Wednesday, April 15, 2009

E-Z Rol Garlic Peeler

If you are accustomed to using garlic in most of your recipes, this remarkable kitchen tool will come in handy: the E-Z Rol Garlic Peeler. We've been using the E-Z Rol for years, as you can tell from the well-worn storage tube!

MB plants a HUGE crop of garlic every year. Take a look at this picture to get an idea of the volume that he harvested last year:

We frequently make pesto, roasted garlic and plenty of other Italian dishes, including Alio Oglio, which is basically oil and garlic served over pasta.
We've discovered the E-Z Rol makes peeling of garlic incredibly easy. Insert cloves in the tube. All it takes is a couple rolls of the tube on the countertop, applying light pressure and the skin peels right off. Cut off the ends, and you're good to go. As an added benefit, odor is eliminated!

Cleanup is even easier. The E-Z Rol is dishwasher safe- or just give it a quick rinse.

This product is a true time saver. We consider it an indispensable kitchen tool, as opposed to a gadget.

And with this year's crop ready to be harvested in May, the E-Z Rol will be working overtime!

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