Thursday, March 26, 2009

In Lieu of CiCi's Pizza

Gotta hurry!!! only 5 more days to use take advantage of this "special offer"-- because nothing says "recession" quite like an $89 steak and lobster dinner!

*I screwed up earlier when I said "giftcard"- the "giftcard" entitled us to purchase this "special offer" - tip not included - hate to find out what the normal value of this meal would be!

Nothing like not fully explaining things and giving the post the total opposite meaning! Like we are going to go out and purchase this dinner --- not!

This is quickly becoming the ever morphing post. My tweet from Monday morning just came to mind: "embarrassed to say that after eating at CiCis pizza last night I posted record weight gain this morning; 3.5 lbs in one day !! Unreal!"

$89 steak and lobster may, in fact, be the safer route :-)


Kelly said...

Oh yummy! Steak and lobster! I will have to settle for Captain Crunch.

Janna Bee said...

So is this something you won?

Also, did you add the "Give me your money" bubble?

How is Cici's pizza? never tried it.

So many questions.

carma said...

Us too!!! Although maybe I'll spring for some Fruit Loops..

Janna Bee-
This was just some special card that was mailed to us "entitling" us to spend $89!!! And yes, I added the bubble (gotta have some fun) - you are very perceptive :D

CiCi's pizza is fabulous if you are into inexpensive pizza buffets. The food is fresh and the price is low; best value around. Not best value for my waistline though!

Lucy said...

Oh, C'mon you don't see what a great deal that is? Don't you always spend 90 bucks or more on dinner for two?

I'm so glad Janna Bee asked about that "Give us your money" bubble because I was like 'no way, they did not put that on there?'

Karen said...

It was all those cinnammon rolls at Cici's that added those pounds....

BIBI said...

That much for a dinner?!? I hope the meal gets up and feds us for that price. :)

tollesons4him said...

I &hearts: CiCi's! I had it for lunch yesterday. I would like some steak and lobster but too poor for that one!!!! LOL

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

Ha! What a steal.... can't believe you didn't step right up for the "recession special!" ;-)

Pizza ALWAYS sounds good, imho.

carma said...

But of course, $90 here; $90 there!

You know it!!! I had at least 2 cinnamon rolls dripping with glaze :-)

Absolutely, and they should also drive us home :-)

I <3 Cici's too, but have to limit the number of visits since I am grossly lacking in self control when I see a pizza buffet!

Given the choice, I always go for pizza :D

momstheword said...

Thanks for popping over. Isn't the Blog party cool?

I can't believe your boss commented on your hair. I think it's your hair and you have the right to wear it however you want.

I am 50 but until recently my hair was down past my bottom, so it was long enough to sit on.

My mom said in her "day" you cut your hair at 40. I said I wasn't going to do that and I didn't.

I eventually cut it just because I got tired of it getting in the way all the time!

carma said...

Yeah I think the boss is hung up on the over 40 rule - blah!

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