Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's Not Naked Burritos; It's NO Burritos

Thanks to Veggie Mom for her brilliant suggestion that I run with this post today in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. The "Horrendous Mix-up" will have to wait for another day....

Besides, I've been wanting to mention this little food item from our recent trip to Florida for over a week now. You remember that trip? The one requiring the gas masks and night vision goggles?

We don't eat fast food frequently, so on trips, it is a treat to visit "the Bell." I like to convince myself it is healthy eating because the menu items include avocados and lettuce. On the way home, we figured we'd stop at a Bell along the ride. We had been driving for around 9 hours due to an accident on I-95.

VC awoke from snoozing across the back seat and we put him on the lookout for the giant bell. Exit after exit went by- over an hour before we finally saw a sign.

We pulled off the exit and I was disappointed to see it was one of those Taco Bells that's attached to a gas station. BIG bummer. Those are usually pretty creepy- IMHO.

We walked up to the counter. The clerk ignored us for over 5 minutes. And we all had to pee really badly, having been in the car drinking water for over 9 hours...

She shuffled around at snail's pace getting together an order for someone at the drive-thru. FINALLY, she returned to the counter. While we were standing there a little boy came up to ask for something, so I suggested she might want to help him. He asked her for two forks. She shuffled across the room. Shuffle... Shuffle... Shuffle (this was NOT a senior citizen - it was a teenager!) and came back with, are you ready, two SPOONS! The little fella looked up at her, said nothing, hung his head down and went back to his table with the spoons...

At Last, it was our turn to order! I ordered my standard Taco Bell fare: a 7 layer burrito. She replied, "We don't have any of those today." I stepped back in disappointment and VC decided to order. He asked for his favorite, the Spicy Chicken Burrito. She said, "We have NO burritos." *gasp* Wha???? Out of burritos. Was this not Taco Bell? I was incredulous.

I burst out a laugh and we headed for the bathrooms....

Fast forward to an hour later and we were dining at another fine eating establishment: Golden Corral. There's a first time for everything!

Have you ever come across a Taco Bell with no burritos? Was this an anomaly? (oooooh Carma's bringin' out the big words for this post!)

P.S. If you are interested in seeing my blatantly honest review of Kellogg's Whole Grain Pop-Tarts, please visit my review blog.

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Noah's Mommy said...

are you sure you weren't getting punked?....No burritos at the bell...is like sorry we're out of hamburgers at McDonalds....wow....crazy...

kwr221 said...

I once went to a KFC and they were



Christine said...

I would have turned around and said well maybe if you didnt move so slow you could have ordered more A WEEK AGO, and then run away to the loo. but hey, thats just me

merrymishaps said...

Once I had to run to Target during lunch and decided to save time, I'd just pick up a personal pizza at the Pizza Hut Express located in the store.

I was told they didn't have pizza that day.

I double-checked the sign. Yup, still said "Pizza Hut Express."

That's really weird about the burritos. I love 7-layer burritos!

Bethany said...

All the way out of burritos?! That's crazy talk!!

jet said...

Once went to a Taco Bell and they were out of cheese! Granted, it was a small town in Korea, but still. :)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I worked at Subway in college and we ran out of bread once. Not very good planning on our part.

Blue State Cowgirl said...

Broadcast from California: Taco Belch is NOT Mexican food! You would have done better at Mickie Ds. Or Burger King where "special orders don't upset us."

Kelly said...

Out of burritos! GAF!!! Seriously, what the hell?? ?

Seven Layer Burito, from Taco Bell. WOOO WOOO WOOO! (It is referenced in the song, "Winona's Got A Big Brown Beaver," by Prymus. 90s goodness!

Fifi Flowers said...

That is AMAZING... except it is not call BURRITO BELL... lol.. maybe you should've ordered a TACO... lol... STRANGE!!!
Thanks for a laugh!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

! And exactly the same thing happens here, Carma, in our chip shops - the cry is always, "Waiting for Chips!"

It's as if they don't believe that anyone will be coming in for food at meal-times!

tollesons4him said...

Are you serious? No burritos? WTH!!!! You handled it a lot better than I would have....

carma said...

Noah's Mommy-
Read on- next we find out that KFC was out of chicken!!


ain't that the truth - Not much pre-planning going on at that establishment!

classic! Pizza Hut with no pizza. At least KFC changed their name- so chicken does not appear. Therefore they can run out of chicken!

crazy talk fer sure!

I guess they can get by on the "Korea excuse" ;-)

Secret Mom Thoughts-
College kids & pre-planning- not so much!

Blue State-
Thanks for the broadcast :D When you're in the mood for Taco Belch, nothing else will satisfy!

I can always count on you for an extra awesome song reference!!

Fifi Flowers-
when we get our minds set on burritos we can't even consider Tacos-we're stubborn that way :D

Woman of No Importance-
Imagine that: people coming in at Meal Time ;-) As MB and I like to say, everyone is inefficient (except for us 'course)

I think I need some assertiveness training for next time ;-)

Yankee Girl said...

No burritos??? That's a sad story!

Thanks for the award! I'm at work and not supposed to be blogging so I'll post it on my page tomorrow when I get some time. It's the first Murderboner practice so I'll have all night to catch up!

Suburbia Steph said...

It never ceases to amaze me that people like that actually have a j-o-b, even if it is at a gas station Taco Bell. And yeah, what the hell? No burritos? Were they just out of tortillas???

We recently went to Boston Market and ordered a rostisserie chicken...their response? We're OUT. Yeah, at like 4:30 in the afternoon. WTF? So my husband says, how are you out of chicken, this is a chicken place. Their response back was "We're NOT a chicken place"....dumbasses!

Tina said...

No burritos at Taco Bell? WTF? That's like a Baskin Robbins with no ice cream.

Veggie Mom said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo! May you always find burritos...in your dreams AND when you stop during a family trip!

Melissa B. said...

Next time, you'll have to order the nachos. Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Mark said...

That would be like UTZ running out of Cheeseballs, or TastyCake running out of, well, TastyCakes.

My wife's standard required travelling stop is Cracker Barrel.

Janna Bee said...

Our Dominoes ran out of chicken kickers! I know it's not the same, but to my south beach diet crazed brain it was pretty significant!

carma said...

Yankee Girl-
I can see how you would have time with Murderboner being all tied up for the evening :D (I like typing "Murderboner")

Suburbia Steph-
"Not a chicken place" LOL Funny the excuses people come up with to justify their own ineptness!!

that would be terrible :-( no ice cream

Veggie Mom-
Happy Cinco to you too :-)

Melissa B-
...but what if they run out of nachos?

Utz without cheeseballs?? I shudder at the thought



Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

NO burritos at a Taco Bell is total insanity... ;)

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