Saturday, March 7, 2009

You're Fired? No, Really.

Earlier in the week I "outed" myself as a Bachelor viewer. To continue in the same vein, I will now out myself as a Celebrity Apprentice viewer. Last Sunday I sat down to watch Celebrity Apprentice and VC gravitated to the room and was quickly engrossed in the show. He kept asking me who I thought was going to win and was interested in the various strategies of the groups. Think what you will about the Trumpster and his inflated ego, there are a lot of good life lessons/management skills interspersed amidst the lunacy of the show.

I was never much of a follower of the show, until I got hooked on last season's Celebrity Apprentice featuring my British man crush Piers Morgan (brilliant/charming, beyond competent and with that smoldering accent). However, one look at the lineup for this season's show and I was hooked. With names like Dennis Rodman, Joan Rivers, Tom Green and Andrew Dice Clay, I knew it would provide ample controversy and some comic relief.

Playboy Bunny aside, the show has some valuable lessons for children about what it takes to succeed at bringing a project from beginning to conclusion, effective management styles and team work strategies. Not to mention the firing that occurs each week. Our kids are so sheltered from reality I think they will be surprised to see that when someone does a crappy job on the show he/she actually gets let go! There is no groveling and there are no second chances.

What I find most interesting is the few who quickly emerge from the pack as leaders/doers. It is hard to find people willing to take charge and who are effective once they take the reins. This season, the redheaded poker player Annie is incredibly industrious. Sure she stepped on a few toes, but she kicked butt and took the team to victory. My son was wondering why everyone was so critical of her and I told him that this is the kind of person I would love to have on my team and he agreed; doers are hard to find! Followers come in droves.

It didn't take long for Andrew Dice Clay and Dennis Rodman's true colors to emerge. Both solidified their reputations as being completely useless prima donnas.

I was surprised that Dice Clay was let go, since I figured Trump would want to have him around to keep things "interesting." I commend him on doing what needed to be done.

I will be tuning in again tomorrow night and VC will be, too, for his weekly business lesson. I asked VC if there was anything he would like to add and he said that the show has a "good underlying message." It may be a bit unorthodox, but they don't teach this stuff at school.


BIBI said...

Okay, I have to confess I WAS a loyal fan of the 'Apprentice' but by season three I lost interest.

Now I was going to watch it this season, but I didn't know that it came on already. Thanks for the heads up.
I will probably tune in when it comes on again. I think the line-up is pretty interesting this season.

And how are you feeling after NaBloPoMo? I am completely drained. But it is a good drain. :)

Lucy said...

I have never watched this one either but I turned on because of Joan Rivers, I think that woman is one of the most resilient ladies out there. Talk about knowing how to turn your life around.
Anyways, then I got sidetracked and didn't get to see the entire show, so who's cupcake did they like? I thought those women were going to KILL Melissa Rivers.

Please don't even get me started about children not being allowed to 'fail' and learn from it. Now, you have to give every kid on the team some kind of award or no awards at all.
I'm sorry but what are we teaching our children?
First, we are not always perfect, it is o.k. to fail and learn from the failure. Second, sometimes other people who work hard and are better deserve an award and that is o.k., doesn't mean everybody needs some kind of an award. Sorry got on my soapbox.

carma said...

You may want to check it out. Was one of those things where I wasn't going to watch; turned it on and was engrossed.
NaBloPoMo was a great experience. I got so into the habit that I had to remember it was OK to take 2 days off this week!

Would you believe they liked Melissa's cupcake best. That was the "cupcake wreck." She was relieved. And Joan - talk about having 9 lives! Yep. She just picks up and moves onto her next endeavor.
The whole kids award thing has spun crazy out of control. Kids are given awards every time they "sneeze" which is making them worthless statues!

Blue State Cowgirl said...

The Apprentice is one of the few reality shows I've ever tuned into, but not for years now. It's hard for me to watch much regular TV with my heavy "Law & Order" commitment. HOwever, I would like to see "Celebrity Law & Order". Anyone who doesn't make it as a detective gets shot by the perps. Now that would make for great TV!

carma said...

Blue State-
Now THAT would be interesting.

Donnetta said...

We were crazy busy during the first episode so I missed it. Tuning in this week!

Wonder how long it will take the others to push Joan Rivers in front of a NYC cab? :)

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