Monday, April 27, 2009

of Belly Dancing and Air Masks

I can't help but wonder if my post from April 22nd was prophetic in some way (gas mask). Today's Monday and you know what that means-- My new class!

Will my fellow classmates each be sporting one of these?

Those darn Swine ruin EVERYTHING!


Crazy Raincloud said...

HAHAHAHA and youre right again carma. good luck!!

Karen said...

Hey, I'm having a swine flu-related contest you might be interest in. Check it out... said...

Too funny!

Modest Gal said...

You're funny!

Just dropping my from SITS. Enjoyed your blog.

BIBI said...

I know what you mean! I am just sitting here wondering are they going to pull my kids out of school if something like this hits VA.

Last year they closed the school when everyone got pink-eye. I just shudder to think that my kids will get out of school early because the nice porky's couldn't play nicely!

tollesons4him said...

Thanks for this great laugh I really needed it today!!!!

carma said...

Crazy Raincloud-
Thanks for the luck, I'll need it; this dancing stuff is NOT coming naturally to me :-)

fun! and it involves your "crazy mom" - even better!


Modest Gal-
Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the cheesiness :D

I can't believe they closed the school for pinkeye?? First I've ever heard of that; but I bet you are stressing! There goes your quiet time! Darn swine.

Thanks :-) Happy to help!

Aubrey said...

Ok, I should NOT read your blog this late, while my hubby is sleeping. What are you trying to do? Get me in trouble?


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