Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We Don't Get No Respect!

I'm joining a movement. One that does not involve burning bras, spray painting furs or forming a human chain. No Bras or Fur???? What kind of fun movement would that be?

It all has to do with this blog post by Don Mills Diva detailing how a "venerable" online newspaper quoted from the Diva's blog without giving her credit or providing the courtesy of a hyperlink to her blog.

I didn't realize that there was a brouhaha brewing between "professional journalists" and bloggers. Now that I've been enlightened, it is time to get fired up! Don Mills Diva brings up something I was not aware of, namely the 3,900,000 hits on Google that reference "Blogs Ruin Journalism."

While I do not consider myself a "respected journalist," I do believe that there is value in blogging and that it should not be discounted or brushed aside by a few highfalutin journalist types who feel that blogs do not merit "credit." I'm a big proponent of "Giving Credit Where Credit is Due."

Bloggers deserve respect. As it says in my shiny new badge: "Write On: Respect the Blog." Check out Don Mills Diva's blog to get your own badge and to join the movement. And, ladies, please keep the bras on :-)

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Don Mills Diva said...


If I get any more fired up I'm gonna whip off my bra regardless ...:-)

PS. Linking you up now!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I am braless as I type thanks to Don Mills Diva - ah, but I cannot feel my toes!

Right on, Comrade Carma! x

BIBI said...

Finally someone to speak up for us bloggers who want and deserve the same respect. You go Carma! I am joining you in this one!

carma said...

Don Mills Diva-
I'd love to join you by whipping mine off as well, but I'm at work today and I'd hate to frighten off any potential customers ;-)

Woman of No Importance-
Cannot feel your toes-- I burst laughing upon reading this!!
Comrade Carma :-)

Glad you're on board!

Chat Blanc said...

excellent cause! I may use my bra to strangle a few journalists. :D

Blue State Cowgirl said...

Great post Comrade Carma,

And great link to Don Mills Diva. I'm getting my protest post ready as well.

Can I burn my Spanx instead of my bra?

carma said...

Chat Blanc-
that would be a good alternate use :-)

Blue State-
Burn Spanx? All that spandex will surely release a multitude of harmful toxins! (not that I am insinuating your Spanx are large - hold on a sec while I remove foot from mouth)
Comrade Carma

Mark said...

Staying out of the sparks of revolution of the underlying foundation but supporting you all in your endeavours by reading and clicking!

carma said...

Interactive readers like yourself is what keeps us going. Keep on reading and clicking :-) You're helping the cause.

Reluctant Housewife said...

So true! We do deserve respect - we work hard at this and, often, for little to no reward. Just because we like to. That's awesome.

Great post!g

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