Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Addendum to Yesterday's Post

As I've been blog-hopping this week, I've come across several of these "celebrity collages." Naturally, I had to get one done! And in the process I have to concede that my hair does look rather scraggly. Maybe my "superior" has a point??? (bah!) Only problem is that it looks scraggly whether it is long and scraggly or short and scraggly. I prefer it longer since it hides my face somewhat. I would describe it as "Blythe Danner" hair- wiry and frizzy in parts. So now that you know that my hair is far from thick and luxurious, do you still hold the same opinion?

The fun thing about these celebrity collages is that I noticed that EVERYONE is a celebrity match for Amanda Peet (even if there is absolutely no resemblance) and I was anticipating that she would come up in my collage since she was in 99% of the other collages I saw, and what do you know!!!!! She's here. I'm curious just how many celebrities are in the database. I do not even slightly resemble Amanda Peet, let alone most of the other "matches." Maybe in hair color, but that's about it.

On another interesting note, on the collage I did prior to this one, I was a 60% match for Matt Lauer. No lie!! I decided to update my pic and try again and he is no longer a match. But that won't stop me from bragging that I'm a female Matt Lauer!!

I've written before about how, if I was 25 years younger and actually looked like a celebrity, I would be in line to audition for celebrity Look-A-Like. When you only get 5 TV channels, and there is nothing else on, there are always the award-winning shows available for viewing on the TV Guide Channel (LOL). Whenever I am channel surfing and see the spritz of the atomizer announcing the intro to Look-A-Like, I'm there!! I want the full "Paul Venoit" treatment.

Maybe he can hone in on my Matt Lauer resemblance!


Natalie Jane said...

I'm kind of in love with Matt. Not a bad person to resemble.

Mark said...

Well the word on the street is that after this weekends bike accident Matt looks a little more gamey so maybe that % has dropped a bit :-P

And my celebrity matches only come up with Bruce Springsteen, a loveable but curmudgeon called Yoda and some of the Bay City Rollers (not Blythe Danner).

Karen said...

And why exactly are you trying to hide your face, Carma? There's nothing wrong with your face...

tollesons4him said...

How funny....I love doing these celebrity look alikes as far as Matt Lauer goes hey I think he's hot so I wouldn't think that is bad to look like him!

Hoosier Homemade said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Cool idea, I think I will try it.
Thanks for sharing!

Together We Save said...

Good matches.

~Tara said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog..the UBP is cool, huh? So Matt Lauer....interesting! I think I'm gonna finally try one of those celeb look alike thingys...Oh, I love your profile- we are kindred spirits...I too love plastic placemats and am also a plethora of useless information! Have fun partying this week!

Kelly said...

I like Matt. He feels like he's my friend... Sad, no?

carma said...

Natalie Jane-
I agree. I watch him on most days when he is not out due to "deer injury"

I may need to run the pic through again after he returns from "the deer incident"

Bruce and Yoda - not too shabby.
And the Bay City Rollers were hot back in the day, or do you mean the Rollers circa 2009?? That might be a bit dicey ;-)

I like to feel less "exposed" - sleepy eyes, wrinkles and "all" ;-)
Hope you are enjoying your big day!!

Matt has definitely got game! I can't complain!

Hoosier Homemade-
you're welcome. Thanks for stoppin' by.

Together We Save-

Definitely try it. Lots of fun. Put in a couple of pics so you get a good variety of matches! Plastic placemats rock! :D

I do too. I see him every day, more often than I see my IRL friends

Fiona said...

you make a pretty matt lauer! Thanks for visiting!

Allena said...

LOL matt with long hair is hilarous!
happy UBP'09 from

Lucy said...

Celebrity matches? Never seen this? Matt Lauer, that was funny!

I stand by wearing your hair the way you like BUT to hide your face? No, no need to hide your face!

carma said...

thanks :D

The long haired look does suit him well!

I've been embracing my "inner Matt" all day :-)

scrappysue said...

your product line is awesome! love the bag and t-shirts - thanks for the blogby!

Amy said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my site. I'm late on my party-hopping!

I totally love this! I thought I would do it, too, but the only person they matched me up with is Angelina Jolie. Now, most people would take that as a compliment, but not me. We look NOTHING alike! I think it was how my head was tilted. IDK.

It was nice to "meet" you!

carma said...

thanks so much. please spread the word :-)

do you mean to tell me you weren't a match for Amanda Peet????

Kathleen W. said...

It's not so bad to look like the female Matt Lauer :)!

We also get like 5 channels, so I've sometimes watched the TV Guide channel too.

carma said...

Kathleen W-
Yay! Someone else who watches the TV guide channel :D

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