Friday, March 20, 2009

Do You Want Some Vinegar on That?

Aside from peeing green, have you been wondering what else I do to stay "green" around the house?

Yes? Well, one thing that is never far from reach in the kitchen is my bottle of vinegar solution. Made of 1 part vinegar to 9 parts water, it is my secret weapon against germs and grime. If I spot a mess, you can bet that the spot is spritzed faster than you can say "Utz!" (I'm all piss and vinegar today -hee hee)

VC can't stand it when he sits down to a meal placed on a vinegary smelling place mat; but, does he stop to consider it is a CLEAN AND SANITIZED place mat!!

Floors are mopped with an almond scented natural cleaner that I picked up at a store that specializes in natural and wholesome, because I'm all about "natural and wholesome."

Yesterday I walked to the local grocery store carrying my "green" tote. I left with two subs in my tote: a veggie one for me (more green!) and a meatball sub for VC. The subs are 2.99 on Tuesdays; half the price makes them taste twice as good :-)

Was scratching my head (and no not due to dandruff- gosh!) thinking of other "green" things when I realized I had just taken a sip from my stainless steel water bottle. And this one is bright lime green. Green squared!

I'll end with a Green joke:

A frog telephones a psychic hotline and is told, “You are going to meet a beautiful young girl who will want to know everything about you.”

“Great,” says the frog, “Will I meet her at a party?”

“No,” said the psychic, “Next year — in biology class.”

photo credit sachin_sandu

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Suburbia Steph said...

I hear vinegar is great for cleaning all sorts of stuff, but the smell does gross me out - that is, unless I'm making colored eggs for Easter. It just makes me think of vinegar douche - who really wants their lady junk smelling like that? The very thought makes me wanna vomit.

I'll stick to my Clorox ~ I likey that bleach smell....geez, that kinda made me sound like a huffer!

carma said...

Suburbia Steph-
You're killin' me. Too funny :D

I actually don't mind the vinegar smell. I kind of take it all in, kinda like you with the toxic bleach!! Go easy on that :-)

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