Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Justice Has Been (almost) Served

I know that I promised fun and frivolity today, but instead of delivering on that promise, I've chosen to write about an important turn of events in the story of a dad seeking to be reunited with his son.

Yesterday I heard on the Today Show that David Goldman has finally been permitted to see his son after an over 4 year separation. Woo-hoo!!!

If you've been following this international story over the years, you will remember that Mr. Goldman has been trying to reach his son who was abducted by his mom (David's ex-wife) to Brazil when the boy was 4 years old. David has been "working" the Brazilian court system all these years and been sent away in frustration until this week. He tried to visit the boy in Brazil many times, staying for days, but was refused access to his own son.

His ex-wife took a trip to Brazil with her family while she and David were still married. Once she was in Brazil, she called and told David she and their son Sean would not be returning to the U.S. She was granted a divorce from David, that was recognized as legal in Brazil (not in the U.S.). She then went on to remarry a lawyer from a prominent Brazilian family and he was given custody of the boy after David's ex-wife died during childbirth last month. David Goldman was "wiped" from the birth certificate and he has been battling to regain custody of his son. His goal to return the boy to live with him in the United States is finally getting nearer.

At a time where there are so many absentee dads, David has been nobly working to gain custody of his son who he so clearly loves. This is a heartwarming story that will soon (hopefully) have a happy ending. For more on this story visit


A Woman Of No Importance said...

I am delighted for this father and son, and his tenacity for justice over so long!

carma said...

me too :-)

Tina said...

What wonderful news! Being married to a man that cannot see his son, I understand what this man has been going through and I am so happy to hear that this is getting closer to a happy reunion!

carma said...

When you have a loving and doting dad, one who is playing by the rules, and he cannot see his kid partly because there is the court "bias" towards mother and child, (and partly because he is up against power players in a foreign country) it is a travesty. I've been following this case for a while and was thrilled to hear the news.
I hope things work out favorably in your husband's situation as well.

BIBI said...

I first heard of this story when I watched the today show as well. David Goldman is an Angel. Not only does he show the world what a great father he is, but dedicated as well.

I am rooting for him and hope to see a reunion in the works soon!

BIBI said...

Wow Tina, that must be rough for you husband. It's good that he has you by his side!

carma said...

This story definitely touches a nerve. You can tell he is a devoted dad and hopefully the courts will come to their senses!!!

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