Wednesday, March 4, 2009

After After the Final Rose

I know that many of my regular readers are not Bachelor viewers, so I'll make this short and sweet. During the colossal waste of time that was last night's show we learned:

(1) That it is Better to have Loved and Lost than Never to Have Loved at All
(wow! What an original phrase; why haven't I ever heard it used before?)

(2) That you must "follow your heart" (said over and over)

(3) That Jason and Molly are in lurve; but that he considers Melissa "one of a kind"
(just not the kind he likes)

(4) That Jason may be incapable of picking a fiance, but he IS capable of slicing lettuce

(5) That Jason and Molly like to drink wine from large wine glasses

(6) That the entire show could have been condensed into 2-1/2 minutes; 3 tops


Janna Bee said...

I'm glad I didn't bother then!

Rachael said...

i don't watch the bachelor, but it sounds like this season was disappointing at best.

stopping by to welcome you to SITS, we are so excited to have you join the community. you will love it!

Aileigh said...

I don't watch the Bachelor, but EVERYONE on facebook was all over this! Escalando! Thanks for the condensed version! :)

Mark said...

Hmmmmmm, I think that through all of this I learned that love, unlike a DVR, doesn't have a FF, RW or Save button. Like a roller coaster, ride it with all the gutso you have and hang on through the stomach swallowing drops and the loop de loops. ;-)

carma said...

Janna Bee-
Yes, better to have gotten some extra shut-eye instead. I have dark circles this morning and for what????

Thanks for the welcome. I am liking SITS already :-) big time! You guys are the best!

You're welcome. I like saving people time whenever possible :D so they can spend their time on more valuable pursuits - unlike me!

So profound!! And I can tell you have been married a long, long time like me and MB(aka Edith and Archie)- well with us it just seems like a long, long time (although it is the equivalent of 40 years in Hollywood).... Plenty of loop de loops lately :D -- And I was hoping to coast!!

Lucy said...

O.K. I don't watch. So, he picked Molly? And he was trying to let Melissa down easy?

Hey, I do have an overall question, do any of these couples get married and stay married?

See, you are dragging my into yet another reality show, yikes.

carma said...

Great question. In all of the years the show has been on - with least 12 to 15 Bachelors/ Bachelorettes total (I lost count) - only one couple is still together- The first Bachelorette - Trista & Ryan. And probably the only reason is so she can appear on magazine covers every time she gets pregnant and then another cover for when she loses the baby weight - seriously! She has extended way beyond her 15 minutes.

Lisa M said...

Stopped in to welcome you to sits!

I don't watch the bachelor, but I heard about the "shocking" part.

I think it was all rigged.

Aubrey said...

True, so true!

I have vowed to never watch again after the crap ABC pulled.

Coming over from SITS to say hello & Welcome!

carma said...

Lisa M-
Yeah, it wasn't quite as big a "shock" after word leaked out weeks ago ;-) Thanks for the SITS welcome!

ABC went nuts with this stunt; I'd like to say I'm done too, but then I know I may get sucked back in :D Thanks for stoppin' by. You SITS girls rock!

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