Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Now Look Who's in the Dog House

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I knew it would come back to bite me. You probably recall how MB was in the doghouse for his recent "moving violation" - aka "roll stop."

Well, yesterday I was running late for an appointment. I took a road I do not normally take and yep, you guessed it, I got pulled over!!!!

This has not happened in over 20 years. I was taken by complete surprise. I literally started hyperventilating. That was something new. My hands and feet turned to complete pins and needles. (Yeah, I'm such a bada$. I get a ticket and I completely buckle!) Ever had this happen??

Do you feel like sometimes you just can't get a break? MB's court date was last week and now I have to do the same thing. I am so angry at myself, since I should have known better. It was a 4 lane divided road and the speed limit was a paltry 35!! I was ALLEGEDLY going 51. Yes, I'm an idiot. At the point the car in front of me pulled over and slowed down to a crawl, I should have taken the cue *idiot*

I made some calls and have decided** I will go downtown *scary* to meet with a District Attorney since I can't get a straight answer regarding the safe driving class, PJC and insurance points. MB having hired an attorney for his ticket, this would make over $500 spent on tickets in a month!!!! Hopefully I will not get mugged while there. I am seriously beginning to think that I am completely jinxed. So there I'll be, sitting with people who have committed REAL crimes waiting to get some advice. You know, I am such a Menace to Society.

I have no doubt this is a new revenue stream for the county. For us both to get pulled over within a month of each other: Far too coincidental.

One of these days I'm going to become a recluse just to preserve what's left of my sanity! Seriously, half the time when we go out, something happens (be it getting cut and bruised while diving out of the way of a speeding car, a rock in the windshield, accident, or ticket) that necessitates a lot of work to fix. I'll be staying IN.

**ignore this sentence; on further thought, I am going to take the easy way out and find the cheapest attorney I can hire

***The worst part of this ordeal, aside from the money loss, is MB reminding me what a great source of comfort he's been and that he would have wished the same for him when he got his ticket blah blah blah UGGGH. So maybe I'm not always the most nuturing, I swear he has been lying in wait for this precise thing to happen for a month now. Sometimes I wonder if we are in a relationship - or a competition. Sometimes it is hard to tell...


RebeccaMom said...

Sorry about your ticket :( hope you have a better day today SITSta! :)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Awwwww! Sorry about your ticket - and that your hubby is making it seem like a competition vs. a relationship...I think that is a 'guy' thing, 'cuz my hubby does that, too! ;) ((HUGZ!))

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Sorry about your ticket. Crummy luck for sure.

Amy B said...

Sorry about the ticket. I swear when it rains it pours.
Like I told you last night on Twitter..Today you will have a better day...yep that was a

Crazy Raincloud said...

Bribe them with cheesey goodness!! Dont worry about the ticket. It will be okay :)

BrnEyedGal said...

Sorry...I know that can be SO frustrating!!!

Karen said...

I agree with what Crazy Raincloud. Bring them some cheese balls...

Rebecca Jo said...

oh dang!!! It does make you sorta buckle when that dreaded cop is doing the walk to your window...

Lucy said...

That sucks! I hope you guys don't get another one, you know the saying, "things happen in threes". Gee, probably didn't make you feel better!
Good Luck!

carma said...

Thanks. I do too :D

husbands - BLEH - kidding! and thanks for the hugz :-)

Secret Mom Thoughts-
I figured we're due for some good luck soon. Hoping that will be the case!!

Thank you for your sweet tweet. Today was better. Better as in I didn't get another ticket!

Crazy Raincloud-
Awww thanks. If only I had the Utz handy!!!

frustrating with a capital "F"!!

Crazy Raincloud is not sounding so crazy today. I should have been prepared with a canister in the car!

I know!! I wanted to crawl under my seat and hide :-)

Thanks for those happy thoughts :D I think we are due for some good news. I'm gonna think positively for a change!

Yaya said...

I just cry my way out of getting the ticket. ;)

Yankee Girl said...

I'm sorry about the ticket! That blows! I am a retired pro at getting pulled over. It used to be a hobby of mine...I think I got three speeding tickets in one year....not something I like to admit! Since then I have calmed down and started driving like a grandma.

Kelly said...

Carma, that sucks! I'm sorry! I lost my license when I was twenty for getting too many speeding tickets in one year (yeah, four. One of them was a 90 in a 55. SO busted.) So what did I do? Drove anyway!

Got a driving after suspension. Which insurance considers to be worse (seriously!) than a DUI.

I no longer speed - ever, but I promise, if I get pulled over - I will have the same reaction you did. And I'll cry.

Mommyof2girlz said...

Sorry about the ticket hun..on a better note hopefully...

You are being awarded the Queen of Alll Things Awe-Summm award! Go to my site and grab the buttons and rules. Congrats.

carma said...

That is a good suggestion; unfortunately, I did not start crying until AFTER the fact :-(

Yankee Girl-
A Grandma it is! That's my plan going forward!

Man, that's depressing about the suspension. There are so many cops around here ALL the time that I am now a total wreck thinking I will get another ticket. I know. I've gotta relax somehow!

thanks for the Awe-Summm award!!
Not feeling really awesome about myself right now, but I'll post something when I perk up :D

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

It's been a while since I've gotten a ticket too. I like Yaya's comment. I think I'd cry too!

Good luck with everything!

Tina said...

Oh so sorry to hear about your ticket :( Did you try bribing the officer with some UTZ?

carma said...

JAM & Tina-
Both good suggestions - crying and Utz -- next time! (strike that-hoping there won't be a next time)

A Woman Of No Importance said...

carma, I have no advice, darling, as I don't live over the Pond - I have been pulled over once though - My tailgate lights were out and the Policeman was nice, but you do think - Go catch some proper crims, not women who are 'easy targets'!

Good luck to you my five star juggling friend! x

carma said...

Woman of No Importance-
I'm glad the policeman gave you a break :-) Like I'm a real menace to society!! Not only is it expensive, I have to deal with all the headaches that go with it, attorney, etc. :-(
I agree completely with everything you said. Time to focus on REAL criminals!

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