Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I did NOT receive a call from my BIL saying that he was preparing a speech about my MIL for her upcoming 80th birthday party. He did NOT ask me to answer spontaneously what I thought about my MIL the first time I met her. I did NOT blurt out "scary German traditions" immediately and without thinking. This should help my standings with the in-laws -- NOT!

photo credit iLoveButter

I did NOT drop off VC at my parents to spend the week. As I pulled away, I did NOT get a tear in my eye. Even though he is 13 I do NOT miss him when he is away, just as much as when he was a youngster. I did NOT perk myself up by blasting Soulja Boy on the drive home, as well as JT and Three-6 Mafia LOL... I can NOT not account for my poor taste in music.

OH, OH, OH which brings me to this tweet that I did NOT type this week

"someone said to me this morning: who is going to hire you at your age -- double OUCH!!"

and I did NOT cheer up when I received this tweet in reply:

@CarmaSez I'm sorry. :( Want me to kick their ass?

and then this one:

@Jannabee @CarmaSez I'll have Janna's back, just in case she needs some backup [from Chippewa29]

You guys are NOT the best twitter pals a gal who is NOT not too old to be hired could ask for.

My self-esteem has NOT taken a beating lately, but I will NOT emerge stronger even if just to prove a point, because there is nothing I like better than to prove a point,
well maybe except to prove a point while eating cheeseballs and flirting with Alec Baldwin.

Yesterday I did NOT post a giveaway, I would NOT be thrilled for you to enter! Please do NOT click HERE.


Janna Bee said...

Aw... I'm glad that made you happier!

The offer for the ass kicking still stands. I've been working out, you know!

Mark said...

Well I'm betting that like Spring rising from the drabness of winter, your self esteem will rise and bloom once again (of course after Janna takes care of all of the self-esteem deflaters in your work & life :-)

Oh and that Lederhosen guy? He is definately drinking light beer, notice how heavy the non-beer holding side is compared to the obvious lightness on the beer holding side.

Oh and thank goodness for that chair rail on the wall that he's NOT holding onto. With those skinny legs he most assuredly would NOT have tipped over.

tollesons4him said...

I am laughing at the first NM too funny and the picture is even better!!
Gotta love twitter!!
Great NM's
going now to enter your giveaway!!!

Kelly said...

Soulja Boy, JT and Three-6 Mafia = impressive really! Very gansta!

Mandy said...

Just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog! Very entertaining reading! :)

Linda Hughes said...

So glad to meet you...hilarious! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog through Sits! You are a riot!

carma said...

Janna Bee-
You rock!!

With friends like you and Janna my self-esteem is rising already (awwwwwwwwwww). Wouldn't surprise me about the light beer; I wonder if he is a German imposter. Not at all like the sturdy Germans I know!

I sure had plenty of NM material this week- which is not always a good thing!

I am a gangsta at heart- in body of scrawny white woman :D

I appreciate it-- and thanks for the follow!

Linda Hughes-
Thanks :D Please come back and visit again!

Aileigh said...

Yeah, I am not on the best terms with my in-laws either. It may be that I suggested my MIL up her meds. (And she wasn't even taking any to begin with!) LOL!

Lucy said...

My BIL would never call me for a comment about my MIL period. Let's just say what came out of your mouth is tame as to what would have flown out of mine.

Missed the comment about not being hired at your age? What an idiot! I can't kick their ass but trust me, I can rip them a new one, I have been known to cut a person down to size when pushed! Us Italians have some pretty nasty tempers!!!!

Mark said...

If you turn him around and he has a dime in the right spot, does that make him more authentic?

carma said...

assuming the cheeks are red; yep!

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