Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Peeing "Green"!

Just doin' my part to save the planet. In my continuing quest to bring you photos of remarkable toilets, here's my latest find: The Mysterious Green Handled Toilet. I recently came across this oddity and wanted to share it with you. The first unusual thing you will notice is the conspicuous green handle.

What you may not know is that this handle is specially coated to protect against germs.

But, that's not all!! If you look closely at this placard posted on the wall behind the toilet, you will see that you are requested to push the handle up for #1 (liquid waste) -- and down for #2 (solid waste). How cool is that? #1 and #2!!! Even a child can follow these instructions.

Rest assured, I'll continue to bring you more remarkable toilets that I encounter in the future. It's not easy being "green."

By the way, there's still time to enter my giveaway. Hurry UTZ!


Mark said...

Ummmm, begging the question. Is Big Brother watching and Who enforces the proper handle protocol?

The Potty Police?

kidletsmum said...

#1 and #2... LMAO! Why didn't I find you sooner? Two days in a row you've made me smile when I really, really needed help in the smile department.


carma said...

In our town the police are always tied up ticketing speeders who go 1 mile over the limit (no lie) - so this will make them unavailable for Potty Patrol- thankfully!

...and now you've made me smile :D
Thanks for your sweet comment.

PunkyBean said...

AWESOME! Ikea toilets have different directions too... Lump or no lump! :) Who knew my grandparents were green? They had a septic system and you weren't allowed to flush unless you dookied!

carma said...

lump or no lump -- love it!!! I haven't lived near an Ikea in years - but now I've got a good excuse to visit one!: Ikea and your grandparents-- waaaay ahead of the curve :-)

Blue State Cowgirl said...

Do you ever feature "guest toilets" on your blog? Because at our tent cabin we have The Amazing Incinolet ("Turns your waste into sterile ash.") Yup, burns that poo right up. Could be a worthy contender. That is, if you are running a contest on toilets.

Lucy said...

Oh my gosh I kept seeing this on Twitter today about Peeing green, so I had to check it out, although I come to your blog all the time now but too funny. I love the green handle, no germs!!!

carma said...

Blue State-
I'm all ears...and very intrigued by that incinerating toilet you speak of. If you can take a photo, I'd love to do a guest toilet post and link to you; or maybe it will require a guest post to do it justice??

oooops. I may have done a bit of overpromoting on Twitter today. My bad ;-) Thanks for checking it out! Glad you found the toilet as impressive as I did!

merrymishaps said...

I have some remarkable toilet photos featured on my blog right now if you're interested :)

carma said...

A remarkable toilet-- I'm headed your way!!!!

Mark said...

I think the operative word at Ikea should be meatball or no meatball, instead of lump/no lump ;-)

carma said...

Definitely. The Swedes and their meatballs :-)
Although as a vegetarian I might get confused.

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