Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Favorites

Surely I have had some favorites this week. Think, grumpy self, think!!!!

Let's see:

1. The laser hair removal specialist for not singeing my flesh while executing my birthday present

2. This video which is funny as crap

3. VC for diving right into his school project and cranking out poems like a young Maya Angelou if she were a guy (bad comparison but you get the point)

4. MB for not getting any traffic violations this week. Please don't let me speak too soon!

5. The local community college for discouraging me from pursuing a degree by telling me I would need to dissect a cat. (Oh and that I had just missed enrollment by a week and would have to wait to 2010 to start.) That saved me a lot of time and money. Now I can go back to sitting on my lazy a$$ a few more years before I work myself into a panic thinking that I am getting old and that I'd better get another degree now or no one will hire me given the choice between a middle aged mom with a few grey hairs vs. a perky 20 year old, all bright-eyed and bubbly. It's cyclical.

6. The snooze button. My friend.

7. Entertainment Tonight for keeping me apprised of every minute detail in the life of Octo-mom

8. In reference to number 3, VC didn't dive in quite as quickly has he should have. As of 11:30 last night he was still working on the poem project. However, I am favoriting the library being open so that when the printer ran out of ink at 8:45 pm we were able to go the library to print some of VC's project. Of course, I thought he was finished with said project. I was sadly mistaken.

9. The 16 year old computer and printer in basement for WORKING! Therefore VC did not need to complete the rest of the project by hand with ink pen like the monks used to do.

10. Last but not least, loyal followers who have stuck by me from the beginning and who did not ditch the blog as soon as the giveaway was over :-) You guys mean the world to me!

photo credit simon davison

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Janna Bee said...

I got the best laugh from that video!

And I can't believe Octomom didn't make it onto your list! Hahaha

Great Favorites

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Carma, I couldn't see you dissecting a cat - Juggling one? Maybe!

Love the post, as ever. That clip is just crazy, and I will show Grizz when he gets back from school.

I have also been there done that with the burning of the midnight lamp for school work - Nightmare!

Have a thoughtful weekend, as you ponder a new future, C! x

(Word Ver - 'pedieri' - Podiatry may be in your future?)

carma said...

Janna Bee-
Isn't it a great video? I can watch it over and over and over and it still cracks me up. Of course, I'm a dork like that, but the guy's got rhythm :D

Woman of No Importance-
Podiatry - LOL!! When I told MB I was considering a degree in a medical related field, he immediately said, "but you hate touching feet! How are you going to handle that. You would need to wear gloves!" So Podiatry is definitely not in the running due to my foot phobia :D
I am hoping that readers such as yourself may be able to narrow down some possibilities based on what you have learned about me from the blog and my personality traits.
Oh, and definitely show Grizz the video. I know he will appreciate it just like son :-)

Kelly said...

Awesome! :) I'm glad your flesh is still in tact!

Karen said...

That video is the BEST! Thanks for the laugh.

BTW, have you looked into taking some courses online?

Lucy said...

That video is tooo funny!

Dissecting a cat? Do what all good college 'kids' do: change your major!

Sounds like another interesting week!!!

Momma Miller said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Even though I don't have sound working on this video, I couldn't stop watching. I've always thought it was hilarious to watch people dance without music, but this TOOK THE CAKE! Thanks so much for the laugh. I'm new to SITS and so glad to have found your blog! Have a GREAT weekend!

kidletsmum said...

Dissect a cat???? AGGGGHHHHH!!! I need to go cuddle my little kitty girl now!!!

carma said...

Thanks for your concern about my flesh :-)

Glad you liked the vid. Is there any particular online school that you recommend? Thanks for the suggestion.

That's how I wound up with a business degree. Not the most hands-on messy type of degree!

Momma Miller-
Happy to provide some laughs. Thanks for stopping by!

Hope I did not frighten you. No cats were harmed in the making of this post. Was thinking the other day that I haven't heard from you in a while; hope all is well by you :-) Thought maybe you were still recovering from not winning the prized cheese balls :D

Robynn's Ravings said...

Hi Carma!

THANK YOU for dropping by my blog through the UBP09!

LOVED your post today. ROFL! Come back by anytime. :)

BIBI said...

Funny, funny, funny as always!
I am so glad someone else besides me feels the same way about the octomom coverage. UGH! Is there anything else on?!?

Love the post! I am still working on mine! Haha! Probably won't have as many as you though!


lunaticg said...

Love your video?
Will there be the new video after this one?

Anne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!! :)

HoneyB said...

Thanks for the visit and welcome from SITS! LOL, when I read "think, grumpy self, think, I thought of MY Grumpy hubby!

Susie said...

Totally funny!

I was glad to see you back at my blog today. Thanks for the nice comments. I hope to see you there again soon:-)

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