Saturday, May 9, 2009

Six Word Saturday

No Pampering for Me. Try Camping.


Call Me Cate said...

Camping? You have struck fear in my heart. Hope you have fun and thanks for playing!

Christine said...

I took the plunge and copied you.
Hope the camping goes well!! REMEMBER PHOTOS!!

do cheese and bacon balls count as cheesy goodness?

Tammy Howard said...

I heart camping. We will be going in two weeks. Yay!

My life in six words? Wife. Mom. Fangirl. Frustrated bohemian suburbanite.

Shawn said...

Love to camp---but in a trailer now---not so much in a tent anymore.

Definitely need more comfort these days. (there---thats six!)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I love camping! Hubby not so much... :)

Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day! :)

Angel said...

I love camping and Hiking, have fun Carma!

sux wirds>
hello Virginia, here I come!

carma said...

Call Me Cate-
It was a fun weekend :-) meaning I survived!

Took some photos; will hopefully post on Tues.
Cheetos are a whole different breed and from what I hear on Twitter-the large size ones can cut your gums- the horror! Never heard of bacon balls??

Tammy Howard-
I love your six words. Frustrated bohemian suburbanite- can relate :-)

Oh, and enjoy your camping trip!

comfort rocks!!! And a trailer is much more civilized for camping. If only those huge ones didn't cost 500K, I'd be camping in luxury :D

Happy Mother's Day to you, too :-)
Maybe you can get your husband to try cabin camping?

I didn't think I come across so many who loved camping! It was a lot of fun and I liked that we had our own bathroom :-)

Beth said...

I am a chicken shit and have never been camping. I hope you have fun.

Yaya said...

Camping??? ICK!

Ribbon said...

Camping!! that's something I talk about, but don't actually do.
It's on the "to do list", but haven't actually been for over ten years or more!

happy 6 word Sat and thanks for stopping by my place. It was a nice surprise to see you.

best wishes

Ribbon said...

PS... what you guys call a trailer we call a caravan.
A trailer for us is something you attach to the rear of your car to cart stuff... usually rubbish to the rubbish tip!

carma said...

It's not as scary as it seems- but never my first choice :D


I'll need to keep this in mind for the next time so my international readers don't think I'm nuts :D
(although there is a lot of rubbish on this blog) ;-)

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