Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sticky Love

Those of you who have read my post Why I am Like Marrying a Man, may be wondering if there is a "softer" side of me. While I plan to detail my more girlie side (with a list of 20 things- hopefully 20), I figured in the meantime, I'd show you something that I do to show family members that I love them, namely Stick Figures. Because nothing says "I love you" quite like stick figures :-)

I draw stick figures of family members doing things like helping take out the trash (well, ok, that one's a well-weathered reminder depicting MB taking out the trash), or wishing my son luck in an upcoming juggling performance or to have a happy day at school. They usually put a smile on his face. MB is a an even better stick figure artist, so his figures often show much more "expression" than my figures, and those that contain "mild adult humor" are always good for a big belly laugh no matter how grumpy I am.
Call it Sticky Love.

Please visit and
to see how others are showing their love these days.


Mark said...

Wow with a title like that I was worried, but I'm glad no gloves were needed to read your post.

The question is, is that pre, mid or post-diet stick figure MB?

carma said...

Hmmmm...5 years ago would place it as a pre-diet stick figure, but on a very good day with excellent lighting :D

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