Friday, February 6, 2009

Turbotax: You Rock My World!

On Saturday, I received the last of the W-2's and you know what that means: Turbotax Time!!! So, on Saturday night while MB and VC were out having fun, (bitter much?), I got Turbotax up and running. Deluxe, that is.

As I went along methodically entering personal info., income, deductions, etc., I pondered my love affair with Turbotax. A couple of observations:

1. Turbotax always gently corrects me

2. It asks if I meant to enter unusual entries

3. It asks if I am ready to continue or prefer to go back

4. It covers my back when I close out without logging out

5. It says that my return is error free! (exclamation point included)

6. Turbotax keeps me on the straight and narrow. No jail time for me!

7. Turbotax breaks it to me that we will not be getting a big fat refund. Dang Turbotax!!

On the other hand, if I was to use Daschle Tax....


Mark said...

Just got my copy of TT Home & Business in yesterday from Amazon so that will be this Sundays to-do.

carma said...

Have a fun Sunday. Maximize those deductions!! Keep an eye out for the new Cheese ball deduction :-)

Blue State Cowgirl said...

Whew! Obama just called me and asked if he could propose your name for some of those vacant cabinet posts. Now I feel confident that I can!

carma said...

Blue State-
Nominate away! No tax skeletons in my closet ;-) Well, not yet; if MB gets any skinner he may qualify.

Ryan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
carma said...

That it does. But you still need to double check. Occasionally it does something "funky" - although you will still get much fewer deductions than if you opt for Daschle Tax ;-)

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