Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

VC did NOT ask me why the grilled cheese sandwich that I had just fried up for him had "sale" written on it. I most certainly did NOT neglect to remove a piece of plastic from the cheese that got stuck to the bread before frying.

I did NOT berate MB when he changed the channel near the end of 48 Hours and I missed the part about whether the wife who killed her husband married the first boyfriend she had after she became a self-made widow or if it was someone else. He DID NOT have to flip back to see who was #1 on the Hottest Women in Film special- like we all did NOT know it was going to be Marilyn Monroe -- I mean c'mon!!!

I did NOT stay in the shower under the steaming hot water until my back and butt were a nice deep shade of pink. (Just testing to see if you are paying attention.)

I did NOT tell MB that the trees on his carefully hand-crafted mountain scene for his train set reminded me of Dr. Seuss. He then did NOT proceed to remove 80% of the trees. I did NOT take a picture of the remaining trees.

I did NOT finish my taxes. This was NOT after I realized I typed the incorrect ss# for my son on the form; I was NOT distracted by blogging, twittering and checking TMZ and People whilst preparing said taxes.

I did NOT insist that "the boys" pack sunscreen when they went skiing on Sunday despite the rainy overcast weather. I am NOT that much of a sunscreen czar. MB did NOT insist that this was ridiculous and then refuse to comply.

I did NOT express excitement to VC upon noticing a cool fire-breathing dude had subscribed to my YouTube account. So, who's the Cool Mom now??

Lastly, I did NOT sign up for a blog makeover so I can look like and "official blogger." Style over substance? NOT me. And I do NOT want you to come back in a few weeks to check it out! (please please pretty please)

photo credit Firstmac

[This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.]


Heather said...

One other thing - you certainly did NOT win my Spring Fling Giveaway...

Oh wait, maybe it is you did not NOT win it...........


Oooh look, my WV is muskies - that looks like a real word! Is it wrong that I find that kinda cool?

Yeah, I thought so.

carma said...

This is fantastic news!!! Had to read your message twice to interpret the NOT NOTs and then realized that I had in fact won for realsies!!!! I know that the song will be simply genius. Can't wait :-)
Hopefully I have provided enough song fodder throughout blog. If you need any other info, please let me know...

Amy B said...

Great NOT Monday. I can not wait to see your new blog..woo hoo. Lucky you.
Oh and you are a cool blog mom. ha

Karen said...

Going back to the first thing you did NOT do... Did he eat the sandwich with the plastic on it???

nikkicrumpet said...

I love all the stuff you didn't do...but my most favorite is the fire breather making you the "way cool mom". I'm totaly cracking up about that...because the other day I noticed that Angelo from HGTV's show Rate my Space was a follower of my blog...and I actually woke my hubby up at 1:00 in the morning to tell him...I was GIDDY! He however was not quite as impressed as I was. I hope your kid gave you the correct amount of enthusiasm for your new follower!

Kelly said...

OOOHH! Jealous! I totally want a blog makeover!

Mark said...

Ohhhh it's unbelievable the things one does NOT learn. I mean really, fried plastic wrap sandwiches, goofy looking cartoon trees, TMZaholic, and well the NSFW shower scene. Glad I'm NOT learning these things.....

Tina said...

Jealous here - A blog makover and your taxes are done? Notice the makeover comes before taxes! Can't wait to see it.......

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Good list. I love the sale grilled cheese. I'll definitely come back to see the blog make over. How exciting!

Janna Bee said...

Blogging and taxes do not mix! And congrats on all the winning! Can't wait to see the makeover (I'm getting one at the end of the month too!)

tollesons4him said...

Oh you had great not me's!!! Yeah for you not winning a giveaway!!! I know you are not excited one bit!!
Happy Monday!!

Lauren said...

haha I love the shower part. That got my attention for sure, but I definitely do that A LOT.

Mandy said...

Thanks for stopping by today! makeover. Can't wait!

Orah said...

I once put a peeled hard-boiled egg down on newspaper and then handed it to my six year old who said,
They write news on eggs now???

Kerri said...

Love it all!

Claire said...

I love doing that in the shower! It's all about getting pink and toasty!


