Friday, February 13, 2009

What Do You Want?

photo credit Anders B.

Dedicated blog reader and member of my Austrialian blog reader contingent, Crazy Raincloud, has suggested I do an "Ask the Reader" segment.

Since this month's NaBloPoMo theme is WANT, today I'm asking: What is it that you want?

I'll go first. Here's what I want: From this point on, I want to accumulate Experiences rather than Things.

This week, I decided not to to forego making a sizable purchase (FYI- it was not a pallet of cheese balls or economy sized thrice whipped mayo) that would have cost big bucks, but that wasn't the only factor. The other reason was that I am sick of maintaining stuff. Life has quickly become a maintenance nightmare and it shows no signs of letting up. First the computer, then the network, then the scanner, now the printer.....the list goes on. I fix one thing and then another one craps out. Every time I buy something new, it's one more thing to dust. Not to mention the space factor. If I am ever to achieve my dream of living in a Tarleton, I will eventually need to shed all superfluous objects (d'objets superfluous).

Experiences are dust-free, don't take up space and don't require maintenance.

Now it's your turn: What do you want???? (besides a Happy Valentine's Day)**heart courtesy of Saz



Crazy Raincloud said...

I want a house to myself, enough money to pay the bills and chocolate that wont make me fat.

carma said...

Crazy Raincloud-
I hope things start falling into place for you and keep me apprised if you come across some of that "special" chocolate ;-)

Lucy said...

I want to get a house out in the Southwest part of the U.S.
I think I need to adopt your plan. Forgo some purchases, at least, I know my husband would like me to adopt that plan (lol).

carma said...

I like the Southwest U.S. as well- warm and scenic. Fortunately you are midway there!

BIBI said...

I want to eat and eat without gaining any weight. And then I want world peace.

carma said...

To be able to eat without gaining, that would be divine, especially for a carb addict like myself.
And world peace - even more divine :-)

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