Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stepping Outside my Comfort Zone (and hopefully not into dog poop)

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Last week, I had an epiphany. Well, actually, it's been brewing for some time: the feeling that life is passing me by while I work at my dead end job and go through the motions each day, mired in mediocrity and surrounded by the familiar.

Well, that's all about to change! As I said in a recent Tweet: "I'm at the point in life where I want to accumulate experiences rather than things." (Is that more than 140 characters? I hope not, since I typed it from memory)....

I have this drive inside of me to try something new and completely out of character. So, on Monday night I signed up and attended a new class. You may recall the whole "cow brain" debacle the last time I inquired about a class. Well, this new class does not involve cow brains or sheep's blood for that matter.

Are there many more useful classes I could take that might result in a new degree and prepare me for future employment making a better income? Without a doubt.

But, I've decided to focus less on money and productivity and more on something I've always had a hard time justifying, namely: F-U-N!!!

I am not ready to divulge my new "hobby" yet, because I have been a "serial hobbyist" for many, many years. MB remarked, "I hope this does not go the way of the Yoga Blocks (that he made for me) and yoga video tapes (that we sold at the garage sale) or painting supplies, pottery and woodburning tools that are stored in the basement. Therefore, I'm going to wait to see if I commit before spilling the beans to ensure my stick-to-it-iveness.

You are welcome to place some guesses, though. Remember, it is something that you would find completely out of character for me.

And, it AIN'T:

Cow Tipping

photo credit Tracy N Brandon

Competitive Eating
although some days I would be a formidable contender.


Frisbee Golf

There is a good chance this new pursuit will not pan out, in which case I intend to move on to an equally unusual endeavor that will take me further out of my Comfort Zone...I plan to start living my life, not the other way around. There has always been a fiery personality inside me and it is just itching to come out!

Anyone else in the same predicament? What are some crazy new pursuits that you are exploring or hope to explore?


Karen said...

Water polo?

Aileigh said...

Photography... however, I took the bull by the horns and started it two months ago! Loving it! Seriously!

Crazy Raincloud said...

Carma you make me laugh when i'm ill. i love you.

my guess is.. knitting or sewing? maybe pole dancing? (haha jk!!)

Kelly said...

Cow tipping is the shit! No pun there, really! :)

Lucy said...

I got it! Botany! You deep down want to be a botanist.

Hey, I joke with you but I am feeling it too. With my youngest going into her senior year next year, I will be an empty nester, so what will I do?

Janna Bee said...

You are learning Sanskrit? Who doesn't want to learn a dead language?

No? Okay....

You are taking a Lambada classes?

No you say, no forbidden dance for you?

Okay last guess- Piano?

Is that too boring of a guess?

A Woman Of No Importance said...

No clues, Carma? Is it craft-y?

Cake decorating, flower arranging, stick dressing, origami, card-making, leaded glass, calligraphy, creative writing (you could write a book - you could!), singing, juggling kittens (probably not allowed...),crochet, furniture restoration?

No, I don't organise courses, but I always read the college's leaflets pushed through my letter-box! Great luck with breaking out of the mould/mold, dahlink!

Fresh Mommy said...

HAhaha... Can't wait to see what it is!!




JP said...

Interesting thought about collecting experiences. I reconnected with a childhood friend of mine after 22 years this week. We grew up together, are both 40 and received out Eagle Scout at the same time but that is where the similarity ends. He is a pilot with no kids, lives in Guam, constantly travels and even spent a month in Antarctica last year. To expand his experience collection, he just joined the coast guard reserves and is planning to do a tour in Iraq next year. I felt so unworldly. My life is centered on little league, Boy Scouts and school activities but I don’t think I will trade places just yet.

Yaya said...

Lol! I totally need a new hobby. Lately I feel the same way-like 'what am I do with my life??'

but I haven't had any epiphanies as to what to do.

carma said...

nope. I swim like crap :-(

Not photography..but I would love to take fancy photos like the big time bloggers!!!! I need to follow your lead and sign up for one..

Crazy Raincloud-
My husband is intrigued by the pole dancing suggestion. And it's not knitting or sewing. I'm not crafty with a needle; hmmm..but that would make it outside my comfort zone

Agreed! Cow tipping is da bomb ;-)

Not botany, but that is something I am completely clueless about so it might make a good class for future studies; sounds like you'll need some new hobbies, too for when you are an empty nester -- although you have so much office dramz you might be too exhausted to take classes after work..

Janna Bee-
some interesting guesses on many levels. It is definitely NOT piano. There is not enough room in this house for two piano players. That's MB's domain, with his 2 finger piano repertoire!

Woman of No Importance-
It is not crafty. It also does NOT involve kitten juggling. I refuse to juggle anything bigger than a hamster ;-) BTW, I am utterly flattered with your suggesting I could write a book :-) I always peruse college catalogs when I get them in the mail too. I notice the course listings keep getting more varied and creative, so there's a good chance I'll find one that suits me. Thanks for your good wishes..

Fresh Mommy-
Thanks. Too be announced assuming I don't give up before giving it a decent shot..

Not clowning, but that would be super fun!!

Wow! Talk about exciting- living in Guam and spending time in Antarctica! (VC will be jealous when he hears this- he always mentions going to Antarctica someday..) I know that your life is a lot more intriguing than what was mentioned in your comment, but time spent with kids whether here or in some exotic locale, trumps everything in the grand scheme of things. And I am so proud of everything you do :-)

You may also want to throw caution to the wind and pick something you normally would have never considered. It throws all that is familiar out the window and offers a fresh perspective on yourself, if that makes sense..

Crazy Raincloud said...

i meant pole dancing as a joke, though MB would love it, but it might make your son need therapy :P

Hope you have a good day/night!!

(i'm trying very hard to be your comment of the week, can ya tell?)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I'm definitely intrigued...I need a new hobby, maybe you can start a new movement! ;)

carma said...

Crazy Raincloud-
Keep the comments comin' - I admire your dedication :D

I do hope that others try to expand their horizons as well. I'm finding it to be very liberating!

Crazy Raincloud said...

Okay... next guess... Cooking class? umm... something cheezy? CLUE Carma!!! CLUE!!!

carma said...

Crazy Raincloud-
Hint: It involves movement and you were really warm on an earlier guess!

Crazy Raincloud said...

OOH OOOHHH Ballroom dancing????? um Belly dancing? something that ends with the word dancing?????

You must end this wait and speculation Carma, i will twitter you to death if you dont!!

Divine Mrs D said...

I felt really crazy and I went sky diving. Then, I felt even crazier and bungee jumped off the world's highest bungee. It was incredible. :)

Yankee Girl said...

Serial hobbyist? That sounds like me. My latest hobby was exotic dance. I enjoyed doing it and met some awesome people, but I think I just have a short attention span.

I hope your new hobby goes well!

Yankee Girl said...

You have an Element??!!! Me too and I love it more than anyone should love a car.

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