Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day! & The Bachelor aka "bastard flip flopper"

Summary of the Day:

Snowballs were Juggled.

Snowballs were Thrown.

A snowman was constructed.

and Overpriced Ice Cream was Consumed.

.....and then I spent two hours that evening tweeting about The Bachelor. Probably not the best use of time, considering that another Twitterer was flaunting that she was 5000 words into the book she was writing (much better use of time), but then a train wreck of that magnitude deserved tweeting! Jason aka "the bastard" did so much flip flopping he could have a career in politics. The sad part being that his adorable son Ty was dragged into the mess. Tell me that Jimmy Kimmel (who I normally like) didn't ask Jason "the flip flopper" : "Any chance you will dump him and replace him with a blond child?" yikes!

And just when we thought it was over, stay tuned tonight for the "After After Final Rose" show! There is no way I'm missing that :-)


PunkyBean said...

Ok, so I don't watch The Bachelor (gasp), but I discovered last night how many people do!

One of my male friends on FB commented that The Bachelor was terrible and nobody should watch it. He immediately had 16 responses telling him why he was stupid. I have NEVER seen that many responses on FB!

PunkyBean said...

I didn't finish!!! Then I went on Twitter and every single tweet (yours included!) was Bachelor related.

I got to work this morning and everyone was deep in conversation about it!

I am missing an entire element of society!

Karen said...

Did I mention that it's 73 degrees here in Colorado today. I'm watering my yard and wearing shorts....

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I love the pic of your husband and son, Carma, and I'm just off to the freezer now - I don't know why!

Mark said...

And here I though that you were somehow going to spin the UTZ Cheeseballs into the pictures. (Throwing snowballs at Dave's prize?) And who would have thought that B&J's would bow to your audience & the blogospheres pressure and include a homage to the cheese?

You aren't the only one that passed up the Bachelor last night.

Lucy said...

I have never watched the Bachelor but your Tweets were too funny last night.

Hope you enjoy the show tonight.

Looks like you had a nice snow day.

Joy said...

I was a Bachelor devotee up until Andrew Firestone. That was probably the last season that I watched in its entirety.

Just wanted to stop by and say welcome to the SITS community!

..::Mrs. Staff Sergeant::.. said...

Everyone I know is talking about the bachelor! I'm thinking I need to go find it online and watch it from the beginning ;)

Suburbia Steph said...

I guess ABC has got me lured in to suck another hour of my life tonight...

carma said...

shhhhhh...I'll tell you a secret. Instead of wasting weeks of my life, I normally watch the final two weeks of the show which is enough to give me the gist- believe me. It's plenty. And then I park my butt down to watch the most dramatic rose ceremony EVER. I watched a couple of weeks of Deanna's show last season so I was already familiar with Jason and that whole fiasco. I was interested to see how it would all pan out: i.e. BADLY.

I also periodically look at the message boards, which is a whole 'nother societal element you may want to check out-- pretty frightening!

No way!!!!!!! It should technically be colder there than here :-(

Woman of No Importance-
Ahhh...off to get some frozen dairy products, are we?? Yum Yum.

Stay tuned for some UTZ pics that have been finely spun; prob tomorrow or Thurs. Couldn't pass up the perfect opportunity :-)
OMG!!!! Say Cheese! I didn't notice that until now. You are probably a whiz at Where's Waldo the way you pick up on these subtle nuances :D

I'll be back at it for sure. Here's hoping there is not an After After After the Final Rose Ceremony!

Thanks for the welcome and for stopping by :-)]

Mrs. Staff Sergeant-
Or check the website and message boards. That will get you up to speed in a jiffy!

Suburbia Steph-
Yep. One more hour that we will not spend productively writing our memoirs, learning another language or doing taxes. Resistance (to The Bachelor) is futile.

K said...

The bachelor is out of control. What a crazy ending.

Welcome to SITS!

carma said...

crazy and out of control fortunately = good TV :-)
Thanks for the SITS welcome!

angi_b72 said...

Stopping by to welcome you to the SITS community!!

Brandy said...

I had a snow day yesterday too! Me and the turkeys...

I love the B&J cut out...too funny.

Welcome to SITS!

carma said...

Thanks so much. You SITS girls are awesome :-)

Aren't snow days exhausting?? Once I set my eyes on the B&J Cutout, I just HAD to have a picture!

AP said...

I missed this season of bachelor.
welcome to SITS

greedygrace said...

I heard that the flip flop thing was all an act... like in his contract, he was supposed to pick the one he didn't want, so he could dump her and go to the girl he really wanted!

He was lucky, because if I was flip flopped back to, I would have said, "too bad, dude. I don't want to be your sloppy seconds. Peace out!"

Came by to welcome you to SITS!

Laretha said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. What a great blog you have. Love the pics.

Missed the second Bachelor (ATFR2) tonight. Can't wait to find out what happened!

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Your snow day looks fun (aren't they all??). I don't watch The Bachelor - and from what I'm reading lately, I think I'm glad about that!

Dropping by to welcome you to SITS - glad to have you join us!

carma said...

fortunate that you missed it!

Greedy Grace
I heard about that scuttlebutt too. Who knows what to believe! Everything is so staged it is quite possible. But, yeah, Molly should have hightailed it out of there!! Thanks for the SITS welcome :-)

Thanks for stoppin' by and glad you liked the blog :D

Mrs. Jelly Belly-
Thanks for visiting and be very glad you didn't see The Bachelor. One big train wreck after another! I appreciate the SITS welcome! You gals are awesome :-)

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