Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh No He Di'int!

I was contently watching my favorite weekly news magazine show this morning while working out, when suddenly I had to cringe...

The veteran news journalist who hosts the show was speaking about an interview that someone gave in the year 2005. But instead of pronouncing it as "Two Thousand Five" he repeatedly went on to call the year "Twenty Oh Five." To my ears, this makes it sound like it is sometime in the distant future, not 4 years ago. Plus, it just sounds wacky and like he is putting on "airs."

What do you think? Any other similar turns of phrase that make you cringe?


Janna Bee said...

when people call 9/11, 9-1-1. Also, when people have the address numbers on their house spelled out.

carma said...

Janna Bee-
9-1-1 is a perfect example!! Definitely cringe worthy.
And spelling out house numbers - makes no sense. Why would anyone want to pay for more metal anyway? Seems it would be more hazardous in an emergency. A case of making things way more complicated than they need to be!
Thanks for contributing :-)

Mark said...

Hmmmmm how about when someone says Mute point instead of Moot point? Although there may be some serendipity in a slient, stealthy mime like point :-)

carma said...

Good one! "Mute Point" has been a running joke in our house for years ever since a certain individual who resides on premises uttered those exact words. Of course, I could not miss a prime opportunity for endless ribbing for years to come :D
Given that my goal is to prevent any further hearing erosion, I like for all points to be "mute"

Lucy said...

O.k., my pet peeve is 'my bad'. It just sounds wrong. Just say my mistake or I'm wrong, to me 'my bad' sounds just as wrong as the mistake in the first place.

Blue State Cowgirl said...

I'm with Lucy on "my bad" or "As If" or "totally" or any slang term from the movie Clueless. That flick was released in 1995 MORE THAN TEN YEARS AGO. If you are stuck in Pop Culture Land, at least get some new material.

carma said...

Gotta agree with you on that one; which also brings to mind another overused phrase that is fortunately waning in popularity and on the verge of extinction: "You da man."

Blue State-
I totally get what you are saying ;-) Maybe people are still attracted to these phrases since there haven't been many decent neologisms generated in the past decade. (now look who's putting on 'airs' :-)

BIBI said...

LMAO! The pic is hilarious and I have say 'ditto' to Lucy's comment. I so hate that term. Especially when someone says something is "bad" when they actually mean that is it "good".

carma said...

Yeah, "bad" when it means "good" is much too confusing to me. Glad you liked the pic. My son has been working on perfecting his balloon animals :-)

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