Monday, May 4, 2009

Get Your Fiber Elsewhere

Every now and then MB (when he is not making gobs of ice cream) gets on a health kick and decides we are going to be eating healthier in one area or another.

A few weeks ago he read something about fiber and he was all "We need to eat more fiber" and searching on the computer for lists of high fiber foods.

I know what you are thinking: But everyone's known about this for years. We are ALL trying to eat more fiber.

I've mentioned increasing fiber intake to him over the years, but it went in one ear and out the other. Now we suddenly have to jump on it!

Anyhoo. Before our recent trip to what one commenter called "Satan's armpit," we decided to pick up a breakfast food item that we could eat on the go, which only left one option: Pop-Tarts!!! MB perused the pop-tart section and discovered Kellogg's is now making Whole Grain Pop Tarts with 20% more fiber than regular Pop-Tarts.

This equates to 5g of fiber per Pop-Tart, which is semi-reasonable compared to less than 1 gram in the regular.

We had high hopes. MB consumed a pack of two and didn't say much. I started eating one and quickly discovered the lack of flavor (blandness), dryness and cardboardy texture. (I was trying to write this review without mentioning cardboard taste, but there are no other words quite as fitting.)

One Pop-Tart was pleeeeeenty for me. From now on, I'll stick to the sugary, no-fiber Pop-Tarts, such as the Brown Cinnamon Sugar ones MB picked up for the camping trip- and I'll get my fiber elsewhere....

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