Aubrey said...

You cracked me up with the rosey hiney Not Me!

I will NOT be coming back to check out your new look. I'm sure it will NOT be super fab!

groovie mom said...

I'm a sunscreen czar too. Drives my husband nuts. I keep extra bottles in the car just in case the sun comes out while we're on the go. : )

Kirsty said...

You also didn't come by and welcome me to SITS. Oh wait, but you did-thank you! Cute blog! You look pretty official to me! ;)

carma said...

Amy B-
Thank you for confirming my "cool mom" status :-)

Luckily it peeled right off but probably not before imparting some hazardous nutrients...

Congrats on your famous follower!! And why is it that family members do not share in our excitement over big blogging/youTube victories like this, especially at 1:00 am! gosh!

stay tuned for the big reveal LOL in a few weeks. Of course, I have no idea how it will turn out but I'm excited anyway :-)

clear all these things from memory immediately :D

What can I say - I've got my priorities in order!

Secret Mom Thoughts-
thanks. And please come back to check it out :-)

Janna Bee-
Your blog layout already looks pretty darn good; but change is fun!

Yeah, I'm not giddy with excitement or anything. I lurve giveaways!

Had to make sure everyone was paying attention :-)

Me neither. Now if I could only get a real life makeover too!

Love that egg story!


I love being toasty - said as I sit here with the heating pad :D

please do come back and check it out, says me of the pink hiney :-)

groovie mom-
They'll thank us one day when they're not all wrinkled with age spots thanks to us!

thanks. Did not realize I looked official already. I'm pleasantly surprised :-)

Kristen said...

lol! I love not me's! I did not laugh my ass off once...or even twice. Do NOT enjoy your awesome video that I secretly did NOT really want to win. Do not feel free to re-gift it to me :)

carma said...

Now now. There will be no re-gifting involved as this is just the most awesome prize EVAH!!!!!
Was so hoping I would win. And, what do you know, I DID :D
glad you liked my NMM's :-)

Musings of the Mrs. said...

Hey. Thanks for stopping by. I hope your son didn't eat the lovely plastic wrapped cheese!

Also, so excited you get to have a blog makeover. I am dying to do it, but not sure if I'm ready to throw money at it yet. Decisions decisions!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great not me's! I love the grilled cheese one! I'll have to stop by to check out the makeover!

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Hilarious about the grilled cheese -- did you just pick the plastic off and serve it?

Karen Brown Letarte said...

Hi, Carma-- thanks for visiting my blog, DomesticMuse, and for the warm SITS welcome! I enjoyed your post today-- hee, hee, it sounds like the story of my life!

:) Karen

BIBI said...

Bwahahahaha! Carma you crack me up! And I thought I was having a totally off the wall Monday!

Can't wait to see the new blog format. I'm quite sure it'll be awesome. Plus, you know you are a cool mom too! Love ya!

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Can't wait to see the new blog after your make over. They are so much fun...I will definitely have to attempt of these days. Thanks for visiting!
I do not pester my husband constantly about using sunscreen and make sure he always has some in his golf bag because that's when he gets the most burnt. (since I'm not around while he is golfing to nag him using about it)

Lucy said...

I get confused with the all the NOT's, so definitely could not write this post!Probably because I hang out in the shower until RED, forget deep pink then I'm a little woozy from the heat.

Congrats on all your winnings and can't wait to see your makeover!

carma said...

Musings of the Mrs.-
Fortunately I was astute enough to remove the plastic. He did get a good kick out of it though :D

Lexie Loo-
Thanks. Please come back and check it out!

It Feels Like Chaos-
You betcha!

Karen Brown-
Thanks :-) Glad you enjoyed my looneyness!

Thanks for the "cool confirmation" :-)

You are wise to nag him if he is out golfing in the sun all day- just potentially saving his life - you are!

You just can't beat a hot shower on an aching back!!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

That's my kind of shower!!!
How cool about the fire breathing guy. I'm sure you scored some cool mommy points with that!

Brenda Jean said...

Heck yes you are cool when you have a fire breather following you on YouTube. Awesome! How many moms can say that? Not I:)

(I love the grilled cheese that said "sale" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

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