Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Husband Deflates

Since so many of you have requested updates on MB's weight loss- not really. [Gosh! I would have thought some of you would be just a teeny bit interested in hearing an update.] I'm going to forgive the oversight and post an update anyway. If you are not interested in hearing it. Stop reading. Now.

Weightloss Update (entering week 6 of the competition): Pounds lost = 35


Stacy said...

35 lbs in 6 weeks?? That's awesome! I can see a real difference in the face. Keep up the good work :) I'm trying to get my husband to "get healthy" too ... Sigh....

Mark said...

Is the secret "cumin & chickpeas" or hiding the cheeseballs and the double whisked mayo?

carma said...

Yes, he is kickin' some diet butt! Men seem to respond well to any type of competition. Maybe that might do the trick with your husband, too?

Despite my efforts to get MB eating chickpeas, he despises them. Cheeseballs and mayo have been removed from his diet, although if I was to tempt him with thrice or even quadrupled whisked, he might fall off the wagon. I know I would ;-)

Blue State Cowgirl said...

I'm feeling the need to demand full disclosure here.

Last I heard MB does the high school wrestling type diet: starve yourself, dehydrate yourself, lose massive amounts of weight but learn no healthy eating habits.

Now forgive me if I've misjudged and he's become a vegetable-eating, aerobic monkey. But you gotta give hope to the rest of us (mostly female) who eat right, exercise and post 1/2 lb. loss in three months.

carma said...

Blue State-
Alas, he has not become a vegetable-eating aerobic monkey; more the former, which is why I discouraged him not to do this nonsense in the first place. He also possesses a lot of willpower, a term which I am not familiar with. For example, he likes to point out that he is eating his grilled veggies plain while I douse mine with dressing and eat them over rice. Yeah, he's "fun" like that ;-)
It also helps that he is out and about and not cooped up in an office all day. He burns lots of calories on cold days such as today.

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