Sunday, March 8, 2009

Redbox Rocks!

Cliche title aside, Redbox truly does rock.

Yesterday VC and I walked on down to the local grocery store to pick up some chicken wings that he could dissect tomorrow in science lab. While we were there, I suggested checking out the movie selection.

We quickly settled on our favorite genre, Comedy, and within minutes after scanning in my credit card in the slot on the Redbox kiosk, we left with a Get Smart DVD. I am always surprised to see the vast selection of movies available for rental. Most of them were shown in theatres merely a month or two ago.

To be able to rent current quality titles for only $1.00 is phenomenal. We did not want to get involved with a monthly contract with one of those online movie rental sites. When this grocery store recently opened and we noticed the Redbox, it was the ultimate in convenience, since we had been driving over 4 miles to get to the nearest movie rental store.

I'm happy to report that Get Smart was a hoot, enjoyed by all of us. I purchased the DVD set of the original Get Smart TV series as a Christmas gift for MB. So, the family has been on a Get Smart "binge" for months now.

But to get back to Redbox: Well.Worth.It. Movies are $1.00 a night to rent. No late fees. If you fail to return the movie within 25 days, you've paid for it and the movie is yours. There are over 12,000 locations and you can even choose your movies online and reserve them if you choose to do so at

I think next time we may go out on a limb and rent a thriller for a change of pace :-)

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