Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rice Works Brown Rice Crisps

VC and I have been trying to branch out into trying some healthier snacks. When we were at the supermarket a while back, I suggested we pick out something appetizing.

We came home with Riceworks- Salsa Fresca. The first sign of this quality product is in the packaging. No flimsy potato chip bags here! The thicker bags protect the crisps from breakage. They were firm and crisp.

The crisps are made with brown rice, but don't let that be a deterrent! They taste so much like Doritos, your kids will be pleasantly surprised.

Riceworks are gluten free and do not contain any trans fats. While more expensive than standard potato chips, they are exponentially healthier. According to the Riceworks website, each serving of riceworks® has no cholesterol, 1/3 less fat than potato chips and offers 8 grams of whole grains.

This is an excellent way to help your kids (and yourself) to reach their daily dietary requirement of whole grains.

I will certainly be purchasing Riceworks again, perhaps trying another flavor next time, although the Salsa Fresca crisps were so good, I'll have to try them once more!

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