Thursday, February 12, 2009

Presenting: "Competition Petition"

Since no one reads my blog Fri - Sunday, (as opposed to the throngs that read it Mon-Thurs LOL) I'm going to have a little fun and post my latest YouTube video. Warning: Turn down the volume if you don't want to hear my shrill voice at the beginning. It can be a bit unnerving, or so I've been told my certain family members *cough* MB *cough.* Of course, I've chosen to take this with a grain of salt being he said it just prior to putting on his red lipstick and getting out his pom poms ;-)

Interested in seeing more "fine" video productions, consider becoming a subscriber to my YouTube account and perhaps to the blog as well if you are not already. I don't bite ;-)

P.S. Philippean Update: I've had a visit, but no comment. That's ok. I'm patient.


Mark said...

After watching the YT video, I'm left wondering how A has room to move in that Rubbermaid cave?

I mean after the requisite family required Champion SuperFlush 4 and all. Or is that just getting him ready for the Tarleton on wheels?

And who says they don't visit on weekends? I mean how else can we keep up on the continuing sheananigans of Captain Cheeseball and the Juggling menagerie?

carma said...

You literally had me chuckling out loud at work - I had not thought about it as preparation for the Tarleton, but now that you bring it up- the Rubbermaid shed IS kind of like training wheels before getting the big boy bike, i.e. the Tarleton (home of my dreams)
And thank you for continuing to visit even on weekends. Maybe your providing this example of "an exemplary blog reader" will inspire the masses to join in :-)EVEN ON WEEKENDS!

Karen said...

Hey, I read your blog every day!

You're definitely more coordinated than I am. I'd have trouble juggling one thing at a time.

carma said...

Thank you for your daily readership and for the praise of my jugging "skills" Some days I'm more coordinated than others :D

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Carma, my son juggles too! Not as well as Austin, tho'! I am impressed by your efforts and what you manage to do, but excatly why do you keep him in a cupboard?

Great video - Well put together IMHO.

carma said...

Woman of No Importance-
Glad you enjoyed the vid. Not to worry, I don't keep him in the storage shed. We just had it out in the driveway for washing and he came up with this idea for the video. (those are his glow in the dark balls he is using). Your son may enjoy watching his more serious juggling videos on youtube.

Blue State Cowgirl said...

Okay Carma, you aren't exactly Cirque du Soleil ready. Is that why you keep your talented son in a Tupperware closet?

carma said...

Blue State-
That's exactly why! He keeps showing me up - da bum! ;-)
My juggling is more artistic and "free form" in nature; I'm sure the folks at Cirque will clearly see & appreciate that...

Liz at Buffalo said...

OMG your house is like a circus. You must have fun every day. I want to visit. Is there popcorn? What am I thinking? Cheeseballs! (But--is there also popcorn?)

First I'll learn an appropriate circus skill so I'm not just freeloading. Hmmm. Not sure what to learn. Oh wait yes I am: human cannonball.

carma said...

If you are ever down South do come and visit!!! We serve cheeseballs with most meals :D

The house is always full of flying juggling props - two words: Magic Eraser - to clean up the scuff marks in the foyer from club handles hitting the wall.

That is one problem you won't have when you learn to be a human canon ball; I'm assuming you will practice outside??

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