Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cheeseball Tuesday!!

Welcome to Cheeseball Tuesday!

Lisa, (alias Blue State Cowgirl) who blogs at Left Coast Cowboys , surprised me with some cheesy pics over the weekend!

If you get a chance, I encourage you to visit her blog and read about her recent roadtrip with her mom along the California coast. You will find some incredible sights and entertaining commentary. She is an extraordinary writer/storyteller and photographer, among her many other pursuits.

Unfortunately, Lisa's Cheeseball order did not arrive in time for her roadtrip, but all is forgiven with these spectacular Cheeseball photos taken around SanFrancisco! For one, the "balls" have made it to the Charles Manson Mansion. [Say that 5 times quickly :-)]

Lisa had this to say about the "historic" location:
"Sometime in the Sixties, Charlie lived here with his tribe. Now the house is beautifully restored to its Victorian splendor and available for parties and weddings. But the owners have kept the stairs to the bell tower where Charlie and his converts painted astrological symbols. I have been to a wedding here, and thought it was kind of a creepy venue, considering. But the Cheesification modifies it somewhat."

I would have to agree that the Cheeseballs certainly lighten the mood.

The next photo is of the historic Mission San Francisco de Asisi, the oldest building in San Francisco and an original Spanish Mission. Lisa excecuted her Cheeseball "mission" flawlessly!

Lastly, we have the later Mission Basilica, cheezified. I don't know what is more stunning: the sunlight glinting off the steeples or off the plastic Cheeseball container!

Lisa, thanks for taking this opportunity to further cheezify my blog! Well done!

Remember if anyone else would like to participate and would rather not wait for the next giveaway, feel free to pick up your own UTZ and email me some pics of you and the UTZ (or, if you prefer) just the UTZ in a unique location.

Help make Cheeseball Tuesday a regular feature :D It's either that or I ramble on some more about odd things around the house that I am selling. Your choice!


kwr221 said...

how come the level of the cheezeballs never goes down? Didn't they eat any?

A Woman Of No Importance said...

That looks like the Leaning Tower of Cheeseballs, am I correct? Do I win the Cheeseballs now?!

What do you mean it's America? Cheez!

Kelly said...

Carma! I forgot where to get the Utz. Are they at Sam's Club?

I will SO send you some Minneapolis Utz pictures! As soon as it's nice, because it's a blizard right now (honest.) So it could be June by the time I can get outside...

GREAT PICS! I've been to both of the missions in SF. Pretty proud of myself!

tollesons4him said...

This was a great idea and I agree it does look like the leaning tower of cheeseballs. LOL
Great pictures!!

somethingaboutparenting said...

Love the creativity.


Twitter: AboutParenting

Janna Bee said...

I think you should have cheeseball tuesday every tuesday! I will have to buy them through amazon.

Lucy said...

Too Funny!!!

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

If Utz isn't already paying you.... they should be! You are so cheesy and delicious and I don't know how you make them look good, but I always leave your site craving some cheeseballs.

And that Basisilica photo was totally awesome, btw. Best lookin' cheeseballs EVER. :)

carma said...

I know! Lisa displays a lot more self-control that I do. If you saw my cheeseball pics from a while back, 85% of the container was Empty!

Woman of No Importance-
They certainly are leaning in that direction ;-)

I think Sam's Club has them because my parents were out shopping this week and have sent me some photos; I'm pretty sure that's where they got them. I get mine at BJ's. They are available online at Amazon.
I was hoping someone would recognize the sites in Lisa's photos; but this is even better that you visited them!

Thank you :-)

thanks for visiting and commenting :D

Janna Bee-
Hope you get some so we can make it a regular event.

Thanks :-)

Blog revenue thus far = zero :-(
Gotta agree - the cheeseballs are simply stunning in these photos!


The Uniblog said...

I love those pictures! Looks like those cheeseballs know how to have a good time.

mama-face said...

You gave me a SITS hello so I came to visit...and I love it...you are so funny. I will definitely be stopping by often.

Anyone who incorporates Alec Baldwin into a post is a genius to me!

I just might have to get me some cheezeballs...(that sounds pretty wrong somehow)

Angie said...

Oh my gosh! This is hilarious! Love it!

Peggy said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday!
The Cheeseballs are hilarious!
Who, tell me WHO has their wedding at the Manson Mansion?? That is creeeeepy!

Eric said...

Let's cheese up a wedding! Alas I don't have Utz balls in Austin.

Blue State Cowgirl said...

Wow! Just got out of my sickbed with this awful flu to find that my CheeseBalls are front and center on Carma Sez. Awesome. And it sounds like your commentators are ready to up the ante. I'd better search for something extra creative. Like, how about Cheese Balls recreating classic Hitchcock movie scenarios? (That's an easy one for San Francisco.) Or Cheese Balls in paradise. (That would have to wait for my next tropical vacation, which in this REcession, will be a long time coming.) I currently thinking how I can sneak my big economy UTZ package into one of San Francisco's museums to photograph it in front of a Renoir or a Picasso. I think the Cheese Balls would compare favorably!

Valerie said...

Ah glorious day glo Cheeseballs...yum! I'll have to send you some pictures of mine visiting Providence, lol.

carma said...

The "balls" know a good time when they see one!!

Alec is one of my all-time faves, So he will appear frequently :D
Thanks for stopping by, and please send some photos if you do pick up some cheeseballs!

thank you :-)

Definitely no marriage for me at the Manson Mansion for me-- that could only result in bad vibes! But wait a minute, I'm already married 'phew!

You can order some online if you decide to cheese up a wedding. Would be perfect!

Blue State-
Yay!!! You made it. I was worried that in your sickly stupor you might not make it to see the cheeseballs in their full glory on the top of the page!
Those cheeseball venues would be spectacular and remember, you've also got Alcatraz as the 'ole standby!
And there is absolutely no doubt who would win the Picasso vs. Cheeseball competition!! The "balls" stand alone...(except if they are in a picture with the Picasso - 'course!)
Now that you have the "balls" - I recommend you keep them in the car since you do so much traveling-- you just NEVER know when the perfect photo op will appear!
Looking forward to some more pics.

Please send some from Providence. Be the first :D

Suburbia Steph said...

Yeah, I was wondering too....didn't they eat any along the way?

Lissa K said...

great photos!!! Why...pray tell...would anyone want to get married at Charles Manson's mansion??

I need to get some Cheeseballs...there are some great photo opps in Green Bay with the Packers and all, I am sure!!!

Happy SITS day too!!!

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