Drive**no pesky cassette tapes! Yippeee!
  • 25 hours recording at the highest quality (Ultra-DVD Movie)- imagine what I could record in 25 hours!!
  • Full HD1920 x 1080P Recording
  • Up to 1920 x 1080 Digital Stills- so If I forget to pack my digital cam- I'm still in business!
  • Up to 9999 digital stills at the highest quality- dang-- that 's a lot of "cheesy" photos
  • One-Touch Backup to PC (Direct Backup)- Backup is good; I like Backup!!!
  • One-Touch DVD Creation (Direct DVD)- so we can mail videos to all the relatives...
Another feature I really like is the One-touch Upload to YouTube (Windows) - so I can upload my juggling vids for all my "many" subscribers to enjoy! - LOL

Which leaves me pondering, if I was to win, will I have to bring my own peanuts cheeseballs for the airplane ride? Probably so.
Will I meet lots of inspiring people and learn how to make my blog sparkle? For sure.
Will I have time to take photos of cheeseballs at locales around Chicago if I have some spare time? Possibly.
Will I be able to get into Harpo Studios and persuade Oprah to pose with the cheeseballs? Depends.
Will I come across interesting and unusual commodes that I can take digital stills of? There is a strong possibility.
And, lastly will my blogging improve greatly upon return? One can only hope....

P.S. Thanks to all of you for your continued voting!! Voting goes through next Friday, June 4th at midnight. Every vote helps! You guys are the BEST...


Rebecca Jo said...

I too would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to that!

What a fance little camera! I've been looking into the simple "Flip it"

And went & gave 5 more votes... he's KILLING IT!!! No one is even close!!!

Blue State Cowgirl said...

I didn't get my act together and Blogher sold out this year.

I went last year and it was well worth it. (But then it was in San Francisco, five minutes from my house.)

Go to the technical sessions -- especially if Shazia Mistry is leading them -- and go to all the SEO and promotion sessions you can. Invaluable info and many sessions gave time for individual help.

The sisterhood bonding thing? Well, a little over the top. But do bring cards (get some cheapie Moo cards at Flickr) and give them to everyone.

Kristin said...

Boooooo. I so want to go. Next year!!

Lucy said...

I'm clueless? But it sounds like it would have been fun had I known about it and got a ticket and I would have roomed with you!

The video camera looks cool and over my head!

Going to vote now!!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Carma, you know that your boy has more votes than we get for English politicians?!

Fabulous, girl!

BrnEyedGal said... are a hoot.
I hope you win Carma...Im going to vote now!!! Yay!

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