Friday, April 3, 2009

"The Fangs Come Out"

Photo credit Polandeze

You would think I might be offended that this description was used in reference to me earlier this week. And it was uttered by none other than the "holier than thou when he is on a diet" MB.

He was referring to how I remind him of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde. My evil "Mr. Hyde" side comes out at night, according to MB. Here's what happened:

I was lamenting that I had gained 3 lbs through binge eating.

He aptly described the situation as such: When it comes to morning and you jump on the scale you're all - "My, I don't know how that ever happened, (said in high pitch girly voice) when the night before you are sitting there binge eating and when I suggest stopping the fangs come out and you start lashing at me for suggesting you stop." I'll say. This is quite an accurate depiction of the scene.

Before everyone gets all riled up, I am not trying to lose weight, simply to maintain which is getting more difficult as the years go by. As someone who used to be able to consume 3 (or so) grilled cheese sandwiches in one sitting in my teenage/early 20's years (did I seriously just include this in my post?), not being able to enjoy all the goodies I used to enjoy in the quantities I used to enjoy them has taken some getting used to.

I want my old metabolism back!!! *sulks*

Betcha thought I forgot about the Comment of the Week. This week, the comments were so lame that I decided not to do one.

[Belated April Fools ;-)]

And now, for the Comment of the Week!!
It was tough choosing a winner, but anyone who works the word "cowabunga" into a comment has got to be a Winner!! Congrats to Fhina, from A Woman of No Importance for her comment:

"Those owls iz vairy kewl - No, of course I'm not aiming for comment of the week (COW) - Don't have a cow man! COW - Abunga dude... I know, I'm very sad... x"

Please continue to comment on as many posts as you like so you will be a contender for next week's "Comment of the Week."


Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Metabolism? What's that? ;) My metabolism checked out years ago - I look at something decadent and gain by osmosis...hubby, on the other hand, has a Speedy Gonzales metabolism - he eats like 2 people and never gains. Yes, my blue eyes turn green during those times... ;)

Ms Cupcake said...

Good morning!

Checking in from sits. It's FRIDAY!!!! Yay!!!

Have a great weekend.

Zen Cupcake

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

Yes.... this whole getting older thing BLOWS. I've been craving cheese lately and, like chips, it's easy to binge and then quickly see results on the scale.

I'd like to see a photoshopped pic of you with fangs out going for the cheeseballs. ;-)

Mark said...

Metabolism? Another of those things that is wasted on the young?

Like Joni or the Counting Crows say, "Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you got till it's gone"

And those fangs? I bet they're just a movie prop.

Kelly said...

I miss my metabolism too! Pregnancy just killed mine... I used to eat chips and salsa like mad, not anymore!

Blue State Cowgirl said...

Hey, do more juggling and lay off those Cheese Balls!

Kelly said...

OOOH Mark - Janet says that too! (Miss Jackson if you're nasty!)

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I am so pleased, so proud, to be your first COW, carma!

You just don't know how much!

And you gained 3lbs??! A mere drop in the ocean - Tell him you're trying to work up to your proper fighting weight!

Have a fabulous weekend, dear dahlink juggling, more juggling, friend! x

carma said...

Husbands are also good at losing weight-quickly; darn them ;-)

Ms. Cupcake-
Yes, Fridays are cause for celebration!

That is an AWESOME idea for a photo. Let me see what I can work up with my limited skills. Glad to hear all is working out well with all your business abroad!

At least I worked my metabolism to the fullest back in my glory days *sigh*

You HAD to mention chips and salsa- one of my downfalls as well.

Blue State-
That should do the trick. But eating is often more fun than juggling; bend down, pick up ball...bend down, pick up ball...

Woman of No Importance-
Congratulations again and I hope that your return to full-time work will be nothing like The Office. Take it easy!

Lucy said...

I unfortunately have had to watch my weight since puberty, so I don't understand the later in life problem but I do understand the having to monitor food consumption when I rather not!

kidletsmum said...

I miss my metabolism. It ran away from home. Offered rewards have resulted in no leads.

It's a very sad state of affairs.

BIBI said...

My my! Did you just describe a scene from my bedroom? LOL!

The hubs can't get enough of my 'darn it stupid scale not worth the $9.00 I paid for you'


'Damn, nothing in this house works. Not even 2 glasses of water drunk after eating a monster helping of carrot cake.

You see, water is suppose to offset the sugary balance of the cake, that way I won't have so many calories going into the bod! Or at least I hope it does.

Have a good one Carma!

carma said...

Whether early in life or later, it stinks :-(

A sad state, indeed! Let me know if you locate my metabolism as you search for yours :D

Where did you hear that water theory. Any truth to it?? Must try!!!

Mark said...

Carrot Cake doesn't count anyway as it's a vegetable. Besides cake doesn't count because it;s not on the official food pyramid and thus is known as stealth food.

Carma, just tell him you're laying on the pounds because you're going to do the gain 30 to lose 60 plan, better known as the MB'palooza.

carma said...

I KNEW I could count on you to make sense of things :-)
the 30/60 plan it is!

Nikki Cogg said...

Hi Carma!! Thanks so much for the warm SITStah welcome :) Just wanted to send a comment back to you and hope you enjoy the rest of your fabulous weekend!

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