Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Favorites

It's time again for Friday Favorites, where we pay homage to things that got us through the week. Here's mine for this week:

1. My favorite little gem of a pillow. Please read all about it here.**

2. This amazing video footage of someone kayaking over a falls in the Amazon- a 127 foot drop. I am a big chicken so when I see stuff like this I am astounded!

3. My new wispy bangs (oh, yes I did!). The rest is still long :P

4. These owls handcrafted by MB to keep the squirrels, birds and other assorted wildlife out of the garden. They no longer resemble Bart Simpson (shout out to my dad)
Ain't no critters gonna mess with our veggies with these scary mo fo's keeping watch over the garden!!

5. I am starting a new feature called "Comment of the Week."

So many of you leave me such thought provoking, or in some cases intentionally non-thought provoking, inspiring, witty, inane and LOL comments every day, that I want to highlight a comment each week.

Well, a new visitor to my blog left this comment yesterday and it just made my day!

"Carma, I think, no. I know that this is my new favorite blog...."*

Thanks, Tina!

*Not all future "Comment of the Week" posts will highlight those who pat me on the back by sending kudos my way-- or will they???? ;-)

**I am seeking products to review for my Review Blog. If you have any friends with etsy shops or other businesses who would like to be featured please put them in touch with me. Thanks!
(They will need to be able to provide me with a sample to review.)


Mark said...

LOL so now you're pimping for comments? What's the payout this time? An all expense visit to sleep with the (fishes) owls?

Ok so that pillow(ete) is kind of scary. It either looks like a large ivory fertility statue or an obscenely large tooth flossing utensil, but hey, I'm sure its performing its advertised duties :-)

Ummm about those bangs, did I <3 Alec approve? I'd hate for you to be jilted at the McFlurry counter but then maybe Bachelor 13 would flip flop on you a number of times.

And those owls, I'm sure with as scary as they look (a NOT for Monday) you'll be seeing the birds having a block party real soon in the garden. Now if you had used the MB lookalike guy that would be a more effective deterent.

Kelly said...

Those owls would not only keep me out of the garden, but I think they'd keep me up at night! They are very realistic and not at all Bart Simpsonish! :)

LCNeill said...

Did hubby make those? They have a certain, ummmm homey "folk art" characteristic to them. Like someone took a chain saw to a log of wood. I mean that in a nice way....a skilled saw person. :)

Janna Bee said...

I heart Carma! I want to be your comment! (Okay, I will try and be wittier than that.)

Anyway, tell me what you think of the bangs. I have some that I had my friend cut and I hate them. Suggestions? I have been wearing headbands a lot.

Great Faves! Thanks for playing along!

tollesons4him said...

Love the new comment idea! I would have been to much of a chicken to go over the falls, they would have had to bury me afterwards!!!!
Have a great weekend! Can't wait to see pictures of your new wispy

Alex the Girl said...

Instant Carma's gonna get you? Okay, so I couldn't think of anything wittier to say, and it's my first time visiting, but I'm glad I stopped by.

Have a great Friday.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Those owls iz vairy kewl - No, of course I'm not aiming for comment of the week (COW) - Don't have a cow man! COW - Abunga dude... I know, I'm very sad... x

Blue State Cowgirl said...

Bet those Bart Simpson owls wouldn't scare my garden-raiding foxes one bit.

julie said...

So... when do we get to see a picture of your new bangs? :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day - yours is hilarious! I will definitely be back to read more!

carma said...

I am not above pimping for comments. Winner gets an autographed photo of the owls!!!! You are correct, the pillow looks like a huge mini-flosser minus the floss :D Only one person (MB) has noticed my new bangs so far...but they will be included on my carma puppet.

You know the MB dopplelganger is far too sweet looking, what with the fluttery eyelashes and all. He will NOT be a good deterrent. On the other hand, Val in his Mardi Gras getup...

Thank you for confirming that the owls look scary, contrary to Mark's belief ;-)

MB has been hard at work making them this past week. He is a skilled owl maker ;-)

Janna Bee-
You have all week to come up with some more comments, although I do like this comment!!

Bangs are the new Botox, as the saying goes. You are far too young to have to worry about wrinkles and all, but I am reaping the benefits of bangs. My hairstylist said the key is not to make the bangs too wide. I am wondering if that may be why you didn't like yours. Have you tried blow drying them to the side while growing them out? or shifting your part?

I know what you mean. I would have a heart attack on the way down. Bangs picture comin' up soon :-)

Alex the Girl-
I like it. Instant Carma rocks!!

Woman of No Importance-
You have a whole week to qualify, so keep the comments coming. I like that acronym COW! and the Bart Simpson cowabunga fits in nicely with today's post :D

Blue State-
I don't know about that - these owls look pretty menacing up close!!

Thanks for stopping by! Picture to be put up once I can get someone to take a photo of me. When I put the camera on self-timer I get this odd frozen faced wide-eyed look.

Lucy said...

Bangs? Do you like them? I'm chicken to try.

I can't make anything so I will not judge anyones crafting skills!!

CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) said...

I can see why you would choose that favorite. I'm going to check out that crazy pillow now.

Amanda said...

I don't do this every Friday, but when I remember I do a Friday Favorites at my blog too!!!

Just stopping by to let you know that you are the winner of the grapeseed oil over at Garibay Soup.... go read the post on it so you know what ya gotta do :)

So Not Mom-a-licious said...

Hi Carma! I am stopping by as a fellow Welcomista to see what you have going on!

I heart wispy bangs so much! Now you make me want to go and do my hair for a change!

Just wanted to say hello1

carma said...

I know what you mean; I had been growing my bangs out for YEARS. I do think the new look is a bit more youthful for me though; and you know I'm all about turning back the clock!!

I highly recommend the pillow. Someone thought it looked uncomfortable, but that is not the case!

Thanks so much!!!! Must keep pesto addicted husband from my new pesto grapeseed oil!

So Not Mom-a-licious-
thanks for visiting!! I am really <3-ing my new bangs ;-)

Ann said...

Those are some crazy-scary looking owls! They should definitely do the job.

Great bangs by the way.

Thanks for being a part of the Virtual GNO! I hope you met some wonderful bloggers :->

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