Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our New Ice Cream Maker

You've heard me babbling on and on about our new obsession, so I figured it was time to show you our new ice cream maker, and some of the fruits of our labor. It is a Rival Electric Ice Cream Maker. Very easy to use (per MB who did the actual making part). Rival sells its own brand of pre-mixed powders, but I encourage you to make your own following some of the recipes included in the kit. The recipes are easy to follow and you will have ice cream ready to eat in less than an hour!

If you want to go all out, for rich, tasty ice cream, use whole milk and half and half. We made this Mint Chocolate Chip and it was some of the best we've ever had:

If you want to go low cal, here's some chocolate ice milk that we made with 2% milk. VC thoroughly enjoyed it and said that he preferred the less creamy taste.

If you decide to get your own ice cream maker, stock up on rock salt and have it at the ready for when you get a hankering for some homemade ice cream. I've had to put the brakes on the ice cream making around here because we were going overboard, but we will be making a new batch this weekend. BTW, we purchased a 6 Quart size maker, so it makes a boatload of ice cream. We store it in the freezer in a large Rubbermaid container.

The next thing we'll try: lactose free ice cream for visitors who can't digest milk. Not sure how that will work out!

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